One of the most impressive things about the Rocky Patel brand is that it follows the drive, determination, and class of its founder Mr. Rocky Patel. His recent counter-attack on the Government’s assault on the premium cigar industry has made him the spokesman for millions of cigar lovers across the nation. On a personal note: Go get ’em Rocky.

Now back to the review…

Rocky celebrates the achievements and contributions of his master roller Hamlet Paredes. Showcasing a definitive style and wrapping expertise, this cigar embodies the unwavering commitment to the passion of cigars and the community that has supported Rocky for decades. The Hamlet 25th Year is truly a respected nod to one of the great cigar artisans in recent times.

“The Hamlet 25th Year is the second brand developed by renowned Cuban cigar blender and master roller, Hamlet Paredes. Crafted in Nicaragua, this medium-bodied cigar features a cedary Ecuadoran Habano wrapper, a Pennsylvania Broadleaf binder, and Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers. Hamlet 25th Year honors the achievements of Hamlet Paredes’ body of work through a quarter century in the cigar industry, and this cigar delivers all the quality for which Hamlet is known..” –Rocky Patel Team

  • hamlet 25thWrapper: Ecuador Habano
  • Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan
  • Binder: Pensylvannia Broadleaf
The Rocky Patel Hamlet 25th Breakdown


It’s not often you get to play the “How long will the ash get” game, but the Hamlet 25th brought a towering, silvery ash to the table that showcased the true art that goes into the construction of each cigar. Rocky has built his reputation on consistently bringing a balance of fundamentals that allow experimentation to shine, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the care of the construction.


The Hamlet offers a medium draw that’s perfectly aerated through the Ecuador Habano wrapper. Continuing the expected level of high-end construction, the draw sets the tone for the evolving flavor profile to expand and change with every delightful puff.


For the sake of redundancy and repetition (see what I did there?), the burn was awesome. The long ash that formed through the first 30 minutes of the smoke provided a cooling shield for the Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos to come to life and show off their depth.

Prelit :

  • Roasted Cashews
  • Leather
  • Black Pepper


  • White Pepper
  • Smoked Leather
  • Brittle


Mellow and chalk-full of flavor, you’l get hits of black spices and white pepper as you kick back and enjoy the whole cihgar experience. The whole recipe for the smoke is filled with dashes of roasted nuts and slight nuances of sweet cedar, rounding out a truly wonderful cigar. Rocky Patel created this cigar as a celebration of his friend Hamlet Paredes, and the flavor profile sings his praises with every draw.

Hamlet 25th Year Review


Coming full circle to the outlandish regulations that are being imposed on the premium cigar industry, Rocky Patel is highlighting the generosity and greatness of the community by making this celebratory cigar available for everyone. Prince and paupers alike can light one up together for just $9.00 a stick. Do your part and treat yourself to a stick and stick to the man.

Buy Now: $44.00 (5-pack)

Rocky Patel Hamlet 25th Year - Cigar Review
Great construction, an amazing burn, equals one nice ash
Flavor 9.6
The Good
  • Flavor
  • Burn
  • Construction
The Not So Good
  • It's all good
9.7Overall Score
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