I was born in the bold era of the 80’s and so was the inspiration for the SPY Discord sunglasses.  These shades are big and bold with some pretty sweet technology hidden behind the lens.  Founded in 1994, SPY Optics has brought a lot of stylish innovation to the sunglass wearing people of the world.  With a collaborative group of athletes, designers and creatives, it’s not surprising they are able to keep producing sunglasses that help improve peoples style, performance, and mood. 

Among their many models of sunglasses, the very popular Discord is one of them, and for good reason. The Discord comes in a variety of colors and options for the lens.  The version I’m wearing on this bright sunny day while I write this review is equipped with Matte Black frames and Bronze Polar with Blue Spectra and Happy technology Lens.  While I wouldn’t recommend the Discord for active wear, they are a stylish option for everyday casual use.

Key Features:

  • Custom-built from high quality Propionate
  • 6-Base PC lenses
  • 100% UV protection
  • Happy  Lens Technology
  • Available in 28 different frame/ lens options
  • Carrying bag that doubles as a lens cloth

“We make incredible products that go on people’s faces, allowing them to see clearer, look cooler, perform better and be more comfortable while doing the things that make them feel most alive.”

It’s quotes like this that have made us huge fans of SPY and their products over the years. Not only is SPY in the sunglasses game, but they also produce some of the best Snow and Moto goggles in the business.

SPY Discord Review Breakdown


In some cases, brands sacrifice comfort for design.  I’d have to say that although these are not uncomfortable, the design precedes the comfort level in comparison.  These shades could definitely be worn all day as they are relatively light for the size of the frames.  I usually opt for sunglasses that follow the contour of my face for added peripheral protection.  These shades are definitely more flat which is the style, but it also allows some of the bight areas in, leaving your eyes unprotected.      


Everyone knows that style changes and repeats itself over the years.  Right now, these bad boys are in style and will most likely be in style for a while longer.  It really comes down to each individual’s preference.  I dig the simple, solid colors and the matte black with blue spectra fit’s my wardrobe well.  So long as you like the thicker frames, with the variety of color options available, you’re bound to find one that’ll look good on you.  After all, “SPY makes function-forward facewear for fast fashion freaks who give a funk about what they wear.”


Optics = Happy Lens:

What the heck is a Happy Lens anyways?  Basically it’s a lens that is packed with some sweet features that are meant to help enhance your mood, ultimately making you, well, “Happy”!  Here’s how it works: The SPY Happy Lens™ creates an incredible color enhancing and color contrasting experience that you can feel from the moment you put them on.  Each color option creates a different experience and helps enhance certain activities.  Some colors offer a soothing effect in natures green and blue surroundings that are best used for golfing or inland fishing.  The shade of blue I’m wearing offers superior contrast and color in full sun for open ocean fishing and other water activities.  But if you like the color, go with it.  Each Happy Lens offers a great amount of contrast and color enhancement to help keep you happy. 🙂   


Each version of the Discord has a different price depending on the lens you get.  The model I tested, has a price tag of $169.95.  So for those who are looking for the right style and care about 100% UV protection with the bonus “Happy” features these shades offer, I say it’s a good deal.  They even offer a “Happiness Guaranteed” Guarantee: “If you’re not satisfied with your happy lens, return them to SPY within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.”  So really there’s nothing to lose.  I always feel better buying from a company that is confident enough to offer a guarantee like this.   

Buy Now: $169.95 or to find out more: SPYOptic.com

SPY Discord Sunglasses - Style Review
Whether you're an 80's child or not, these shades have brought back the style, comfort, and some new age technology that is most relevant in this day and age.
The Good
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Happy Lens Technology
  • Wide variety of custom frames and lens (when in stock)
The Not So Good
  • Could use more peripheral protection
  • Not the lightest of frames (but surprisingly light for the size)
8.9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (10 Votes)

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  1. Jake

    I just walked in from buying a brand brand… New pair of discords. I’m so happy with that I want to go back to goodwill and say ” you just sold me a pair of discords for..get this, $1.99…are you people blind!??


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