In a tiny tin shed shanty in Hope, Arkansas, Paul W. Klipsch brought his first audio creation to life. Since 1946 the drive and eccentric style of the Klipsch experience has sought to create a whole new layer to the listening experience. Paul’s genius earned him a coveted spot in the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame, but his drive to give listeners a chance to envelope themselves with the wonder of sound, pushed him to forge a path in the audio world.Fred Klipsch

“Paul was a verifiable genius who could have chosen any number of vocations, but the world sounds a lot better because he chose audio.” -Fred Klipsch


Klipsch R6i ReviewFrom this environment of never settling for less than the best, the Klipsch R6i On-Ear Headphones took shape. Boasting the convenience of a fold-flat design, form-hugging memory foam, and a sound that puts you in the front row, the headphones wrap you up in waves of sound without compromising comfort.

Key Features:

  • Ultra comfortable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • High-density memory foam ear cups
  • Advanced Three-Button Mic and Remote
  • Adjustable leather headband
  • Carrying case

Recently Klipsch asked us to go hands-on with the R6i and that we did. For the past several weeks we’ve been testing these headphones at work, at play and on the road. After a ton of time spent with these headphones on we’re excited share our thoughts with you. Here’s what we discovered…

The Klipsch R6i On-Ear Headphones Review Breakdown


The barely-there feel of the light-weight design adds to both the mobility and feel Klipsch has achieved. The memory foam and three-button mic not only make listening to music, games, or shows easier, but keeping you safe by allowing hands-free conversations adds a whole new level of amenities.

The sleek style and soft, adjustable leather band give the headphones a classic look with a modern stylized feel. Neatly fitting into the chic carrying case, everything is ready for travel or use with ease.


As the cushioning of the earphones slowly conform to your ear, the sound envelopes you like a front row seat at a Frank Turner show. Putting quality front and center, Klipsch sacrifices nothing to bring you an all-encompassing audio experience. From the American-made, no compromise approach, the R6i on-ear headphone delivers nothing but the highest quality bass, mid-range, and sound density.

Klipsch R6i Review

Comfort & Fit:

The memory foam and leather band follow in the line with the rest of the technologically stellar design. Whether you’re walking down the street listening to your favorite band, watching a movie late-night without disturbing the rest of the house, or taking a private phone call on the road, the design offers a no-frills, high quality experience to it all. Light weight, easily adjustable, and professional performance make these a must for music lovers.

Klipsch R6i ReviewPortability & Mobility:

There’s no need to detangle the rubric’s cube of headphone knots, the highly-portable case and quick-fold style make the R6i’s an easy accessory for any trip or quick outing.


Perched right in the middle of the price market at $99.00, you are getting more than what you pay for. The price tag brings you top shelf quality in everything from the design to the snazzy, soft bag to carry the headphones in. Using the microphone and volume is easier than swiping left, and the fit is cozier than your favorite hoodie you refuse to get rid of no matter how many holes it has. Basically, the R6i give you professional quality for half the price that lesser audio experiences promise. Treat your ears, your wallet, and your musical taste to a premium sound style.

Buy Now: $99 or to learn more, go to:

Klipsch R6i On-Ear Headphones - Tech Review
Fits like a pillow on you ear, but doesn't shut the world out.
Sound Quality 9.6
Portability & Mobility 9.3
Comfort & Fit 9.9
The Good:
  • Fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent acoustics
Not So Good:
  • It's all good
9.5Overall Score
Reader Rating: (22 Votes)

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