Warmer. Cooler. Lighter. These are the three principles the Helly Hansen H2 Flow Jacket was constructed to achieve.  Warmer when your body needs it, cooler by way of mechanical ventilation zippers and lighter for go-anywhere comfort and pack-ability. The Helly Hansen H2 Flow Jacket combines three different materials (ripstop fabric shell, fleece middle and mesh liner) in a unique construction the engineers at HH have dubbed “Hollow Heat Flow technology” (aka – H2 Flow). At first glance the H2 Flow might look like your ordinary cool weather jacket, but our friends in Norway are calling it a real game changer.

H2 Flow technology is said to give you the power to easily control your body’s temperature. Its swiss-cheese-like insulation uses air to provide warmth – while zippered ventilation is at the ready to control airflow to cool you down when necessary. For more on how Helly Hansen’s newest technology works in the field – take a moment to check out the embedded video below.
Designed to be worn as a mid-layer or as a stand-alone jacket (ideal for Fall), the H2 Flow is now available in 3 colorways and retails for $180 on the Helly Hansen shop site
H2 Flow Jacket Review

H2 Flow Jacket Key Features:

  • H2 Flow Jacket ReviewPolartec brushed fleece in main body with air pocket perforations
  • Zippers in front allows for mechanical ventilation and stimulation of air flow
  • Open mesh inside allows for air to flow between the air pockets and the body during intense activities.
  • Polyester shell outer fabric locks heat inside the air pockets
  • Air flow ventilations ports with YKK zippers
  • Ripstop fabric shell
  • Blue Sign-approved fabrics
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
In most cases apparel companies design jackets to be jackets – built for one purpose… warmth, but Helly Hansen isn’t keen on keeping things status quo. With the H2 Flow their designers see a wide variety of uses for this jacket and the H2 Flow technology.

H2 Flow Jacket ReviewTemperature management is at the core of comfort and sustained physical performance. The patent pending H2 Flow Technology represents a completely new approach to an age-old dilemma for outdoor enthusiasts —one that will set a new standard for temperature management and performance in a variety of athletes across a broad spectrum of outdoor activities, the H2 Flow Jacket delivers that performance in a stealthy, beautiful jacket, as well as a new mid-layer pant intended for skiers and sailors looking for added warmth and versatility. -Kristoffer Ulriksen, Category manager at Helly Hansen.

As luck would have it we were recently given an opportunity by our pals at Helly Hansen to fully test and review the H2 Flow Jacket ourselves. With summer drifting into fall we thought it was perfect timing to put this tech-packed jacket though the paces. So today – after two weeks of testing we’re excited to share our results, thoughts and opinions with you. Enjoy… 

– H2 Flow Jacket Review – 


(10 out of 10) First of all, this is a very attractive jacket. We tested the cobalt blue colorway with orange accents and it’s a knock-out. If designing a warm, yet cool and light jacket was the objective… I have to say Helly Hansen hit a home run with the H2 Flow. It’s exceedingly light weight (only 1.2 lbs) and remains warm when you need it and opens up for ventilation nicely when things get a little steamy. During most of my testing sessions I left the vents wide open to allow for maximum air flow. This did two things, 1.) kept me cool and 2.) quickly evaporated any moisture and sweat I was producing. As day shifted into night and temps dropped I would simply zip the vents and the jacket did an excellent job of keeping me warm. 
H2 Flow Jacket Review
Fall weather can be unpredictable at best and usually layering is the way to go, but with the H2 Flow keeping your torso perfectly regulated is very simple.  That’s why this jacket has now quickly become my personal go-to Fall/Spring/cool weather jacket replacing several others.


(9 out of 10) The H2 Flow Jacket is incredibly soft (reminds me of a sleeping bag), light and comfy to wear. The inner mesh lining is smooth and snag-free when putting it on or taking it off which was a concern initially, but proved to be a non-issue overall. Adding to the comfort factor is the fleece lining around the collar. This area is very soft and warm and feels great when things get really chilly and zipping the jacket up completely to conserve heat is the only option. 
Additionally, there are bungees at the waistline that are easy to cinch and the cuffs are loose fitting and comfy for the most part. Unless you’re a wearer of chunky timepieces like myself.  Then you’ll have some fitting issues on which ever hand you keep your watch. It wasn’t a huge issue in the grand scheme, but kept me from giving this jacket a full 10 in this category. 

Insulation / Ventilation: 

(8 out of 10) I was pleasantly surprised with the wind blocking qualities and insulation the H2 Flow provided. Helly Hansen’s negative space technology and fleece middle layer really work well together for keeping in heat without being bulky in the least. I tested this jacket down to 45 degrees and it handled the cold just fine. 
H2 Flow Jacket Review
As for the ventilation zips – I thought they preformed nicely and even circulated air rather well for the most part, but I only wish there were also pit-zips as well. Or possibly an additional vent-zip in the back to allow for air to circulate in though the front and out the back. Overall the ventilation was superior, but I think it could even be better with a few tweaks.


(8.5 out of 10) My only concern with the longevity of this jacket would be the inner mesh lining. By design it’s a magnet for snags. During my testing and review sessions with it, the mesh did’t present a problem, but I can easily see how hiking though the bush with the zipper undone might cause some snags or tears to the inner lining over time. 
Beyond my concerns with the lining, I found the overall build quality of the H2 Flow Jacket to be exceptional. The stitching throughout is heavy duty and the zippers are YKK so you know they’re built to last. On top of it all the outer shell is made of polyester ripstop fabric which is highly durable and resistant to (you guessed it) rips and tears. After two weeks of hiking and general use and abuse my H2 Flow Jacket is still looking good as new. 
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 H2 Flow Jacket Review      H2 Flow Jacket Review      H2 Flow Jacket Review


(8 out of 10) Priced between $110 and $180 (depending on where you look) I found this jacket to be an nice value for what you’re spending to zip it up and take it home. The jacket looks great and really takes the hassle out of planning for cool weather adventures. 

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a simple, truly comfortable and fashionable cool weather solution for Fall and Spring. You don’t have to be an extreme outdoors man to appreciate its negative space insulation and ventilation qualities, but being active outdoors is where the Helly Hansen H2 Flow Jacket truly shines. Fall happens to be my favorite time of year and now I’ve found a new favorite jacket to make the most of it in. 
Buy Now: 109 or go to: HellyHansen.com

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