Enginehawk was born from the founders of Ruroc Helmets. If you’ve read our previous reviews on the Ruroc helmets, then you already know what quality, style, and protection these guys offer. I was super stoked when I heard about the lineup of Motorcycle jackets from Enginhawk. The whole idea of creating motorcycle apparel worthy of the Ruroc helmets seems like a no-brainer. A void left to be filled by a team that has designed some of the most ground breaking and head-turning helmets in the Moto world. So how well did they do moving into the Moto apparel realm? Let’s dive in.

Key Features:

  • Bomber x Varsity hybrid styling
  • Built from CE rated high density waxed nylon and full grain leather sleeves
  • Perforated underarms for breathability
  • Elasticated cotton hem, cuffs and neck for comfort
  • Fully mesh-lined for comfort and breathability
  • All external pockets contain vents for increased airflow
  • Discreet action back which allows for increased flex whilst in the riding position
  • 2 way zips for comfort
  • Secure thumb loops and belt loop attachments
  • 2 extra large internal stow pockets
  • AA Rated and comes with Level 1 Armour as standard (shoulder, elbows, back)
Enginehawk Burnout Bomber Jacket Review Breakdown


The Burnout Bomber is a varsity jacket style that has been re-designed to be ridden as a motorcycle jacket. Function, style, and protection were re-imagined in this classic design. Inspired by Enginehawks research Taskforce, they asked riders what style of jacket they would wear both on and off their bike. The Burnout Bomber was their answer. Lightweight, ventilated, and fully loaded with top rated armour protection, this jacket not only looks great, but is made to protect riders while riding.

Made of high-density waxed nylon (for the torso) and full-grain leather sleeves, the classic varsity jacket design is captured perfectly. Aside from its clean look, the storage design is also well thought out. There are 2 large internal stow pockets as well as 4 external pockets that also double as ventilation for increased airflow.


  • Body: 68% nylon + 32% cotton
  • Sleve Trim: 100% cowhide leather
  • Lining: 60% polyester + 40% nylon


Enginehawk partnered with Europe’s biggest manufacturer of PPE CE approved armour, SASTEC. So all of their jackets come ready with triple flex level 1 or 2 back, shoulder, and elbow armour. This armour is one of the best designed protection I’ve seen in a motorcycle jacket. The lightweight and flexible armour is non-obtrusive and delivers a comfortable fit when secured inside the jacket. The armour is malleable, which makes it easy to slip in and out of the designated slots. So if you’re not riding and still want to sport the jacket without the armour, it takes less than a minute to slip the armour out.


When it comes to comfort, range of motion and ventilation are key. The underarms are perforated to dump excess heat. Plus the inside is fully mesh-lined to encourage moisture-wicking, keeping you dry on those hot summer rides. If that wasn’t enough, every external pocket on this jacket also contains vents for increased airflow.

As far as range of motion, the action back allows for enhanced movement and flex while riding and is discreet and clean when off the bike. The hem, cuffs, and neck are made of elasticated cotton, making it nice and comfy on the skin. There are also built-in thumb loops to keep the sleeves in place. Plus, there are internal belt loops to secure your bottoms and prevent riding up while leaning into those curves.


The Burnout Bomber is a classic look with comfort, style, and protection that take this jacket to the next level. Easily becoming one of my go-to riding jackets, the Burnout Bomber has the versatility I’ve been looking for. Their mission is to “Save lives, on and off the bike. And make gear that kicks ass”. I’d say that they are backing this statement with their latest jacket and I’m excited to see what they come out with next!

Buy Now: $429.00 or to learn more, check out: www.enginehawk.com


ENGINEHAWK Burnout Bomber Jacket
The Burnout Bomber has the style and versatility I’ve been looking for in a motorcycle jacket (both on and off the bike).
The Good
  • Excellent design
  • Top notch armour
  • Versatility
The Not So Good
  • The shoulders are a bit narrow
9.3Overall Score
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