The leaves have almost entirely fallen from the high branches onto to the frozen earth, and that means winter is right around the corner. A lot of folks dread the bite of winter as it draws closer, but for those who are properly prepared, there’s no reason to fret. We’ve had the opportunity to do some early testing with the Helly Hansen Edge Pant, and we may have found something perfect for the winter adventurer during this progression into the winter season.

Key Features

  • Helly Hansen Edge Pant ReviewHelly Tech® Professional
  • Waterproof, windproof, and breathable
  • 2 ply fabric construction
  • 4-way stretch full fabric
  • Fully seam sealed
  • Durable Water Repellency treatment (DWR)
  • PrimaLoft® Black Insulation High loft 60g
  • Fully insulated
  • Inner thigh venting zippers
  • RECCO® Advanced Rescue system
  • Articulated knees for optimized movement
  • Boot gaitors with stretch silicone gripper
  • Reinforced bottom hem
  • Dual hand pockets and back pocket
  • Waistband adjustment
  • Belt loops
  • YKK® water resistant zippers
Helly Hansen Edge Pant Review Breakdown


An ingenious balance of simplicity and functionality, the Edge Pant doesn’t come screaming out of the gates and making a big ruckus visually. The flat black PrimaLoft® material is as soft to the eyes as it is to the touch, and on closer inspection has a delicate sheen that conveys an element of sophistication in a simple yet elegant package. The only other visual elements you’ll find here is a single reflective Helly Hansen logo on the right thigh and some additional reflectivity in the side zippers and in the reinforced bottom hem.

Helly Hansen Edge Pant Review

With regards to storage, the two side pockets are actually rather deep in comparison to most other snow pants, so carrying a wallet, ski pass, or phone isn’t difficult. However, this is all of the storage space you get, so you’re not going to be packing heavy below the waist. We’ve also discovered there are no additional clips to speak of on the waist or around the pockets, so there might be some issues carrying a ski pass the way you might anticipate on these pants.

What’s on the surface and visible to the human eye is only part of the story here. The Edge Pant has you prepared for the worst with a fully installed RECCO® Advanced Rescue System. In the event that a search and rescue situation is necessary, the RECCO reflector installed in the lower leg makes you searchable, and requires no activation to function with virtually no limit in its lifespan. This little bit of extra added protection is a pretty big deal when the possibility of a life and death situation is present. Don’t be stupid. Be Safe!

Comfort:Helly Hansen Edge Pant Review

As with its aesthetics, the fit of the Edge Pant is not complicated at all in its construction. Not a skinny pant, and with no bagginess to speak of, the Edge Pant fits much like the ordinary men’s work pant. As a benefit, the articulated knees and 4-way stretch fabric design makes this ski pant highly mobile for just about any situation. In the time we’ve been testing them, we’ve had no complaints about our ability to make dramatic movements and do all the things we want to.

The waist of the Edge Pant is also entirely customizable, and can be changed in a snap with the quick pull of 2 velcro tabs on the sides. In any instance when the wearer prefers to add or remove some layers underneath, it’s just quick and effortless adjustment away.


Waterproof, windproof, and Breathable, the 2-ply fabric construction and durable water repellency treatment of the Edge Pant will protect its wearer from the elements. Whether out on the slopes, or enjoying a day hike sledging through the wet stuff, there has been practically no infiltration of water or wind to speak of from our experience. But with these protective qualities, it’s wise to avoid the possibility of over-heating, and inner thigh zipper vents are available for just that. Helly Hansen Edge Pant ReviewNot as large as the available ventilation on other similar ski pants we’ve encountered, there’s a chance you’ll feel it a bit more on the warmer days, but we doubt it will ever become unbearable thanks to the breathable materials used in the Edge Pant construction.


For all the gents out there that are interested in pushing it to the limit this winter without turning too many heads along the way, there’s a good chance the Helly Hansen Edge Pant will be the perfect fit for your kind of lifestyle. Perhaps a bit light on the bells and whistles compared to a lot of other snow pants on the market, we have to appreciate the level of functionality that comes in such a relatively simple package.

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Helly Hansen Edge Pant - Gear Review
Incredibly functional, reliably comfortable, and safe from the elements, you just can't go wrong flying down the slopes in the Helly Hansen Edge Pant.
The Good
  • Elegantly Simple Design
  • Virtually impenetrable to Elements
  • Impeccable Mobility
The Not-So-Good
  • Limited Ventilation Openings
  • Missing Some Common Features
  • Not a Ton of Storage
9.4Overall Score
Reader Rating: (56 Votes)

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