When shredding the slopes nothing is more important than having clear vision (that and the ability to stop). The Arnette Skylight goggle is the newest product in the Arnette goggle line, and offers the largest field of vision that they have ever provided. Arnette is known for providing quality eyewear for the extreme sports crowd and the Skylight doesn’t disappoint.

The Skylight goggles are touted as cutting the BS and instead focusing on performance. Simply put these are for skier/boarders looking for increased vision and a unique look. Here’s a picture of our test model which was outfitted with a “Up in Smoke” frame/headband combo and  an “Emerald Chrome” lens.
Arnette Skylight

Skylight Key Features:

  • No-Blind Spot Technology (No-BS) – oversized frame / lens combo
  • Dual vented lens with 100% UVA / UVB / UVC
  • Toric lens provides optimal visual performance
  • Anti-Fog Lens Coating
  • Tuned Light Transmission of chrome lens coating
  • Cool Breeze venting system
  • Scratch resistant lens coating
  • Triple-Layer Combo-Plate Face Foam with moisture-wicking polar fleece

We field tested these goggles on the slopes in two different temperatures, once in the mid 30’s and once in the mid-teens to make sure we had a solid foundation to report on.

– The Review – 


(10 out of 10) When I opened these goggles, the first thought was “wow, these are huge.” The Skylight looks daunting for any snow sports fan used to standard goggles and I thought that there was no chance they’d work with a helmet. Here’s a look compared to a standard goggle:
While they may look overwhelming, they actually fit extremely well. They worked smoothly with a helmet, and required no extra adjusting or fidgeting.


(9 out of 10) When Arnette says that the goggles have no-BS (no-blind spot) technology, they aren’t lying. As you could see in the above picture, the field of vision is gigantic. Once on, you literally cannot see the vertical sides of the goggles.  
The model tested featured the emerald chrome lens which offers a light grey shade. The lens had just enough tint to shade the eye from sun, but also worked well on cloudy runs. The only gripe that we had with the lens was some of the lens flares that occurred during particularly sunny runs. Overall this is just a minor issue, and the Arnette Skylight featured the best field of vision & optics that we’ve ever seen in a goggle.


(5 out of 10) The F#%G OFF! anti-fog technology on these goggles is quite impressive. Throughout hours of intense skiing (and sweating) we couldn’t get these goggles to fog at all. Additionally these goggles felt sturdy and the scratch-resistant coating is a major plus. The goggles also came in a protective bag.
The one issue that we did find with the build however was the inside of the goggles — between the lens and the cushioning. The goggles that we tested featured a shiny black plastic that reflected light much like a mirror. Here’s a hard to see look at the section:  (pictured to the right)
This non-matte finish actually bounced light off the bottom of the goggle frame into the line of vision. We can’t say if this occurs with other goggle color combinations, but it was the worst flaw that we found in the Skylight.


(9 out of 10) These goggles are beyond comfortable. The oversized frame distributes pressure evenly around the face and the strap applied the perfect amount of pressure. However the biggest benefit was the temperature that these googles kept your eyes at. In both the mid-30’s and low teens, never once did the temperature feel too hot or too cold. You could ski all day long without ever removing the Skylight, no questions asked.


(8 out of 10) The MSRP of these goggles ranges from $120-160 but can be found for less at various retailers. We think that this goggle performs like a $125 -150 goggle. We knocked this down to an 8, just in-case anyone picks these up at the top of the MSRP range.


The Arnette Skylight Goggles not only look big, but perform big as well. The optics are amazing, the field of vision is un-paralled and they are as comfortable as a warm snuggie on a cold night. The biggest detriment is hands down the shiny inner frame that reflected light back up — note: this may only occur on the models with black plastic or on the matte models. Even with the issue, the goggle is overall a solid product made for those skiers & snowboarders who put a premium on vision.

Buy Now: $86 – $125 or go to: Arnette.com

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