We recently received the GolfBuddy VT3 GPS Rangfinder, which was designed to eliminate guessing on the golf course and provide accurate and reliable yardages for the everyday golfer. As golfers, we often times find ourselves on the course speculating which club to use based on distance guestimations instead of rock solid yardage like the pros. And let’s be honest, who has time to chart an entire course and keep a yardage book anyways? If you’re like me, you also find your scrambling to find a sprinkler head or measuring off paces from the 150 yard marker.   The VT3 touts itself as a Golf GPS “smartwatch” that has combined the three existing golf GPS categories – touchscreen, audio, and a watch and put them all in a single product.  The GolfBuddy VT3‘s biggest selling point is its supposed unmatched accuracy and well there is only one way to make sure they aren’t bluffing – To the course!

GolfBuddy VT3 Review
Good to Know: Each GolfBuddy GPS rangefinder is packed with features and functions, which are compliant to the rules of golf (USGA and R&A) and which are unique to GB’s products alone.

GolfBuddy VT3 ReviewVT3 KEY FEATURES:

  • Full function touch screen with voice
  • Over 36,000 world courses preloaded
  • No membership or download fees
  • Distances to Front/Center/Back of the Green
  • Target information
  • Pin Placement module
  • Dynamic Green View
  • Score tracking module
  • GPS tracking (time and distance)
  • Detachable from wristband and comes with a belt clip


  • Size (in)- 1.68″x1.72x.38
  • Weight with battery- .95oz
  • Micro US 5 Pin port for PC interface
  • 1.5″ LCD touchscreen display
  • Lithium polymer batter with 10hr life span
  • Multi-lingual language feature
Golf GPS rangefinders have come in wide-array shapes and sizes over the years. From cart mounted units, to cell phone apps to trusty handheld units. The convenience of a watch-mounted GPS unit is exceedingly appealing to us for the fact that it’s always with you no matter where you go on the course – and if for nothing else it’ll also keeps time! But as GolfBuddy marketing guru John Ennis will tell you, the VT3 is much more than your standard GPS rangefinder…
GolfBuddy VT3 ReviewThis is a genuine GPS golf smartwatch, developed specifically for the sport by a company that only produces golf products – it isn’t a watch that has simply had some GPS functionality loaded in. We are dedicated to redefining ways in which the golfer can interact with our brand and experience the benefits we deliver, especially in the emerging field of wearable technology with the Voice+ and VT3.          – John Ennis, GolfBuddy Global Head of Sales & Marketing 

– GolfBuddy VT3 Review – 



 (8.5 out of 10) I have used GPS golf devices before and one of the most impressive features of the VT3 is the all inclusive nature of the technology.  They have really taken three different types of GPS designs and put it into one….That can fit on your wrist! I have used bulky GPS units that look like you are lugging around a brick or satellite phone on the course.  What GolfBuddy has done is made it convenient to use your GPS.  Also, if you don’t like to golf with a watch, then no problem, it comes with a clip that you can attach to your shirt, shorts, hat, or simply put it in your pocket. 
The 1.5in LCD display makes it large enough to see clearly but yet still small enough to not be bulky.  Given the varities of how you can wear it and the small size, it allows everyone to find their own perfect fit for maximium comfort. I personally liked it best on my wrist as it updates distances extremely quickly and was always available for a quick glance to ensure I was at the right distance.  The only major issue I had was with battery life.  It states 11 hours but I only got about 7-8 hours.  The life span is nice for at least one round of golf but I played back-to-back rounds on one glorious Saturday and it died on hole 28 and I was back in the stone age where I had to sprint to sprinkler heads to get my distances, like a caveman!
GolfBuddy VT3 Review


(9 out of 10) I have used the GolfBuddy VT3 for 6 full rounds and still haven’t used every piece of technology it offers.  My favorite was the Pin placement module that allows you to move the pin to exactly where it is on the green.  So if you know how to read flag colors you can move the pin to where it is on the green instead of just looking at the standard front, middle, back distances.   Also, another great technological feature on the VT3 is the dynamic green view which calculates the distance from the golfer’s angle of approach to ensure you are getting an accurate distance.  The VT3 also allows you to keep track of your score and the touch screen is easy to navigate and simple to use. 
For you big hitters out there, there is the shot distance measurement feature that will let you determine how far you hit your shots.  So when you are bragging to your friends about that 350 yard drive you bombed down the fairway last weekend, you can back it up with evidence!  The voice prompts were not a feature I used often or particularly cared for but it is available for those who want it.   
GolfBuddy VT3 Review


(10 out of 10) It seriously does not get anymore accurate than this.  If the tee box sign said 300 yards than the VT3 said 300 yards.  If we were standing at the 150 yard marker than the VT3 said 150.  If the tee box said 335 and the VT3 said 320, we did some investigating and found that the tee box had been altered but the tee box sign had not been adjusted yet.  I can’t stress enough about how important this is to your golf game.  Knowing the right distance gives you confidence when you choose your club and when you swing, knowing you have made the right club choice.  Golf is a game of confidence and the GolfBuddy VT3 takes all the guessing and second guessing out of the equation. 
GolfBuddy states they used teams of expert mappers to walk coures and create ground-verified data maps that give precision accuracy and they promise precision accuracy for over 36,000 courses.  I expected at least a 5-7 yards of variance but in my 6 rounds there was never more that 2-4 yards and in most cases I believed the GolfBuddy VT3 was the correct distance.  Overall, impressive stuff from the guys at GolfBuddy.
GolfBuddy VT3 Review


(7 out of 10) Priced at $199.99 the GolfBuddy VT3 does not come cheap.  However, it does come with a lot of technology and is a well rounded package.  The price is comparable to other GPS technology devices but the biggest reason I gave it 7 out of 10 is due to the smartphone app development.  The competition is getting very stiff and there are cheaper alternatives on your phone that are surprisingly accurate.  However, the value here comes in no subscription fees and the ease of use.  Using your smartphone relies on cell-tower service which as we all know can be a spotty sometimes at best. Not to mention using your smartphone on the course is no different than having the old school satellite GPS out there.  Plus it drains your battery quick.  Overall, the VT3 is a recommended buy for golf fanatics.


Confidence, Confidence, Confidence.  The GolfBuddy VT3 is accurate with distances but also with the shapes of greens.  When you approach your shot you know exactly how far it is and then it comes down to putting a good swing on the ball and knowing how far you hit your clubs.  Golf is a very difficult and frustrating game and we are all looking for advantages to help us on the course.  This is a big advantage! If you are looking for an accurate, confidence boosting GPS, then the GolfBuddy VT3 is just what the Golf Doctor ordered.  Good luck!
Buy Now: $199.99 or go to: GolfBuddy.com

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10 Responses

    • doug

      The device has good features, but the battery will not hold for even a “quick” 18 holes.
      VERY disappointed

      • Peter Hepworth

        I agree I bought one of these vt3 watches and it took up to 20 minutes to find the satellites and then the battery never lasts more than 4 hours. I was sent a replacement by the shop from which I bought the vt3 , but the replacement battery only lasts 3 and a half hours. I would never buy another. I will add that when the battery is working the unit does give the correct information.

  1. Mike

    Device failed after 3-1/2 rounds of golf. I played in early February here in Houston TX. I sent it in as it was under warranty. They called and said they could not refund or replace due to “heavy” water damage. They said even mild perspiration would cause the unit to fail. It was in the low 60’s when I played. Even needed a sweatshirt. This is ridiculous. Don’t waste your money. Should not be on the market.

  2. Pat

    Had device a little less than 7 months. It failed whiled playing a round of golf on a hot day. Had nothing but trouble with the touch screen from day one. Would not recommend the Golf Buddy VT3.

  3. Larry

    I have bought a VT3 golf watch recently.
    When I used it in slight rain day, the water will seep underneath the surface film, and the watch will stop functioning.

    I notice on your web that your VT3 comes with a different wristband then mine, it actually wrap around the 4 edges of the watch, and seems to be more waterproofing.

    Can I just buy your wristband only? How much is your wristband?


  4. Gerard

    My one lasted three rounds and now the battery only lasts one hour. Can anyone tell me the voltage and the (mA) of the charger as I have lost mine and I am trying to match it up with a phone charger. I paid 169.00 Aus Dollars, some waste of money.


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