I have never owned a key finder before. Honestly, the idea seemed cheesy and something I wasn’t too interested in. After watching Chipolo’s promotional video, I was interested in their product. The Chipolo is more than just an ordinary key finder. By the pictures and video, the device seemed small enough that it would not be a bother on my keychain and the app for my iPhone looked simple yet interesting. After using it for a month, the Chipolo has saved me many mornings of frustrations and scurrying around the house desperately looking for my keys and phone With a simple alarm, I have been able to locate lost items in a flash and go on with my day.

Chipolo ReviewKey Features:

  • 5mm thin
  • Variety of color options
  • User friendly app for iPhone and Android
  • Helpful support on website
Chipolo Review Breakdown


There are two different design elements at play: the actual device and the phone application.The Chipolo is a small device with a big job. At just 5 mm, The Chipolo fits on  your key ring and neatly in your pocket. Smooth and lightweight, I hardly noticed the device was there until I was in need. The color options are great. I only have one, I did not care what color I had. I can see how color coordinating when having multiple Chipolos  would be a useful option.

The app is very user friendly. I am comfortable with technology, especially basic iPhone applications, but I am no expert by any means. I was relieved when I saw that the application was easy to access and simple to use. When The Chipolo was lost (mine was attached to my keys), it took just one click of a button and they were almost instantly found.

Chipolo Review Chipolo Review Chipolo Review

Set Up:

Set up was easy and quick. After downloading the free application there were just a few steps in getting the “hardware” ready and I was ready to set up my device. Connecting the hardware to the app was a breeze. After putting in personal information (name, email, etc.), The Chipolo is then placed on the screen of the iPhone for pairing. That’s it…and you’re good to go!

Chipolo ReviewFunction:

When keys are lost, I simply open the app and notify that my Chipolo has been misplaced, a loud chime rings, and keys are found. What I like most about this device is that it works in reverse as well. If my phone is lost, I shake my Chipolo and an alarm rings on my phone. The alarm function works whether my phone is on silent or the “Do Not Disturb” is turned on. Pretty impressive!

When an item is found, it also show  you on a GPS map of where this item is located, including an address.


The Chipolo rings in at $29.95 a piece. The more Chipolos you buy, the more you save. I think the price point is fair for the function of the product and the easy-to-use app. The next plan I have for my Chipolo is to attach it to my two dogs’ collars. The alarm would be useful for camping trips for my little “wanderer” and the GPS function would be great as a safeguard. As Chipolo’s slogan goes, NOTHING IS LOST…truly!

Buy Now: $29.95+ shipping or visit Chipolo.net for other ways to use this product.

Chipolo Smart Tag - Tech Review
The Chipolo is so much more than a keyfinder. This versatile product is easy to setup and use. With Chipolo, nothing is lost!
Set Up10
The Good:
  • Easy set up
  • Versatile
  • Descreet
The Not So Good:
  • Sensitive to movement
10Overall Score
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  1. KGS

    Three replacements later! Most have stopped working. Unreliable piece of tech.
    Refund requested.
    Frustrating 🙁


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