The process of manual log splitting is as old as time – it can be fun, full of exercise and an excellent stress reliever, but it can also be back-breaking, sometimes dangerous and torturous for some. That’s where the Homelite Electric Log Splitter steps in with its 15 amp electric motor, 2,320 pounds per square inch of hydraulic pressure and 21 inch log-deck. The Homelite  Electric Log Splitter is said to be capable of handling logs of 20 inches in length and and up to 10 inches in diameter, all-the-while featuring an efficient design that is incredible portability.

Take a moment to scroll over the interactive image below to see all the features the Homelite Electric Log Splitter has to offer!

Recently we hooked up with the fantastic people over at Homelite to test and review their 5 ton electric log splitter. We’re camping fanatics as you may know and a few members of our staff even run wood burning stoves throughout the coldest months of winter. So when this opportunity across our desk we were truly excited.

– Homelite Electric Log Splitter Review –



Homelite Electric Log Splitter Review(10 out of 10) Straight out of the box the Homelite Electric Log Splitter is pretty much ready to go – with very little assembly required. Which is great for those of you who aren’t the most mechanically inclined… you know who you are!
All that’s necessary for assembly is mounting the wheels. Yep, that’s it… two wheels, two washers, two axles, two cotter-pins, and you’re done! There are specific directions for assembly in the owners manual, but honestly it’s very straight forward and best of all no tools are required. 
Once you have the splitter assembled (which takes all of 5 minutes) you’ll first want to check the the oil level before operating. Something you should remember to do each time before getting started. You’ll also need to loosen the bleed screw approx one full turn to two turns before operating. This will allow for the hydraulic system to work properly. Air must flow in and out of the oil tank during operation to prevent the seals in the hydraulic system from rupturing. When done operating the splitter, always remember to tighten up the bleed screw, especially before transportation. You don’t want to lose any oil.


Homelite Electric Log Splitter Review(9 out of 10) Overall, the entire log splitter is actually quite compact (39.5 inches long) and ultra portable. We found it to be excellent for getting yard work done around the house or transporting to the cabin and back with out a ton of hassle. The splitter itself weighs in at 99 LBS, but is quite easy to move and manipulate using its front legs as handles and the wheels at the back to roll it anywhere, even over rough terrain.
The splitter is a bit heavy to load in and out of a truck or vehicle on your own, we recommend making it a two person job as the splitter can be awkward to carry and unbalanced. Better to be safe than sorry.
Speaking of safe… from a safety design aspect the Homelite Electric Log Splitter is fantastic. It incorporates a two-handed operation that is ideal for keeping your hands and fingers from getting pinched or worse. To operate the splitter you must have your left hand on the hydraulic control lever and the right hand on the on/off switch. If both aren’t used simultaneously the hydraulic system will not engage. Additionally, the hydraulic control lever has a hand guard to protect against any sliding logs, splinters, etc…


(8.5 out of 10) For general purpose log splitting this unit is fantastic in our opinion, but if you’re tasked with taking down massive oaks or other giant hardwoods, we feel that there are better (larger) splitters that would be more suitable. That being said we came away from our testing sessions truly impressed with the 5-ton splitting power of the Homelite Electric Log Splitter. This splitter makes quick work of logs up to 10″ in diameter (or bigger from our experience) and up to 20″ in length, slicing through them like butter in most cases. Another added benefit this splitter has over gas powered splitters is that it’s shockingly quite. I can split wood in the garage for hours while my wife watches TV in the next room without any complaints. It’s also great for listening to music while splitting. 
The cycle time was one of our favorite features. After making a split the hydraulic system rests rather quickly. In almost half the time it takes to split a log, making it fast and easy to make short work of a ton of wood! After working with the splitter for several loads of wood we realized that you can also use the hydraulic control lever to stop the hydraulic ram while it’s resting at any point. This is ideal when working with shorter wood lengths. Instead of the ram resting to zero each split, you can hold it at the 70% mark or 50%, etc… 
One small gripe we had with the Homelite Electric Log Splitter was the size of the splitting maul. Every so often a log will slide up the splitting maul after only beginning to split the wood, this can get annoying, but re-situating the wood on the log-deck seemed fix the problem every time. It likely has something to do with the grain of the wood in most cases.


(9 out of 10) A good log splitter doesn’t come cheap these days, even a used one! At $299 Homelite has produced an extremely durable and reliable log splitter. It runs on electricity which is excellent for noise reduction and pure splitting power, but when logging takes you deep into the woods electricity can become hard to come by, unless you’re equipped with a generator. For that fact we had to knock its value rating down a notch, but overall it’s unlikely you’ll find a better value on a log splitter anywhere for the service it provides and the workload it’s capable of.

The Bottom Line:

Whether you’re a wood burning homeowner, avid camper, or backyard bonfire enthusiast – the Homelite Electric Log Splitter is a must have to keep your flames stoked all year long. We enjoyed its quick cycle time, thoughtful safety features and impressive splitting power. If you’re in need of a log splitter that can handle mid-sized logs we highly recommend you seek out the Homelite Electric Log Splitter yourself. You can even see models on display at your local Home Depot. 
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