New Year. . . new diet. Unfortunately for far too many people this is the sad truth. Did 2015 kick your butt? Are you ready to shed some pounds and inches? Well now that the major food eating holidays are behind us it’s time work on your fitness and get in shape. Trying to get back on the wagon is the hardest part.  If you’re looking for a good meal and fitness plan to follow and help you jumpstart your New Years health goals, you may want to check out the Beachbody 21 Day Fix.  We were recently given the opportunity to test it out.  Here is the breakdown of what we learned…

Key Features:21DayFix-whatYouGet_ibk3og

  • 7 color coded food containers
  • Six 30 minute workouts
  • Quick start guide
  • Workout calendar
  • Eating plan
  • 3 day quick fix
  • 24/7 online support
21 Day Fix Review Breakdown


21-DAY-FIX-WORKOUT[1]There is nothing worse than attempting a workout routine that is almost impossible to do (at the current starting point in your fitness level).  It can be very frustrating and usually discouraging.  I have attempted many at home fitness programs, and usually only make it through two weeks before I end up going back to doing my own thing.  With the 21 Day Fix, the workouts are only 30 minutes long (big plus with my schedule) and the moves are simple enough that almost anybody can do them.  They have a modifier to show an even easier way to accomplish them.  Each of the 6 workouts are different and focus on different parts of the body.  I never got bored or wanted to check the clock with this program.  Don’t think that just because it’s only 30 minutes it isn’t a good workout.  They will still make you sweat and give you those hated (but loved) sore muscles.

Meal Plan:

21-day-fix-extreme-color-containersThis was the most difficult part of the program for me.  Depending on your calorie category, you are allowed a certain number of each color container for the whole day.  It was very time consuming for me to cook each food category separately so it could then be measured into the proper container.  Making sure that you were eating enough of one color and not too much of another during the day also required planning.  I spent a good portion of each morning planning out the whole day’s meals just so I would be sure not to have one color category for breakfast or lunch if I was going to have it for dinner also.  The plan does work though and the results you get are based on the time and effort you put into it.


Knowing that I wouldn’t be crazy toned and slim by the end of the 21 days (that’s just not realistic), I was pretty impressed with the results.  I eliminated a lot of bloat and cut my portions down drastically.  I lost 6lbs and 5 inches total.  I’d say that’s a good jump start to some positive health changes.  It was definitely a combination of proper diet and daily exercise.



If it’s your goal to finally kick the bad eating habits this may be the perfect program for you.  At a modest $60, you can get the whole kit for yourself and then another for a friend or family member who may want to do the program with you.  You’ve got nothing to lose but bloat and a little unwanted fat.  The fitness program alone is worth the money, and the guided meal plan is the icing on the cake (except you shouldn’t eat cake with this plan).

Buy Now: $59.85  or to learn more go to:

21 Day Fix - Fitness Review
Made for people who want to jumpstart a healthy life change. This program can assist in eliminating bad food habits and provides a fitness program for the whole body.
Meal Plan8.7
The Good:
  • Simple fun fitness routines
  • Included containers that help develop proper portion control
  • Meal guide and sample recipes
The Not So Good
  • Meal prep takes a lot of time and planning
  • Hard to commit a full 21 days with a busy 'on the go' lifestyle
9Overall Score
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