Earlier this Summer, Nike released a whole new cushioning design that is already proving to be a game changer. This innovative design is called the Nike Joyride and is featured first in the new Nike Joyride Run Flyknit model. The new technology is designed to deliver a dynamic underfoot experience to wearers via TPE beads (a material made of plastic and rubber) that are dispersed within pods. Nike tells us that the Joyride Run Flyknit is designed to help make running feel easier and give your legs a day off. The tiny foam beads on the underfoot conform to your foot for cushioning that stands up to your mileage. We recently got our hands on the new shoes and technology and we hit the pavement and the gym to test them out. How did the shoes hold up? Read on for the full review breakdown.

Key Features:

  • Conforming Cushioning- Foam beads are contained in 4 strategically placed pockets underneath your foot.
  • Zoned Durability- Durable rubber is placed on the outside in high-wear zones. The raised nobs add traction.
  • Comfort Collar- The 1-piece foam collar gives smooth, secure cushioning.
  • Heel pull tab


Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Shoes Review Breakdown


When it comes to the Joyride technology, it is tough on where to begin. These shoes really are a stark departure from your standard shoe. Joyride is engineered to help keep legs fresh by delivering a personalized underfoot experience with great impact absorption in a surprisingly light, energy-returning package. The previously mentioned TPS beads are placed within zonally-tuned pods, which allows the foam to expand in all directions. The system creates a dynamic footbed that forms to your foot and feels personalized to you.

The pod scale is based on how the foot strikes the ground when in motion. The heel pod, for example, is bigger to absorb impact, while those at the forefoot are prepared to facilitate a smooth transition forward. The shoes also feature the Flyknit technology that is a lightweight, breathable material that hugs your foot and keeps it in place. Synthetic material wraps from the inside of your foot to the top for a secure, conforming fit. In addition, there is a Comfort Collar, which is a 1-piece foam collar that gives smooth, secure cushioning.


The first time you slip the Joyride Flyknits on it will be a weird experience. As your feet adjust, it will feel like you are standing on four separate balls. It makes your feet feel like they are not level and you are a bit off-balance. Very quickly your feet will settle in to the four zones and thee multi-dimensional displacement will conform to your feet. The best way to describe it is that it feels like you are getting a custom-built pair of shoes designed specifically for your feet.

The four pockets that hold the TPE balls are not created equal as they dispersed them to where you need them the most. For example, the heel pod has the greatest number of beads to absorb the impact. The forefoot beads are more densely packed and designed to transition the foot forward. The pods prevent the beads from bunching up under areas of low pressure, such as the arch or the toes, while still letting the beads move around the foot. The shoes are also relatively lightweight, so you won’t be dragging your feet while offering very nice comfort.

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While the shoes are designed to log some miles, we also found this to be a nice workout shoe in general. The comfort and lightweight design made a nice shoe for weightlifting days or HIIT workouts. The shoe has seemed to hold up quite well while becoming a go-to shoe. The soles are showing minimal decay and the flyknit upper is keeping its tight hold around the foot.

The biggest issue with the shoes, is the color design. The color scheme I got is aesthetically beautiful and I didn’t want to get them dirty. It took me a few days to take them out of the house because I didn’t want to scuff them up. After finally breaking them out, I am impressed with how the colors have held. While a white based shoe will get dirty, it hasn’t been too bad, and they have been easy to clean. Overall, after 100 miles and gym workouts, the shoes are in solid shape.



Priced at$180, the Nike Joyride Run Flyknits will hit your pocket book a little bit harder than you are used to. Nike is working hard to try to make these a shoe for everyone and give people a personalized shoe fitting experience. We personally loved how the shoes conformed to our feet and incredible they broke in. However, not everyone may like the feeling and how the pod system operates. We do believe that the pod experience offers premium comfort. Most runners have multiple pairs of running shoes and the Joyride Flyknits would be a great addition to your lineup, if you want to spend the money. If you are logging the miles you will like the all-day comfort shoes have to offer.

Buy now for $180 or visit Nike.com for more information

Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Shoes - Fitness Review
There is a lot to like about the new Nike Joyride Flyknit runs. Packed with Nike's latest technological advances that gives you a personalized design for your feet. The Joyride's are one of the most unique pairs of shoes we have tried in awhile. If you want to premium comfort and the latest technology, then take a look at the Joyrides
The Good
  • All day comfort
  • Amazing technology and beautiful design
  • Personalized and custom feel
The Not-So-Good
  • Higher price tag than most running shoes
  • Comfort may not work for everyone's preference
9.1Overall Score
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