I strictly adhere to the “honesty is always the best policy” philosophy in my daily life. And I must be frank. I had very low expectations when I was tasked with reviewing an Indochino custom made suit ordered completely online. Although a tailored made, merino wool/cashmere blend, classic navy blue suit sounded great on paper, I had little hope that it would fit my body in the way that I wanted. So Busted Wallet readers, Indochino, and world, I would like to announce I have never been happier to be… Dead. Wrong. Not only is this the most comfortable suit I have ever had the pleasure of wearing but it is tailored exactly how I wanted. The suits classic look is brought-in through the chest to help with that masculine ”V-shape” we are all after and leaves a little more room in the backside and thighs for ultimate comfort.

Indochino ReviewIndochino ReviewKey Features:

  • 95% Merino Wool
  • 5% Cashmere
  • Super 140
  • Fabric Weight: 260g/m
  • Dry Clean Only
Indochino Custom Tailoring Review Breakdown

Tailor/Custom Features:

Indochino Review

Indochino takes you through a thorough step-by-step process to measure yourself for your tailored suit. You will need to find a good friend that you are comfortable with to help you with your measurements. To get that custom, tailored fit, you have to be ok with some up, close, and personal measurements. After you have your measuring tape and your partner/ spouse/ buddy/ or…landlord ? It is time to take your measurements. Indochino takes you through each measurement with oral directions as well as video demonstrations. You then type in your measurement and give an overall description of your specific body type. It’s that simple. There are many custom Indochino Reviewfeature options to make this suit truly your own. My only regret is that I didn’t order a tailored button down shirt for this specific suit. After seeing and feeling how well my suit fits, I want all of my clothes to to have this same tailored feel.

Other customizations that made this suit my own were the lapel cuts, jacket vent options, and the amount of buttons, as well as single breasted vs double breasted. The jacket pocket design, the inside lining, and the pant pleats were totally up to me. My favorite feature was the monogram on the inside left pocket. Aside from measurements, these features give you control of the overall look and feel of the suit to fit your personal style.


A navy suit is a staple inside the closet of every style conscious man. It truly never goes out of fashion. I personally like navy suits because they can easily be dressed up or down. The suit jacket can be paired with a nice pair of khaki’s for that spring/summer wedding or dressed up with a classic tie and pocket square for an important dinner or event. I recently ditched my navy pants and styled my jacket with a fitted button down, dark denim, and brown wing tip shoes for a charity function. The look was well received! Needless to say, I am happy with my navy suit choice. Upon receiving my suit I quickly examined it and has happy with the high quality materials and the contemporary “Notch Slim” cut lapels (that I chose).

The pants fit perfect and meet the top of my shoe nicely. There is a hem left in the pant. I appreciated this because it left me with the option of letting out the hem if necessary. Fortunately, with the quality of tailoring, my suit was ready to wear the day it arrived. In the past I paid for a suit but it was not ready to wear until I got it tailored. Indochino’s “ready to wear” online tailoring saved me time…and we all know time is money.

Indochino Review

Indochino Review

Indochino Review

Indochino Review

Indochino Review


Before knowing what I know now, I would not risk spending $699 for an internet, tailored made suit. However, after having this experience with Indochino, I do not think I will purchase a suit any other way. Like I said before, my only regret is not spending a little extra and purchasing a dress shirt made just for me. In fact I should have purchased the vest, tie, pocket square…I could go on. We do not test the actual fibers of the suit, but I was impressed with the overall quality and feel of the material. Until next time. Stay classy.  

Now on sale! Was $699 now $419 or visit Indochino.com for more information

Indochino Custom Tailored Suit - Style Review
Indochino's premium custom made suits provide the style conscience with a suit that is truly his own. With impeccable tailoring and customizations this suits looks and feels great. Highly recommended.
Custom Features9.1
The Good:
  • Impeccable tailoring
  • Customization options
  • High quality materials
The Not So Good:
  • This suit exceeded my expectations!
9.5Overall Score
Reader Rating: (281 Votes)

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Runner, special education teacher, and firm believer every man’s wardrobe should be a balance between comfort and style. I stand by the philosophy that being on trend doesn’t mean trading in your favorite pants for skinny jeans. Finding the right fit that is comfortable and on trend can be a challenge, a challenge that I am up for! Here to best answer any questions regarding fit, style, and current trends on every day men’s clothing.

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  1. Stop Ly'n

    Paid-for / endorsed ad or legit review? Inquiring minds want to know…

    • Josh Herder

      Thanks for asking… it is 100% legit (like all of our review). The suit was supplied by Indochino, but we are completely unbiased.

  2. Yang Lu

    I recently purchased the Premium Navy Suit and vest after reading a few of these reviews. I probably won’t do this again. Don’t get me wrong, going in store, getting measured, the price I paid, the making and shipping times, and fit when I received it were all impeccable. However, I am deeply disappointed in what premium means. This wool is not great. I had 3 thread rips in the back of my jacket after one wear. Small, but noticeable to the owner – shouldn’t happen. I also have to consistently iron it. I am comparing this to two Theory suits I own. There’s a test you’re suppose to do with “premium” wool. You can tie a knot with the arm sleeve, undo the knot, and see how long it takes for the wrinkles to unravel on its own. Let’s say I’ve had to iron and steam the Indochino suit way more than just sticking a previously folded (in rollerboard for travel) Theory suit outside the hot shower in the hotel bathroom. I am a bit suspicious of the fact that the web site doesn’t even offer reviews for the products, cause the people have to know. They occasionally have sales for 5 custom shirts and I was about to pull the trigger, but then stopped knowing that the ironing requirement will probably be a lot worse compared to my Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts. I am sure the same is true for Suit Supply, but I am just a bit disappointed by the final product even though the experience was so good.

    • Rob

      You are bang on – first off, that review is full on paid for by Indochino to get potential suckers into their stores – or clearly this guy isn’t qualified – or for the first time ever they gave him great service knowing that he would be giving a review…. so really making it biased on their part… let’s do a REAL review ….They don’t have reviews on the site because they would have no one walk into the store if they did… people there are supposed “Tailoring experts”… that is a farce!!! i got suckered recently into buying 2 suits on a sale, i picked them up yesterday– boy did they see me and the rest of my group of 12 of a wedding party that bought there together- we are all stuck with suits we will never wear again- they know nothing about what a suit is supposed to look like and how its supposed to fit, the most frustrating part is that you can look like a total idiot in the suit and they will tell you that you look sharp! some of the guys in the group took 3 alterations and it was still done wrong, most of us have now taken our suits to other local tailors to FIX Indochino’s work— the girl that was in charge of our group was horrible – basically a glorified receptionist posing as someone she is not and has no business doing, just because you have a tape measure around your neck, doesn’t mean you’re qualified to be an expert. You could never get a hold of her, she never replies to emails or takes care of any of your issues… at the fitting, she tells you that you look great when in fact you look like you’re wearing your grandpa’s cut of suit… even when you know you don’t look good in it… the reason you go to these places is so that an expert is there to check the jacket on you, see if the fit is as slim as you want, check the spacing… she did a quick visual, didn’t bother to check how much room i actually had in the jacket (as 2 other tailors I’ve used have checked first)… they try and flash you with i pods and gadgets that take your info and measurements…i’d rather go to an expert that doesn’t even know how to use a cell phone, but knows just how the suit is really supposed to look and feel.. i went to banana republic immediately after and their suits were just much better made, put together , cut properly… heck they fit me right off the rack without a single alteration with better quality material and properly stitched , and don’t look like the arms are put on wrong… really?… how does a department store have much better quality than a place that ONLY MAKES SUITS !!?? in reality, when you’re going to a place like this, you never know what you’re really getting til the finished product is done and you put yourself in the hands and trust of the so-called experts to put it all together the way you imagine it, I’ve had suits made in the past seamlessly, this was not the case… my poor cousin (who now gets ripped on by our entire group of 12 groomsmen daily about choosing this place) asked us to get ours all made at Indochino so we’d all match… im sure he’s regretting getting us into this BS.. but anyways… thats now 12 guys who will never come back, never give a positive review, and go out of their way to tell everyone they know not to go there either… 50 friends and family per guy = around 600 people that will hear about this… give our take in our daily network of socializing… shame on a management team that does not use feedback and super poor reviews as an improvement tool and not spend the money on experienced people who have the skills and know the art… in business school that is one of the first things you learn. I fully regret throwing away the extra $400 bucks (i will never get back) on the second suit i bought because i thought i was getting a deal.. money literally in the garbage…i am the first of a group of 12 to give this review in one way shape or form… Can only imagine what the rest of the reviews will look like… they had their own issues that i did not even mention! (i won’t go into detail because these were stories i heard from the rest of the group .. they can put it in their own review if they’d like: suits made completely incorrectly having to be re-done, suits taking 3+ months to deliver leaving almost no time for alterations… and guys being lied to by staff )

      • Josh Herder

        Rob, for the record, this suit was supplied to us by Indochino. However, we stand by our opinions. If an article is specifically sponsored by a company we mark it as “sponsored content” and tell readers upfront. This article was not sponsored. No dollars were paid to BW. While I appreciate your opinions and point of view, it sounds like we had a very enjoyable experience and yours was NOT good at all. This is why we have the comments section, so people can voice their thoughts. Thanks Rob.

    • Fernando

      I actually “pulled the trigger” on the custom dress shirts (5 for CAD$395 all in) and I’d like to ask about the quality of the material compared to shirts of similar price, just so I can adjust my expectations accordingly. Any insight would be extremely appreciated.

      • Yang Lu

        I too was tempted by that deal. I am a 36R, 14.5 and 32 sleeves. The Brooks Brothers Milano fit ($70 on sale) is the absolute best for me. Everything else billows — even Charles Tyrwhit’s Extra Extra slim fit ($40 on sale). So I was very intrigued since the suit fit very well. I decided not to for a number of personal reasons (I work from home predominantly and don’t really need that many dress shirts… and I have a lot as is), but really what killed it for me was that there was no mention of non-iron in any of the material. This is a deal breaker for me because I have non-iron shirts and they make the world of difference when I commute into work or travel and pack light. I’d rather not spend $6 every time to dry clean my shirt, 10m to iron each time, or just have it sit in my closet because I am reaching for a non-iron shirt that I already have. Some may argue that the fabric isn’t as good in non-irons or they’re lighter, but really, it doesn’t matter, that convenience of not having to iron is just more meaningful to me.

        If I were to venture a guess, the shirts’ cuts will come out great, the material will probably be on the lighter side, and in a year or two, they’ll probably be ripped, stained, or banished to the back of the closet cause you’re sick of ironing them.

    • Anthony Douglas

      I’m a dedicated customer of indochino. When they say premium (to the best of my knowledge) it means exclusive or specialized. A super 140s wool is usually very thin compared to a super 100s wool. The secret to buying from them is to pick a mid or heavier weight material etc. I’ve only had a couple loose threads. Besides that I’ve owned my suits for an average of 6 months now and for the most part they hold up well. Only the wool cashmere blend one has a subtle warp in it that probably can be removed from dry cleaning. So, here is my breakdown in their most reliable fabrics:
      1. Velvet/corduroy cotton, always durable etc.
      2. Their mid weight or heavy weight wools are great and dont wrinkle as much.
      3. Their silks and linens seem good too. I got a burgundy 68% wool and 32% silk blend blazer from them and it feels very durable and soft.
      4. As for ordinary cotton, polyester and cashmere, be very careful as to what you order.

      Keep in mind that if it’s a mid or heavier weight super 120s and above the quality is probably alright. But yes, the reason you can get fabrics like this at their price point is because they’re made in China. They arent Italian made. But the unfortunate truth is that if you want super high quality construction and fit WITH your fabric you’d probably be looking near a grand or more per suit. For what it is, I’ve had ok luck. However, I think they could do a few things. For one, they could open up an American or Canadian factory because they have better quality control and it would reduce their reliability on dhl for shipping, expediting shipping times and extending the manufacturing times by a few days, giving them critical time necessary to make a better quality garment. Then by the time it ships, you get a better garment. Be cause I think the concept is good, just not the exclusively made in china part.

  3. rob

    had my suit altered about almost 5 months ago – still waiting on the alteration reimbursement….will probably never get it… i will never take my business back to them again

    thanks Josh for letting me blow off some frustrations

  4. Chris

    My Indochino clothes were sent from another customer who’s own order got lost. Customer service didn’t seem to care I got used worn clothing. Buyer beware.

  5. Justin

    Pretty disappointed. I went into the store on Michigan ave and some girl spent about 60 minutes taking my measurements. I was super excited, because in the past when I have ordered custom suits, they only spend about 10-15 minutes- so I was under the impression this was going to fit great. Well, proceeded to order thousands of dollars worth of suits shirts and pants online and the following day they said they would be delivered with 3 weeks. Today was three weeks to the date and they were delivered! Except when I went to try everything on NOT ONE THING FIT! And I am not talking off by a few centimeters – they were off by 3-5 inches!! Now apparently I have to wait one more week to get back into the store to get re – measured (hopefully not by the same girl) and then they said it would be ANOTHER 3 weeks until I will receive the re made clothes!! Do yourself a favor and pick another clothier. This one is NOT worth your time.

  6. Brad Hamilton

    Ordered one Indochino jacket, and that’ll be the last time I ever deal with them again. The jacket quality was okay, but the sleeve length was way too short, while all other aspects of the jacket fit well. I followed the measurement instructions exactly, so I would’ve expected the jacket to fit perfectly–or for multiple measurements to be off.They fought me tooth and nail on the issue and refused to give even a partial refund. Trash company.

  7. Greg

    I’d avoid them. My custom shirt arrived from China with a small hole in the back and the sleeves and torso too small. No response from Indochino after three days.


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