We’re not afraid of no ghosts over here at Busted Wallet, but we have been binge watching Stranger Things, and yeah, thats s*#$ is scary! But one thing that pumps us up for some healthy doses of haunting is this Halloween Playlist.

This playlist features a couple of throw backs to the classics that simply can’t be overlooked during the spook season as well as tracks that boast some pretty dark Halloween-esque titles and lyrics. So whether you’re getting ready for a harmless hayride, a haunted corn maze (a mid-west favorite) or you’re googling ‘last minute Halloween costumes’, this playlist will bring it!

About The Author

Beth is as passionate about staying up to date on what’s new and hip in the music scene as she is about molding the young minds of her classroom as an elementary school teacher. Working in trendy clothing retail stores for nearly ten years from West Michigan to Chicago’s Mag Mile has given Beth a sharp eye for what’s on point, classy, or a little clashy. Beth enjoys living on Michigan’s fresh coast with her husband and Busted Wallet contributor Tom. Whether working on her latest review with the Busted Wallet team, entertaining the girls during happy hour, or bustin’ it at her boot camp workouts, it’s alway done while jamming to her latest Spotify playlist.

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