The Layer 24 timepiece was created to capture the modern industrial flavor of San Francisco-based watch company MINUS-8, and the look and build of this watch hits the nail on the head. This is half watch, half modern art machine. The blending of flat and gloss colors with circular and rectangular shapes will be sure to catch attention while diligently tracking time.

What makes the Layer 24 different from other watches is that it is constructed of individual PVD-coated stainless steel discs stacked on top of each other and tightly sealed for waterproof capabilities. This process is not only unique to Layer 24; it also has never been done before. This look gives more depth to the watch face while maintaining its minimalistic design. What else sets this watch apart? Here’s the specs…

minus-8-2015-fall-winter-layer-24-watch-3Key Specs:

  • Automatic Miyota 9120 Movement
  • 45mm Diameter / 14.3 Thickness
  • 10 ATM Water Resistance
  • Power Reserve of 40+ Hours
  • 3-hand 24 Hour Subdial
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • 316L Stainless Steel construction
MINUS 8 Layer 24 Review Breakdown


While this watch was made for style it was built for a battlefield. Upon unboxing the first thing that you’ll notice is the heft and the quality of the materials used. The 316L stainless steel feels military grade while even the buttons feel like they could take a bullet. I was worried about the silicone strap, but it is a flat black battering ram that is more than solid.

Minus 8 didn’t just use any old glass on the face and back, but rather used Sapphire Crystal that looks great and will supposedly take a beating. Overall this is how you build a watch, all other manufacturers take note.



The first thing that stands out with the Layer 24 are the three bevels that drop down to the base of the watch face. The look is very slick and gives the face a great amount of depth to it. The logo is smart and subtle (big in my book) and the font on the numbers look tactical while also digital. The side buttons aren’t the usual circular look, but rather a brushed rectangle — a nice touch.

The two issues that I have with the design of the watch aren’t deal breakers, but they aren’t minor either. First, the steel surrounding the face of the watch is a near 90 degree angle and is a very hard edge. If you have little children in your house, you’ll find yourself be extra cautious as the lines on layer 24 are sharp. The second issue is that with the Black/White model, all hands are brushed black but have gloss white tips. This throws you for a loop over the white background, especially when hovering over the other watch indicators. Other minor concerns would be the height of the watch (likely worth the tradeoff for the super-beveled look and the 26 jewel bearings.)



The Layer 24 features Automatic Miyota 9120 that is a joy to watch with 28,000 vibrations per hour. The crown and button are easy to operate and adjustment is a breeze. While different than a circular crown the mainspring winding is quick. Though with a power reserve of 40+ hours, you hopefully won’t need this, even if it rides the pine for a day. There are 26 jewel bearings that help to reduce friction within the case and should help to keep you maintenance free.

There is also a 24 hour display, day display, date display and a month display.


While this watch is built like a tank and feels heavy in hand, it feels great on the wrist. It is well balanced and the silicone strap embraces your wrist. I’m not a fan of “big” watches as they can get in the way but the Layer 24 is by no means big and surely won’t hinder you.

The only drawbacks that I saw after a few days of wearing is that the silicone band combined with the sapphire crystal back can build up some perspiration on the wrist as they don’t breathe that well.


This is a high quality watch at a fair price with an MSRP of $598.00. This isn’t the most expensive watch on the market, but it is a decent chunk of change to dish out. Overall the watch is priced right but isn’t a big value buy, it is simply priced right and you’ll likely enjoy for decades to come!

Buy Now: $598.00 or to learn more, go to:

MINUS 8 Layer 24 - Gear Review
This is a high quality watch that earns its price tag. If you need a rough industrial/modern watch that will perform day after day, the Layer 24 is for you.
The Good:
  • Built like a tank
  • Fantastic beveled face
  • Smooth & appealing motion
The Not so Good:
  • Sharp edges
  • Face can be tough to read due to white on white color
  • Silicone band & sapphire crystal backing attracts sweat
7.7Overall Score
Reader Rating: (9 Votes)

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