Earlier last year we had a chance to check out a family of products from Quad Lock, a company that designs smartphone mounting systems for active folks. 

From biking to running & lifting to adrenaline motorsports, Quad Lock has a solution that fits the need. I went ahead and picked out a few items that fit my active life and was off doing what I love with a secure phone.

The Quad Lock System

So, what is Quad Lock? The brand name was born from the central technology of the system: a mounting plate with four prongs (quad) that securely locks into a receiving opening on the smartphone case (lock). 

The system is intuitive to use with great operational feedback. All mounts, regardless of the application, deliver a satisfying and trustworthy “click” when the phone is appropriately locked into place. This clip from Quad Lock will show off the sound:

The Quad Lock Case

With smartphones topping $1k in retail price, folks are very selective about what case they are wrapping their precious, expensive device in – and for good reason! 

For this review period, my aging iPhone 7 was wrapped by Quad Lock. It fits securely requiring a good bit of pressure to put on and remove the case, which is absolutely welcomed for a system that attaches devices to bike and motorcycle handlebars. 

All the case cutouts and rubberized button covers are shaped perfectly and do not hinder device use at all. The biggest quirk is the receiving cutout on the back of the phone. It definitely adds some depth to the device, but nothing you can’t get used to. 

That said, it does seem as though Quad Lock focused more on the suction like fit to the phone over drop protection for everyday life. Dring the 6+ months of using the system, my iPhone 7 developed a crack in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. When the phone is attached to one of Quad Lock’s accessories, it is going nowhere, but for all those moments in between adventure time, the case still needs to provide ample protection. 

While this crack situation was frustrating, my device was already aging. Moving forward with a new device, I will only be using the case in tandem with the Quad Lock accessories, but not as an everyday case. A bit frustrating since one of my accessories is the desk mount. 

The case can also be equipped with a “Poncho” for rainy or muddy conditions out on your sport of choice.

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Cycling – The Out Front Mount PRO

A cycling mount was top of my use cases for the Quad Lock system, and I was not disappointed. After watching countless YouTubers fly through downhill mountain bike courses with this mount, I was sold. 

I oped for the PRO variant of the device, which leaves more room for mounting clearance on the handlebars. The standard Out Front mount is stubbier, mounting the device closer to the handlebars and the stem. 

You’ll notice Quad Lock is upside down as this is the backward mounting position. I picked this position due to my Wahoo’s position on my handlebars.

The PRO mount is easy to install with a single allen bolt and comes with a few rubber gaskets to custom fit your handlebar diameter. It can be mounted forward or backward depending on your preferences, dominant hand, and other accessories, of course!

To mount the phone, you simply line up the quad prongs, apply a little pressure, and listen for the click. To remove the phone, you depress the lever and twist until the phone releases. You can now even change the color of the lever with your order! 

With the mount snug on your handlebars, the phone does not wobble or shake like other mounts I’ve tried. If you don’t believe me, just search the setup on YouTube, and you’ll see tons of GoPro footage showing off the security

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Outdoor Workouts – The Sports Armband

While most users would buy the Sports Armband to use for running, I will admit I am not much of a runner. At the onset of the pandemic, I used the armband for outdoor workouts at my local calisthenics park. Unlike a home gym or standard membership gym with lots of nooks and crannies for your phone to sit, calisthenics parks have nothing of the sort. 

I wanted a solution that wouldn’t hinder any bodyweight training and left the phone screen easily accessible as I track reps with the Strong app. The armband checks those boxes while offering a comfort level not found with other armbands. The material is stretchy and moves with the biceps when they are under load from a chin-up or push-up. Other armbands feel very restrictive and can even become painful when the bicep is under load. 

While the Quad Lock armband system might be heavier than some alternatives, it is very secure. It is easy to adjust, comfortable to wear for the duration of a workout, and doesn’t slip and slide around like other options out there. 

It can be worn facing forward, away from the body, or facing backward depending on the activity. 

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Lifestyle – Desk Mount Kit

I saw the Desk Mount as a bit of a bonus. Not totally necessary; more of a why not since you’re already in the Quad Lock ecosystem.

Overall, the look and feel of the stand hit the mark. It is constructed from Aluminum and comes equipped with a rotating gimbal head to adjust the angle of your phone relative to your seating position. The base has a reusable adhesive base, that, unfortunately, did not remain sticky for long.

After a week or two of use, I found that the base would come unstuck when I twisted the phone off of the gimbal head. Then shortly after that, the base no longer stuck at all and was very easy to knock backward with the topweight of the phone. I now have just positioned the base to sit underneath my desk pad, so the weight of the pad counterbalances the device keeping everything upright. 

In future iterations, it would be nice to see a larger and heavier base rather than unreliable adhesive, but I still use the stand every day I am in the office with my desk pad hack. 

Since I am still hanging onto my iPhone 7 I did not bother with the wireless charging head, but the desk stand can be outfitted with a wireless charging head that fits over the gimbal and has the same 4 pronged plate mounted to a 10 Watt charging puck. A great idea for those who have that ability. 

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Quad Lock Case & Mounting System
Quad Lock is an intuitive mounting ecosystem with a range of applications for the adventure focused consumer. Our favorite and most well-refined was the Out Front Mount PRO for bicycles.
The Case7
The Out Front Mount10
The Armband9
The Desk Kit8.5
  • Easy to dismount/mount phone on locking system
  • Safe & secure no matter the mount
  • Customizable (chargers, lever colors)
  • Phone screen cracked while using the case
8.6Overall Score
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