MINNEAPOLIS, MN – April 2, 2024 – Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, today introduced the next evolution of the iconic Indian Scout. Leveraging authentic Scout DNA, the all-new 2025 Indian Scout lineup builds upon its unparalleled history with five models, three trim levels, and more than 100 Scout family accessories for endless personalization. With roots celebrating Indian Motorcycle’s rich history, the new Scout family delivers a unique combination of iconic American design, a legendary balance of power and control, and new rider-centric technology.

Developed from extensive rider research and insights, the Indian Scout offers confidence-inspiring performance, usable technology, and class-leading rider amenities. Featuring the industry’s lowest seat height, the Indian Scout delivers a confident riding position, as well as sporty and stable handling. ABS across the entire lineup instills rider confidence and increases braking ability, while Traction Control and Ride Modes on select models offer a tailored riding experience at the touch of a button.

“Scout is the most iconic American cruiser of all time and is synonymous with the Indian Motorcycle brand,” said Mike Dougherty, President for Indian Motorcycle. “As our top-selling platform, Scout has long been a staple in our lineup. And while riders around the world love the current Scout offering, we’re excited to take it to the next level and continue its evolution with a robust offering of models to meet the diverse needs of our global riding community.”

“Having the opportunity to lead the design efforts for the next evolution of Scout is a dream come true,” said Ola Stenegard, Director of Product Design for Indian Motorcycle. “Our top priority was to uphold the iconic namesake of Scout and ensure the new lineup is as timeless as all its predecessors. For us, it was imperative to keep it clean, follow the iconic lines of Scout, and create a package that offered seamless customization. To achieve this, it all started with the steel tube frame and all-new, V-Twin engine.”

At the heart of the all-new Indian Scout is a completely redesigned 1250cc liquid-cooled, V-Twin engine – the SpeedPlus 1250. Delivering up to 111 horsepower and north of 82 ft-lbs of torque, each Indian Scout offers crisp acceleration and superior passing power. Electronic fuel injection provides consistent fueling for smooth throttle response, while a responsive six-speed transmission keeps all the power easily within reach for sporty riding.

“Scout is a beloved model and the most iconic and historic of our lineup, resonating with all types of riders, men and women, from all over the world,” said Ben Lindaman, Product Director for Indian Motorcycle. “Since launching the current Scout 10 years ago, the mid-sized cruiser segment has evolved. After conducting tons of research, rider insights drove our developments that prioritized the Scout’s iconic styling, its class-leading performance, and new rider-centric technology.”

To evolve an American icon like Indian Scout, Indian Motorcycle focused its efforts in three areas. First and foremost, the new Scout must uphold its legendary design DNA. Unanimously, riders love the look and style of the Indian Scout. Next, Indian Motorcycle engineered the lineup to meet the needs of its diverse group of riders. Lightweight and a low seat height of 25.6-inches offers nimble handling and inspires rider confidence. The third priority when engineering the all-new Indian Scout was technology. While rider-centric technology wasn’t a priority for riders 10 years ago, it is today. The new 2025 model year lineup offers a variety of technology packages – providing riders with a wide price range and the opportunity to select a ride with the industry’s most cutting-edge technology.

A completely new platform, built from the ground up, the 2025 Indian Scout lineup comprises five models with trim levels – ensuring there’s a style and price point for its diverse mix of riders.

Model Lineup

Indian Scout Bobber

Stripped down with an aggressive stance and raw power, the Scout Bobber is the perfect expression of iconic bobber style. Blacked out front to back with chopped bobber fenders and headlight nacelle, it leans hard into a mean bobber vibe. A solo bobber-style seat reinforces a minimalist bobber aesthetic—without trading comfort—and firmly plants riders in control under hard acceleration. Slammed two-inch suspension creates a low stance for an aggressive, custom look. Bar-end mirrors give the bike a cut down and clean look with improved visibility.

Indian Sport Scout

Inspired by history but redesigned for the style of today, the Sport Scout gives a more aggressive spirit to the Scout lineup. Stylish gloss black six-inch moto style risers with machine highlights come standard. Machined triples and moto handlebars complete the package, both in custom looks and dialed ergonomics that fit its menacing style with improved reach and control for aggressive riding. The sport-style seat provides riders more back support and comfort to ride longer and harder, without compromising the bike’s sleek style. The quarter fairing gives the Sport Scout a stylish and custom look straight from the factory, while also providing protection from the wind. The 19-inch front wheel adds to the aggressive nature of the Sport Scout – both in style and agile handling.

Indian Scout Classic

The Scout Classic is where heritage-inspired design meets the needs of today’s American cruiser rider. Premium chrome, classic Indian Motorcycle flared fenders, and flawless paint will turn heads at every intersection. Wire wheels add to the timeless, authentic style. A low seat height and relaxed ergonomics makes for an easy, confident ride at every speed, whether commuting or going on a weekend trip.

Indian Super Scout

When the goal is to hit the open road, riders must ensure no corners are cut or details overlooked. Built for any type of riding, saddlebags, wire wheels, windshield, and passenger pillion all come standard. Super Scout’s saddlebags allow riders to effortlessly carry essentials and offer simple ease of use with a quick pull tab. The quick-release windshield comes off in seconds for a different look, while its three inches of suspension travel increases comfort to ride longer and farther. Premium chrome finishes and flawless paint add to the timeless styling born from the Indian Scout’s heritage.

Indian 101 Scout

Rooted in history as one of the greatest motorcycles ever made, the Indian 101 Scout is purpose built to be the highest performing Scout Indian Motorcycle has ever offered. When it comes to capability and style, the Indian 101 Scout resets the bar for American V-Twin cruisers. With adjustable piggyback rear shocks, inverted adjustable front forks, and dual disk Brembo® brakes, the Indian 101 Scout is packed with premium components that make a statement about the rider’s ability to go fast. A custom-stitched, gunfighter-style solo seat provides premium comfort to match the bike’s premium performance – delivering unrivaled rider confidence. Up top, stylish gloss black six-inch moto style risers with machine highlights, machined triples and moto handlebars tie it all together, with custom appeal and purposeful ergonomics that fit its aggressive character. Exacting attention to detail finishes the look with 101 Scout badging and exclusive paint and graphics.

Trim Levels

New for model year 2025, the Indian Scout family is available with three technology trim levels. Standard Trim provides an offering at an attainable price point to get riders into the lineup, while the Limited Trim takes it to the next level and introduces rider-centric technology. At the top of the line, Limited +Tech Trim delivers the best-of-the-best, with the most ride-enhancing technology ever offered on an Indian Scout.


Starting the lineup are three models with standard equipment: Scout Classic, Scout Bobber, and Sport Scout. Each of these models come standard with ABS, new LED lighting, and an analog gauge with newly introduced fuel level and fuel economy readouts – perfect for riders looking to get into the all-new Scout lineup at a lower price point.


The Indian Scout’s Limited Trim adds to the Standard Trim with the premium badging and the next level of usable technology. Traction Control provides confident, predictable handling in all conditions, while Cruise Control improves comfort when traversing long, highway rides. A USB Charger keeps riders connected, while three selectable ride modes, including Sport, Standard, and Tour, allow riders to adjust throttle response to dial-in their ride experience. Riders can choose from Scout Classic Limited, Scout Bobber Limited, and Sport Scout Limited.

Limited +Tech

At the top of the line, Limited +Tech Trim delivers an unrivaled Indian Scout experience. Continuing to build upon Standard and Limited features, Limited +Tech Trim introduces Indian Motorcycle’s 4” Round Touchscreen Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND to the Scout platform. This display offers a GPS system with turn-by-turn navigation and point-to-point route planning, as well as weather and traffic overlay, configurable gauges, ride stats and more to enhance the riding experience. To not only elevate the ride but also ownership as well, unlock critical bike data with RIDE COMMAND+ connected services; Access industry-leading technology with Bike Health, Bike Locator and more so you can stay in tune with your Scout. Limited +Tech Trim also offers a push-button, keyless ignition, for convenient on-off capabilities and a premium experience. While standard on 101 Scout and Super Scout models, riders can level up when choosing Scout Classic, Scout Bobber, and Sport Scout models.

Scout Family Accessories


Launching with a complete line of Scout family accessories, riders can personalize their bike to meet their individual riding preferences. Taking Scout personalization to an entirely new level, the Indian Scout’s all-new redesigned rear subframe delivers consistent fitment for accessories across the entire line. Over 100 family accessories offer unprecedented versatility and allow riders to tailor their bike’s style and dial-in personal comfort.


Dialing in personal fitment of a new motorcycle is extremely important. Indian Motorcycle is excited to launch the all-new Indian Scout with everything a rider needs to improve comfort with 32 different ergonomic combinations. From a variety of handlebar options to reduced and extended reach seats, to mid-controls, riders can personalize their bike to fit their height and preferred riding position – allowing riders to ride longer and farther.


The new Scout line of accessories features countless style options to allow riders to tailor their bike to match their personality. No matter the model or trim, riders can dramatically change the look and feel – creating a one-of-a-kind take on an iconic American motorcycle.

Accessory Collections

Curated to inspire personalization, Indian Motorcycle is introducing four Scout accessory collections. Each Indian Motorcycle accessory is sold individually – allowing riders to select exactly which parts they desire and continue to build over time. The four collections, including Commuter, Overnighter, Stealth, and Open Roads, deliver countless style, comfort, and protection accessory options.

  • OvernighterThe Overnighter Collection is tailor-made for medium to long-distance journeys, ensuring comfort for overnight stays at nearby destinations. The Solo Luggage Rack, a key addition, provides a convenient platform for riders to secure essential items, complemented by the protective All-Weather Vinyl Tail Bag. Enhancing both style and functionality, the 20-inch Quick Release Touring Windshield offers wind protection and reduces exposure to road debris, while Rider Floorboards contribute to aesthetics and rider comfort. For extended adventures, Touring Saddlebags expand storage capacity without compromising the classic design, transforming the rider’s motorcycle into a versatile and comfortable touring option.​


  • Commuter: The Commuter Collection is designed for practicality and comfort, ideal for daily transportation. The Syndicate Seat provides ergonomic support, paired with the Pathfinder 5 ¾-inch Adaptive LED Headlight for enhanced visibility. Pinnacle Mirrors enhance aesthetics and situational awareness, while the RAM® X-Grip® Phone Mount adds functionality for on-the-go communication. Extended and reduced reach handlebars and Mid Foot Controls bring numerous riding positions to life for a perfect fit and increased control. Passenger Pegs optimize passenger ergonomics by allowing passengers to maintain a relaxed and secure position. Collectively, these accessories transform the commuter-style motorcycle into an efficient mode of transportation, balancing classic styling, enhanced comfort, and convenience for daily commuting demands.​


  • Stealth: The Stealth Collection boasts a premium set of accessories curated to further enhance the aggressive style and functionality of Scout. Sleek Smoked Turn Signals and 10-inch Moto Handlebar Risers and Moto Handlebars elevate aesthetics, while Radial RS Mirrors by Rizoma® add sophistication and clarity. The Stealth Collection’s Bobber Saddlebags and Blacked-Out Levers seamlessly merge style and functionality, while the Scout Pathfinder LED Headlight further illuminates the road ahead and improves nighttime visibility. Each accessory in the Stealth Collection adds a unique flair, allowing the rider’s motorcycle to reflect their distinctive taste and style.


  • Open Roads: The Open Roads Collection features premium accessories crafted to enhance both comfort and functionality, ensuring an elevated riding experience on the long haul. Stylish yet refined, Indian Motorcycle’s Steel Front Highway Bars offer protection and allow attachment of other accessories. LED Driving Lights enhance visibility, while the Syndicate Low Profile Passenger Backrest and Touring Backrest Pad adds comfort for passengers. The Open Roads Collection’s Rider and Passenger Floorboards enhance comfort and control, while Highway Pegs allow riders to stretch out when cruising open highways. Each accessory brings a unique touch, prioritizing comfort for long distance rides.​

Paint & Pricing

Indian Scout Bobber

  • Scout Bobber: Starting at $12,999; available in Black Metallic
  • Scout Bobber Limited: Starting at $13,699, available in Black Metallic, Black Smoke, Sunset Red Smoke
  • Scout Bobber Limited +Tech: Starting at $14,699, available in Black Metallic, Black Smoke, Sunset Red Smoke, Spirit Blue Metallic, Nara Bronze Metallic

Indian Sport Scout

  • Sport Scout: Starting at $13,499; available in Black Metallic
  • Sport Scout Limited: Starting at $14,199; available in Black Metallic, Black Smoke, Storm Blue, Nara Bronze Smoke
  • Sport Scout Limited +Tech: Starting at $15,199; available in Black Metallic, Black Smoke, Storm Blue, Nara Bronze Smoke

Indian Scout Classic

  • Scout Classic: Starting at $13,999; available in Black Metallic
  • Scout Classic Limited: Starting at $14,699; available in Black Metallic, Silver Quartz Smoke
  • Scout Classic Limited +Tech: Starting at $15,699; available in Black Metallic, Silver Quartz Smoke, Ghost White Metallic, Sunset Red Metallic

Indian Super Scout

  • Super Scout Limited +Tech: Starting at $16,499, available in Black Metallic, Black Smoke with Graphics, Maroon Metallic with Graphics

Indian 101 Scout

  • 101 Scout Limited +Tech: Starting at $16,999; Available in Sunset Red Metallic with Graphics, Ghost White Metallic with Graphics

The new Scout lineup will begin shipping in May. Riders can learn more at their local Indian Motorcycle dealership, by visiting IndianMotorcycle.com, or by following along on FacebookXInstagram, and YouTube.


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