Being a customer of Skullcandy headphones for more than a decade, I can say personally that they have always cultivated a product that blends form and function in an excellent way. By creating a brand that has tons of designs and styles to fit all needs and doing this for reasonable prices, Skullcandy has become one of the largest in the industry today. With this new design, they are truly setting themselves apart from the competition by delivering an eco-friendly earbud that is made of 65% recycled plastic, has 57% less heavy metals, and has reduced the CO2 used to produce this product by 50%. As you can see, Skullcandy is doing their part to create more sustainable products for the future, and they’re doing it all for an affordable price of $39.99.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth capable 
  • Battery life 8 hours (standard for wireless earbuds today)
  • USB-C Rapid charging Battery free charging dock
  • 3x EQ (Equalization) modes (base boost, Podcast, Music) 
  • IPX4 Sweat/water resistant Buds work independent of one another other



The ECOBUDS wireless earbuds feature a design akin to other popular Skullcandy models, such as the Rail and Dime earbuds, prioritizing user comfort and security. In my extensive testing, including scenarios like volleyball, skateboarding, and, I will admit, some pretty significant snowboarding wipeouts, I have demonstrated the earbuds’ ability to remain securely in place without any issues of loosening or falling out. The stylish earbuds fit discreetly in one’s ears, only showing a small portion of the headphone from the front. Not that it would be an issue to show off the unique arctic swirl design with no two designs being the same. The sleek design is akin to the natural beauty of an arctic glacier, blending the blues and whites into a beautiful ice cold design guaranteed to give you chills.

Sound Quality 

My main concern and nervousness about these headphones stem from the question: Would the focus of making an eco-friendly product take away from the quality and range of sound? In short, the Ecobuds I recently tested are noteworthy for the fact that the product’s emphasis on sustainability did not detract from its sound quality. The incorporation of three distinct listening modes, including Base Boost, Music Mode, and Podcast Mode, displays a thoughtful approach to accommodating a range of sound quality requirements.


Since using these earbuds, I have had zero issues with the Bluetooth. The ease of use when using this product is top tier. The usability straight out of the charger is bar none. Instant connection gives you the ability to instantly pair your media to the headphone immediately upon release of the headphone case.

Battery life

The battery life for the Ecobuds is an industry standard of eight hours. The case is a battery-less case, meaning the case itself will not charge your buds if they are not directly plugged in and inside the case. To combat the fact that the case doesn’t charge the buds, it has a USB-C quick charger that charges the headphones for an impressive two hours of battery life in only fifteen minutes of charging. As a user, I was very impressed with the quick charging ability, and it never interfered with my usage of the product.


Based on the experience I’ve had using the Ecobuds, they are priced incredibly fairly for the product you are getting. The Ecobuds are priced at $39.99 and are recognized for their exceptional sound quality, comfort, and eco-friendly design. Skullcandy has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by offering a product that minimizes its environmental impact without compromising on quality or functionality. If you are seeking a meticulously designed and environmentally conscious audio solution, the Ecobuds present a compelling option for consideration.

Buy Now: $39.99 or to learn more, check out:

Skullcandy Ecobuds
Sound Quality9.1
Battery Life9
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