Monster partnered with Adidas and Busted Wallet partnered with both to bring you this killer giveaway. If you’re a fitness junkie, sports fiend or just love jamming out to tunes without being dragged down by wires the Monster adistar Bluetooth Headphones are what you’ve been looking for… even if you didn’t know it.

Sweatproof, wireless and very easy to use, these headphones were meant for adventures. Want them but don’t want to hand over the $100 it takes to get them at BestBuy? Well my friends here your chance to win a set for free. Enter below for your chance to win.

PRO TIP: Choose one or as many of the options below to enter. The more you options pick the higher chances you have of winning. Good luck!

Contest by Rewards Fuel.

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  1. sgumer

    i am following you on twitter but it will not give me the entry for that. can you please help and figure out why it isn’t giving me the entry. my handle is @sgumer. thanks.

    • Josh Herder

      It’s stupid, but you’ll have to un-follow and then use the giveaway to re-follow us to get those points. Otherwise I would suggest entering using one of the other methods. Good luck!!

      • sgumer

        tried that and it still did not work. any way i can still get credit for this entry?

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