With the snow melting and the grass appearing we are all getting anxious to get outside and get active. We here at Busted Wallet participate in a variety of activities to stay in shape and to have fun. One of those activities that combines both is the great game of slowpitch softball! We have been a part of numerous teams over the years and this season we’ve decided to test, review and feature the very best slowpitch softball bats of 2014!

To attack this monstrous task we assembled a collection of players who range from novice to expert in the field of softball. According to the Ametuer Softball Association of American (ASA) over 40 million people play softball each year, making it the #1 team participant sport in the United States. Sports equipment manufacturers have taken notice and invested countless hours and dollars in to the development of high-tech equipment. With that, we chose to focus on bat technology this year and decided to put together a collection of slowpitch bats that will appeal across the board to softball players of all abilities.

We tested a lot of bats this Winter and early Spring and we are happy to present our 10 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats of 2014. To check out our testing results scroll through the slideshow below and enjoy!

Update: The new 2015 list is out. Check it out now!

Editor’s Note: Though we extended the offer to participate to Worth, Combat and Rebook these brands chose to decline or simply didn’t answer our requests to participate in this year’s testing.

*Equipment used in this article was furnished by the manufacturer at no cost to BustedWallet.com. We pride ourselves on honest and thoughtful testing and reviewing methods that are fair and transparent. We hope our article reads this way! -Busted Wallet Staff.

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  1. Gracie Astley

    My son plays for a10u travel team. He is a solid ball player and seems to favor the 30″ 20oz bats. I’m in the market for a new bat for him and I don’t want to break the bank. Any thoughts?

  2. Nickles

    Hey Ande,

    Your article’s helpful, and let’s get talk on the list bats for 2016! I want to see your throught!



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