2017 is officially in full gear, and while there were no highly anticipated album of the year releases this week, there were more than a few emotionally charges inclusions, keeping us revved up to face down the rest of January, if not the rest of winter. Aaron Carter got around to a new release “Sooner or Later,” Joey Bada$$ penned a caustic tribute to the “Land of the Free,” and Lady Antebellum wants you to know “You Look Good.”

As always Spotify keeps you up on things via New Music Friday. Head over to Spotify and make sure your potential new favorite wasn’t overlooked. Cataloged and submitted for your approval is Busted Wallet’s own fresh track marker, New Music Friday All Stars, for the best of the last six months.


muna10. Crying On The Bathroom Floor by MUNA

As the song title suggests, when you’re in the mood for the severely dramatic or just refuse to not go silently into that good night, MUNA’s is the perfect one to put on. Whether it confirms or refutes your suspicions, the song’s central theme spins around a relationship gone wrong. The LA girl power pop band’s debut album is still imminent but no exact date for the release “about u” just yet.


train9. Drink Up by Train

Train has been trying on many new personas over the past year, most noticeably that of a Led Zeppelin cover band with an album full of classic tracks from Whole Lotta Love to Ramble On. And while we’ll always have drops of Jupiter in our hair, we’re powering through to their latest beer commercial bait Drink Up. We can already see smiling bright young things looking up starry eyed at fireworks while grasping Bud Light bottles. But no shade, the song is all up tempo and enough to help you keep the party going.


sofi tukker8. Johny by Sofi Tukker

There’s something endearing and intriguing the way NYC indie pop band Sofi Tukker trapezes back and forth between English and Portuguese in their lyrics, the Portuguese tilt carrying over to give that extra little “zhoosh” in the way Sophie Hawley-Weld sings of ‘Johny’. Every since making waves with the “can’t get it out of my head it’s that awesome” track Drinkee, the band (named from the first names of its members Sophie and Tucker) has been on the radar for cutting edge indie pop. Johny does not disappoint, heavy and cool in all the right places.


nombe7. Wait by NoMBe

Heavy on the soulful vibes and the strong vocals to back it up, Wait is the kinda of stellar track we’ve come to expect from NoMBe in the genre of “electric soul.” According to his Facebook page the artist shared that the song was about a middle school crush with whom he never shared his true feelings. He added in the post “I sent her the new song “Wait” …and didn’t say anything…let’s see how it goes lol” Fingers crossed for requited love.


Big-Sean-I-Decided-album-cover-art6. Halfway Off The Balcony by Big Sean

When we first saw the track name for Big Sean latest, we thought for sure it was a reference to bossin’ up in the manner of the infamous legend involving Suge Knight hanging Vanilla Ice off a balcony. We quickly learned things are much more somber in Big Sean’s neck of the woods. “I Decided” might be one of hip hop’s most hotly anticipated albums of 2017, but that doesn’t mean Big Sean can’t reflect on the painful truths behind the flash and the facade.


john mayer5. Changing by John Mayer

This week we were treated to a quick and easy LP from our folksy friend, four tracks including the well received Love On The Weekend. As he croons “I am not done changing, out on the run, changing/ I may be old and I may be young, but I’m not done changing” ….but if we reflect honestly on Mayer’s lyrics through the years, we know that he’s a continual work in progress. There’s some hearty twangs before the track goes full force around the 1 minute 15 second mark. A good track for times that are easy like Sunday morning.


joy williams4. Ordinary World by Joy Williams

Haunting and poignant is how one would most often describe the music of Joy Williams, and here that sentiment is turned up to a hundred, as she tackles the Duran Duran classic Ordinary World. Armed with just her powerhouse voice and keyboard she makes each lyric stand on its own and amplifies its meaning and rich undertones. As we live in an increasingly uncertain world, her version has come right when it should.


j cole3. High For Hours by J. Cole

One might think a certain way looking at the title of J. Cole’s latest and make an assumption as to the song’s content. Well for shame, as High For Hours is packed with intelligent musings over political statements, enough to make you marinate on Cole’s words for hours. The track is particularly impressive as thoughtful and well produced as it is, as it’s a separate release from his 5 starred latest release 4 Your Eyez Only.


arcade fire2. I Give You Power by Arcade Fire, Mavis Staples

There’s one thing for certain we’ve come to expect from Arcade Fire, is that when they lean on that organ, we know they’re ready to take us to church. This time they’ve really outdone themselves, as when the organs hit at the 1 minute 56 second mark, gospel legend Mavis Staples is right there with them. It’s a total personal revolution anthem as they sing “I give you power/But now I say / I give you power / I can take it away.”


spoon1.Hot Thoughts by Spoon

Spoon has readied themselves for their ninth album with a fresh song that still follows in the band’s storied and eclectic steps. Out this St. Patrick’s Day “just in time for nuclear winter” so the band says, they are also planning a 3 night residency at SXSW just before the release. Heavy on the percussion and light in its step, Hot Thoughts is good for keeping your thoughts occupied through a slow afternoon.

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