Safety is a priority here at Busted Wallet, so when we hit the slopes, we make sure we are protected. The hard part is finding a helmet that is both comfortable and stylish while protecting our heads from the potential hazards of the downhill ride. Recently we put the Giro Ledge MIPS snow helmet to the test and had a blast shredding the slopes. Not only is this helmet unique due to the integrated advanced technology it features, but at $80, it’s really nice on your wallet.

Throughout the years we have tested a number of helmets and we are happy to add the Ledge MIPS to that list.  With its all new hard shell, simplistic design and MIPS technology, this helmet will protect your noggin against unforeseen wipe-outs. Even better, with the removal of the ear pads and goggle retainer, this helmet can go from snow to skate and be used all year around.

4_giro_lu_ledge_mattedarkshadow-semi_blackfutura_mips_1Key Features:

  • Construction: Hard Shell Construction, MIPS Equipped
  • Fit System: Auto Loc 2 Fit System – removable, On-The-Fly Vertical Tuning
  • Ventilation: Super Cool Vents, Stack Ventilation
  • Features: Removable goggle retainer, Removable ear pads, Compatible with aftermarket Giro audio systems, Seamless Compatibility with all Giro
  • Certification: Compliance: ASTM F2040-11/CE EN1077
Giro Ledge MIPS Snow Helmet Review Breakdown


The sleek design of the Ledge MIPS has a clean, simplistic look that was based off Giro’s Combyn helmet, giving it a classic skater look and appeal that’s perfect for the park or the slopes. The hard shell construction combined with the MIPS technology gives this helmet the added protection needed by adrenaline junkies. Add in the soft foam liner and you have yourself a really comfortable helmet. The foam ear pads are compatible with any on-ear or drop in audio. We paired it with the Outdoor Tech Wireless Bluetooth Chips for an awesome, comfortable fit. The ear pads are removable if you don’t care for them or if you want to transfer the helmet from snow to skate.

The Ledge MIPS along with all Giro helmets have been designed to have a seamless compatibility with Giro goggles. Utilizing stacked vents, Giro helmets and goggles line up perfectly for maximum ventilation. Together they help reduce the fogging that often occurs at the top of goggles, The air is able to circulate through the front of the helmet and down through the vents on top of the goggles.


When it comes to a great helmet, durability is the most important factor. This is the backbone of the level of safety the helmet can provide. This is where the Ledge shines. Giro now has the MIPS Technology integrated into the Ledge, giving the helmet an added guarantee for quality and durability. MIPS technology is a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. While we were fortunate to not have to put this technology to the test while we hit the slopes; we know that having MIPS technology will provide better protection in certain impacts.


This is an all around comfortable helmet. The fit is great due to the integration of Giro’s Verticle Tuning. It is a technology that calculates how the helmet fits on the head, closing up gaps to make for the perfect fit. Additionally, they have designed the goggles and helmets to pair together for an almost seamless fit.

The Ledge unfortunately has a very limited range of adjustability. Again, being that the helmet is only an $80, it’s not going to have all the bells and whistles but it still has some adjustability at least. The Auto Loc 2 Fit System is removable and also allows for on-the-fly vertical tuning without having to remove the helmet. The Ledge has a great fit and is pretty accurate to the size chart. We figured a size large according to how the sizing works and it was a perfect fit so we didn’t even need to adjust it.

Goggle Integration:

Loosing a nice pair of goggles makes for a ruined day. Fortunately, the Ledge is equipped with a durable, removable hook-like goggle retainer that has a catch at the end for keeping goggle straps in place. Now, many clips for helmets will lock and make it next to impossible for the goggles to fall off the helmet. The Ledge does not have an actual locking clip and that is one of the drawbacks to the helmet. Now, the hook-like clip is a good quality clip and when we gave this helmet a test, we had zero issues with the goggles slipping out or falling off. It is just a nice piece of mind to have a clip that locks in place.


Bottom line, this is an affordable helmet and worth the money. There are a few shortcomings, but at the $80 mark, it’s understandable. The fact that the helmet features MIPS technology, gives it the value. Then top it off with the other added features like the stack vents and seamless compatibility with Giro goggles and you have yourself an affordable well rounded helmet

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Giro Ledge MIPS Snow Helmet - Gear Review
The sleek design of the new Giro Ledge MIPS snow helmet has a clean, simplistic look. The Ledge integrates the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System technology to ensure optimal safety on the slopes. The Ledge features a seamless compatible design with all Giro goggles. All said and done, this is a fantastic helmet with a very reasonable price tag.
The Good:
  • Integrated MIPS technology to ensure the added protection and safety
  • The sleek, simplistic design with added comfort
  • The seamless compatibility with Giro goggles
The Not so Good:
  • The goggle retainer doesn't latch completely allowing the possibility of goggles to become unattached from the helmet
  • The top vents cannot be adjusted open or closed. They are always open
9.3Overall Score
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