Portable Beer Pong Tables by Pong A Long are professional grade – tournament approved beer pong tables that conveniently fold up into a 2ft x 2ft briefcase for easy transport and lightning fast setup. Based in Buffalo, NY, Pong A Long has been pumping out regulation size portable beer pong tables since 2005 — all the while perfecting America’s most competitive drinking game.

Today Pong A Long is best known for producing the #1 best selling portable beer pong tables in the world, which are now available in four stylish designs exclusively online. As avid tailgaters ourselves we’ve seen Pong A Long’s tables featured in the parking lots of our favorite sports teams over the years, but have never had an opportunity to fully see their greatness up close and personal. Recently the guys over at Pong A Long hooked us up with their newest design… the Blue Bomber. Today, after several cases of beer hours of testing and one hell of a hangover more re-racks than we can remember we’re excited to share the results of our drinking testing sessions with you!

Portable Beer Pong Tables by Pong A LongSo… what is beer pong? Created during the early 80s at Dartmouth College, Beer Pong is a sport in which opposing players attempt to toss table tennis balls into each others cups. When cups are hit the other team has to remove the cup and drink the beverage in the cup. The team that has cups remaining wins the game of beer pong. You sink em’ they drink em! For specific rules and game play variations make sure to check out the Pong A Long Official Rules.

Pong A Long’s Key Features:

      • Beer Pong RulesDesigner screen print graphics
      • Ultra portable design
      • Telescoping legs
      • Lightweight aluminum frame
      • Melamine playing surface
      • Locking mechinsem for secure tansport
      • Durable plastic molded handles
      • Racking / Re-racking graphics
      • Dimensions : 8′ long, 2′ wide, 29″ tall
      • Weight: 22 lbs

Pong A Long Portable Beer Pong Table Review


More transformer than table, the Pong A Long beer pong table is an impressive piece of engineering. It may not look like much from the pictures, but there are quite a few moving parts here. Setup proved to be ultra simple with no assembly required. From fully folded it took less than 1 minute to have the table set up and ready for competition. When folded the table is easy to store away out of sight and carrying one handed is also a breeze at only 22 lbs with its briefcase style handles. The entire unit locks when closed with two simple, yet effective latches that keep the table from opening up during transport. We were also impressed with the table’s ability to repel liquids. BONUS: Pong A Long beer pong tables also double as a perfect flip-cup table, with enough space for 5 person teams!


If you’re the party hopping type this beer pong table is the only way to go! Set up and tear down takes less than a minute and will fit in the backseat or trunk of any vehicle with ease. Enough said.


While it’s not as solid as a ping pong table we did find Pong A Long’s melamine surface to be a respectable surface for scoring a quick two points on the competition. You’ll have to make sure to place your bounces accurately though… the metal frame does intersect the middle of the table at three different spots making bouncing risky yet rewarding if you have it mastered!


As strictly beer pong table we found Pong A Long to be highly durable. That being said we wouldn’t suggest you attempt to stand /sit on it or punch it and a fit of rage over a loss dished out by your girlfriend and her sister who’s never played before… a totally hypothetical situation of course. The melamine surface and screen printing proved to be quite resistant to scratching, though after 15 games we did begin to see slight surface scratching in the high traffic areas were the cups are racked / re-racked. Pong A Long suggests you do not leave the table out in the rain and if spills occur (and they’re bound to) they should be wiped up. After several weeks of late night partying and tailgating our Blue Bomber table looks good as new!


Owning a Pong A Long instantly transforms you into the life of the party no matter where you take it! We showed up at several events and tailgates with our Blue Bomber recently and were treated like rock stars. Usually Pong A Long tables retail online for $75 + shipping, which is already a pretty good deal in our opinion.

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Portable Beer Pong Tables by Pong A Long
If you've ever played beer pong you know exactly how much fun this game can be! Now think about being able to play anytime, anywhere... yeeeaaaah, as it turns out the Pong A Long is a pretty awesome invention. Portable Beer Pong Tables by Pong A Long are stylish, ultra easy to use and surprisingly durable. If you’re in the market for the ultimate party starter we highly recommend you check out a Pong A Long table for yourself, or become the best gift giver in the history of the world and purchase one for that special someone and never let them live down how awesome you truly are.
The Good:
  • Extremely Portable
  • Regulation Size
  • It's an Instant Party Machine!
The Not so Good:
  • Hangover Cure Not Included
8.9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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