The art of fitness can mean many different things to different people, and there are countless ways to prepare for this activity that keeps our bodies fine tuned and looking good. Whether you’re in it for the health benefits, or you just want to look good naked, the key element is doing it correctly with the right tools. Our bodies need to handle it again tomorrow if we’re going to get results, and the first piece of the puzzle is choosing the right footwear. This summer, we trained in all sorts of manner wearing the Free x Metcon from Nike, and we’re excited to give our readers a glimpse into how this shoe brought an edge to our fitness routine!

Key Features:

  • Durable, Lightweight Mesh Upper
  • Flywire Technology Combined with Laces
  • Durable Wing Wrap on Heel
  • Dual Density Midsole
  • Sidewall Design
  • Flex Grooves on Sole
  • Inner sleeve for a sock-like fit
Nike Free x Metcon Review Breakdown


Unlike your traditional running shoe designed specifically for forward momentum, a good trainer needs to be able to move in all directions, absorbing the impact from all 360 degrees while providing optimal stability to the foot. At the same time, training in the modern era has evolved to include intensive stretching and yoga routines, so a lot of folks are looking for that freedom of movement as well.


The Free x Metcon is designed to do all of these things, combining the lightweight flexibility of Nike Free with the durability and stability of Nike Metcon shoes, two other trainers that Nike has seen a great deal of success with. This hybrid of two strong trainers makes for a very well rounded and reliable shoe for just about any workout you might have in mind.

Aside from the technical aspects of design, the Nike Free x Metcon is pretty cool to look at! Some of these features, like the multiple eyelets designed for precision lacing for instance, live right on the surface. However, below the exterior there are features like the flywire technology for stability in fit, making this a very visually well balanced trainer. If you want to push the look in either direction of plain or flashy, you’ll be delighted to have 9 options of assorted colors and designs to choose from. While performance is the most important thing here, adding a bit of personality to performance is a pretty nice perk.



The ability to perform is by for the most important category to think about when looking for the right trainer. Fit matters most here, and the Free x Metcon has a few features that really take it to a level one won’t find in other trainers. Firstly, the lightweight mesh upper has a remarkable balance in stability and flexibility for a secure fit. Under the mesh, Nike’s flywire lace technology holds everything tightly in place by extending the pull off the laces all the way down to the sole, keeping the fit precise all the way around the foot. The multiple lace eyelids give the wearer some extra degree of control of the fit depending on their foot shape as well. Additionally, the densely constructed sidewall wraps all the way back to the heal, locking the foot in as securely as we’ve ever encountered in a trainer. One small downfall of the ridged sidewall construction, however, limits mobility for the heal to bend forward making deep squatting or downward dog positions a bit uncomfortable on the heal.

Although we found the sidewall to be slightly more ridged than we’d prefer for certain routines, the Free x Metcon is incredibly light, and the flex groove underfoot construction provides unbeatable flexibility under the ball of the foot while remaining sturdy and durable with wear. We have to tip our hats to Nike for the incredible lightweight and pliable nature of this trainer. We also found the rubber treads to stick well and find their mark with precision on the court, so traction is of little concern when its needed.


Breaking in a shoe for optimal comfort can be a real drag for many athletes, and we are pleased to have discovered immediate comfort with the Nike Free x Metcon out of the box thanks to the flexible nature of its softer materials combined with the flywire technology. The abrasion-resistant midsole wraps around the foot in a vary natural fashion. Some athletes may find the front foot goes slightly high, but for our routines we found any discomfort to be minimal.



This is a sturdy shoe in all the materials incorporated, from the flexible mesh to the ridged sidewall. Although the flywire lacing is a bit more complicated than in most shoes, it’s holding together remarkably well after months of heavy use. The rubber siding in the middle underfoot has shown to be incredibly durable and responsive.

On account of the deep grooves and soft materials of the tread, we’ve discovered that this trainer easily picks up small pebbles and other debris, so we do recommend the Free x Metcon be used for indoor training rather than out on the field.


The price tag for the Nike Free x Metcon comes in at $120, putting it at the medium to high end of the pricing spectrum. That said, the features offered in this trainer do take it to a higher level than your typical training shoe, and as long as used in the proper environments you’ll get a lot of workouts out of them. Most of the value you’ll find here is in the confidence you’ll have in their performance across the range of training practices you may have.If you’re looking to get the most out of your workout, this shoe is definitely worth the bucks.

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Nike Free x Metcon - Fitness Review
No matter what your routine might be, the Nike Free x Metcon will deliver on performance and versatility. The combination of Nike's flywire technology, light materials, and rigid support give this trainer the edge to take it that extra step higher!
The Good
  • Super Lightweight
  • Amazing Comfort
  • Precision Performance
The Not-So-Good
  • Some Restriction in the Heal
  • Not Great for Outdoor Use
9.5Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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