Winter is here at last, and it’s time to cram all of your crew in the car and go hit the slopes. It’s an exciting time of year, but there are a lot of factors we need to consider when faced with the dilemma of how to transport everyone and all their gear for a weekend excursion to the mountain. The most beneficial for everyone is always to carpool, but space runs out quick with all of the bulky gear required in downhill winter sport, and those skis and snowboards have to get there somehow too. The most popular way to accomplish this has always been the roof rack, and today we’re gonna throw the Yakima FatCat 6 Limited Edition on our Jeep and see how securely and efficiently it holds all of our posse’s gear as we enjoy the snowy glory of Winter.


Key Features:

  • Exclusive Limited Edition Yakima winter hat as your gift with purchase
  • Unique stainless steel badge with your model’s Limited Edition number
  • Limited quantity – only 1,500 made
  • SnapLock mounting hardware with over-molded stainless steel straps securely onto most factory and aerodynamic crossbars
  • DoubleJoint hinge system accommodates modern fat skis and boards
  • Snap-around hardware for a sleek profile on Yakima round or square aftermarket crossbars
  • Simple and fast tool-free installation
  • Integrated ski lift allows for rooftop clearance for snowboards or tall bindings
  • Holds up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards
  • Same Key System (SKS) Lock Cores included for total security


  • Weight: 12.00 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L 36.50″ X W 3.75″ X H 5.25″
  • Capacity: 6 (skis) or 4 (snowboards)
Yakima FatCat 6 Review Breakdown


For those of us fortunate enough to have cross bars installed on our vehicle, there’s always the option available to throw whatever equipment we want to take with us on top, and that has especially been the case for decades with rooftop ski racks. In all the time they’ve been available, many of us have gone through the ordeal of having to find the proper mounting accessories to fit to whatever make and model we happen to be driving. Luckily in the case of the Yakima FatCat 6, mounting accessories are provided that will properly secure to just about any rooftop crossbar apparatus out there. Whether dealing with aerodynamic, square, or round crossbars, you can be confident that the Yakima FatCat 6 will be ready for installation right out of the box without having to seek out extra accessories or after market components that sometimes are just not readily available in the same location as the ski rack purchase.

In our case, we mounted the FatCat 6 to a Jeep Grand Cherokee with factory aerodynamic crossbars, so we used the Yakima wrap around SnapLock mounting hardware that comes included. The wrap around mounting system is made with stainless steel with a molded rubber exterior. Once properly attached to the crossbar, the mounting hardware stays in place securely, and maintains a sleek appearance compared to many of the mounting systems of yesteryear.


With a low profile tubular design, the dual racks deviate from the classic angular racks we’ve been using for decades, which makes the FatCat 6 quite a bit more appealing to look at and more functional aerodynamically for the drive. They are 28.5 inches wide, and equipped to hold up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, so there is plenty of space to work with. The FatCat 6 racks are also equipped with a DoubleJoint hinge system, adding more accessibility in mounting of our thicker skis or big boards. In years past with other models, we were forced to arrange our skis so that the smaller pairs were on the hinge side in order to securely lock them in, but such forethought becomes an afterthought to those of us who want to load up quick so we can get first chair and enjoy those untouched tracks.

The button and lock system is extremely wide and functional. The days that required us to take of our gloves to forcibly push a tiny little button with frozen fingers are over. There are multiple locking points, so securing large quantities of thick skis or boards aren’t a problem at all in the event you need to load up fast to get home to thaw out.


For the snow boarders out there, we all know how frustrating it can be when we want to secure two boards bottom to bottom, but our rack of choice doesn’t have the clearance required and we have no choice but to allow our bindings to scrape up the top of our car. For this particular situation, the FatCat 6 has an integrated ski lift. Making this adjustment is a bit of a task, and it does require the use of a small allen wrench that comes included, so if you will need to use this function we suggest getting an early start at it. You don’t have to worry about carrying the allen wrench around or loosing it, because there is special storage clip within the rack for the tool that isn’t accessible until unlocked.

The Limited edition FatCat 6 has a unique white stainless steel exterior, so not only is FatCat 6 structurally sound in its construction, but it’s recognizable against the sea of classic black ski racks in the parking lot. Finding our car at the end of the day (or in any parking lot for that matter) has become a little more easy than it was before thanks to this Limited edition rack.


unnamed (4)Installation of the FatCat 6 is about one of the most painless experiences we’ve ever had with any rooftop carrying equipment. The best aspect with this model is that no tools are required at any point. The four wrap around mounts are adjustable by hand, and as an added bonus have visible stainless steel markings so once you know the proper point of adjustment on one, making the proper adjustment to the other 3 is perfectly precise.

The two racks are secured from the interior with a basic screw on clip, so placement is a breeze and it only takes a few turns of the wrist to secure. At that point the job is complete, and we figure that a single person working alone can secure the FatCat 6 in less than 15 minutes with no issue.


We are extremely impressed with the security aspect of the FatCat 6. In years past, we have come across after market mounting kits that could simply be unscrewed, so a would-be thief with the proper tools could simply loosen some bolts and make off with all of our skis and our rack. Yakama’s choice to secure the racks to the mounts from the interior makes access virtually impossible, so nobody will be able to walk up to your vehicle and simply detach the rack while it is locked. Because the wrap around mounts have a stainless steel construction, getting through them with a hacksaw is virtually impossible as far as we can tell, and if they do happen to be cut the mounts will be rendered useless, so stealing the FatCat 6 in this manner would be pointless.

We have to admit, in the past we have been guilty of leaving our ski racks open while out enjoying some runs, but from a security standpoint we would advise against getting into this habit. It’s great that installation is quick and tool free, but that also means removal is the same, and a FatCat 6 left unlocked would be no hassle to a thief. Because this is a top of the line model that can be mounted to just about any crossbar, the FatCat 6 will be a high commodity for theft, so we highly recommend re-locking this rack if you are ever away from your vehicle.

unnamed (1)


The FatCat 6 roof rack has a construction similar to many models of years gone by, but takes it up a notch by our estimation. The hardware is mostly composed of stainless steel components, and encased in hard plastic or soft rubber for extra added protection. As an extra bonus, the main body of the rack is encased in stainless steel as opposed to the plastic exteriors on the vast majority of the models we’ve become most acquainted to. The soft rubber used to secure equipment is a necessity for any rack of similar design, and probably the point of most wear and tear, but in this case seems solid in design and construction. We are confident that the FatCat 6 will last just as well, and perhaps better, than any other roof rack the market has to offer.


at $279, The Yakima FatCat 6 Limited Edition is definitely on the high-end of the industry. If you’re prepared to pay that kind of price, you will find that what you get is quite agreeable. The peace of mind knowing that your gear is locked up tight and secure is on the top of a long list of reasons to make this your choice, but add the many years of use you will get out of a rack this thoughtfully constructed, and the functionality of the integrated lift and DoubleJoint hinge system, we have no complaint about the cost point. For those of us that will only click into the best gear available, our ski and binding apparatus can easily total a retail over $1000, and if you multiply that by the six pairs of skis that will potentially be transported for years to come, the purchase of a secure rack is of real importance.

A real bonus are the bragging rights you’ll have when taking into consideration that only 1,500 FatCat 6 Limited Editions have been produced. This is not only a well functioning piece of hardware, but it is eye catching and rare. To those dudes out there that like to shred, when those ski bunnies see your car pull into the lot, you can be assured that the FatCat 6 Limited Edition will peak their interest, and that’s a good thing. Did we mention you get a free Yakima winter hat with the purchase of a FatCat 6 Limited edition? Just go to with your purchase information and it’s yours.

Buy Now: $279.00


Yakima FatCat 6 Limited Edition - Gear Review
The Yakima FatCat 6 Special Edition has exceeded our expectations in just about every way. It's not only visually unique, but it is well constructed and durable, and will give you many years of hard use. Anyone who finds joy in downhill sport the way we do can feel secure that their equipment is well protected with this model. Yakima has surely outdone themselves with the FatCat 6 Limited Edition, and we have been thrilled with our experience getting our skis and boards to the mountain fuss free and in style.
The Good:
  • Simple, fast, and tool-free installation
  • Sturdy construction and sleek design
  • holds up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards
The Not so Good:
  • Integrated lift function is a little bit of a task, and requires a small allen wrench
  • Exposed for easy access to theft if left unlocked.
  • Limited quantity of 1,500 produced, so you better get on that!
9.6Overall Score
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