RovR was born from frustration, specifically the frustration of the multi-trip dance often necessary to get from car or van or truck to camp.

RovR takes the trusted rotomolded cooler design to the next level adding rugged wheels, a suite of thoughtful accessories, and smart storage options. 

With a season’s worth of camping and a cross country drive using the RovR RollR 60, I am ready to share my thoughts. 

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Read on to see what I think of RovR’s mid-sized, flagship chilly bin.  

RovR RollR 60 Key Features 

  • Bear resistant rotomolded body & lid
  • Up to 10 days of ice retention 
  • All-terrain, puncture-resistant tires
  • Aluminum pull handle
  • Removable dry bin
  • Attachable accessories increase functionality

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RovR RollR 60 Review Breakdown


Starting from the outside in, RovR’s RollR 60 is exactly what you’d hope and expect a high-performance cooler to be at baseline. RovR took the trusted rectangular rotomolded form factor and made it better. 

Photo: Cole Soldwisch

The oversized wheels allow the RollR to, well, roll over just about anything in its path whether it be rocks, dirt, roots, sand, you name it. The oversized pull handle makes it easy to not only maneuver the RollR, but allows you to share the load with a buddy when hauling it to its destination.

On the inside, the major differentiator is the removable dry bin. With a simple oversized screw, you can lock the dry bin in place and keep your bread, wraps, veggies, desserts, and more out of the icemelt.  

Photo: RovR


Arguably the most important aspect of a cooler is the ice retention, but with so many factors that influence this piece of the review, I opted out of doing a traditional multi-day ice test. 

You can check out RovR’s very own version of this test in the video below:

I was much more interested in the everyday performance of the cooler, not the max number of possible days with a few chunks of ice remaining. 

While I have yet to use the cooler on a trip longer than 5 days, I haven’t been let down or disappointed yet. 

Yes, the ice melts – sometimes it starts to melt in the first 24 hours. It’s unavoidable under certain conditions, but there are a few things you can do: 

  1. Properly pre-cool your cooler before using it on a big trip. Toss in a bag of ice, let it melt down, and bring your cooler’s temp down to freezing before loading it up to leave.
  2. Relax and focus more on the place you brought your cooler. Life is too short to worry about some melted ice.

With temps commonly hitting 100s here in Utah during the summer months, even the best cooler is as good as the prep work, the location during use, and the number of opens.

All that said, the RovR RollR 60 does its job. Food and drinks stay cool for multiple days and the dry bin keeps goods from soaking out, what more could you ask for?


With all the extra functionality on this cooler, weight is certainly a factor. While RovR doesn’t have an unloaded weight listed on their site, I can promise you it’s not exactly light.

But, due to the awesome wheeled design, this is only an issue for getting the cooler in and out of the car, which isn’t all that often unless you’re touring across the country. If so, just expect to grow your biceps a bit by the end of the trip. 

Once out of the car, the wheel and handle combo makes maneuvering the RovR a dream. There’s not much more to be said – you can wheel it everywhere, especially important when your camp or picnic spot is a long walk. 

Outside of weight, the cooler’s dimensions are another point worth mentioning. I drive a 2017 Subaru WRX and the RollR 60 does not fit in my trunk, no matter which way I try and turn it – belly down, side down, etc.

Photo: Cole Soldwisch

It’ll fit in the rear door and sit nicely on a folded-down seat, but check your trunk dimensions if you a) drive a sedan and b) care about it sitting in the trunk! 


Part of what makes the RovR RollR lineup shine is the accessories list. Beyond the collapsable tote/bin that comes standard with any sized RollR, kitting out your RovR is all part of the fun. 

From cup holders to prep boards and even a bike attachment to tow your RollR, the team at RovR got creative here. 

There are many times where I’m on the side of the road making lunch. Slapping on the prep cutting board means one less thing to unload from the car when time is of the essence. 

Photo: Cole Soldwisch

Not to mention it ups the cool factor. I notice the RovR turns a few more heads when kitted out versus standard “cooler mode”. 

Photo: Cole Soldwisch



At $449, the 60-quart model falls in line with the rest of the high-end rotomolded cooler market, but in my opinion, there is a lot more value to be had with RovR. 

You get a cooler with customizable organization and built-in rollability saving your back. With a few more dollars spent, you have a full-on mobile prep station. The versatility is unmatched and the use cases expand beyond the traditional rotomolded cooler. 

If you’re in the market for one of these coolers, you know the price point. They’ll all perform reasonably well at their stay cool duties at this price, so you need to look for the one with the most functionality, or potential functionality. RovR wins that category by a margin. 

Buy now, $449



RovR RollR 60 Cooler | Gear Review
RovR took the rotomolded cooler everyone loves and modernized it for functionality. Everyday use is a dream – big wheels, big pull handle, dry bin and a wide assortment of accessories make this cooler worth the pricepoint.
  • Easy to wheel around
  • Storage & organization central to design
  • Long ice retention
  • Heavy to get in and out of car
  • Overall formfactor is too bulky for some trunks
9.4Overall Score
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