Bagpipes, beer and Busted Wallet! We go together like kegs and eggs, Jameson and Ginger Ale and corned beef and cabbage. The holiday where you can start drinking as soon as the sun comes up is quickly approaching and if you’re anything like all of us…you’ve been working on your green wardrobe for weeks.

So whether you prefer the quick to the point Irish car bomb method or the green tongue route, the one thing you need to get there is some festive jams. Busted Wallet has you covered with this track list of some of our favorite celtic punk bands and Irish Nationals. It might even help you get lucky. Cheers!

About The Author

Beth is as passionate about staying up to date on what’s new and hip in the music scene as she is about molding the young minds of her classroom as an elementary school teacher. Working in trendy clothing retail stores for nearly ten years from West Michigan to Chicago’s Mag Mile has given Beth a sharp eye for what’s on point, classy, or a little clashy. Beth enjoys living on Michigan’s fresh coast with her husband and Busted Wallet contributor Tom. Whether working on her latest review with the Busted Wallet team, entertaining the girls during happy hour, or bustin’ it at her boot camp workouts, it’s alway done while jamming to her latest Spotify playlist.

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