Because you never know when you’ll need to pull your car our of a ditch, apply a life saving tourniquet or simply class-up your favorite dress shirt, GORUCK has developed the world’s first military-grade neck tie that’s advertised to make short work of just about anything including water, abrasion, and danger! The GORUCK Man Tie is produced from the same heavy duty materials that go into their ultra rugged rucksacks and is available in two widths – a hipster friendly 2.5” and the business ready 3.5”. The Man Tie also comes in three color options including Multicam, Sand and Black as well as two lengths – 60” and 65”. All GORUCK Man Ties are backed by company’s lifetime guarantee which promises to fix any product free of charge if there is any defect in workmanship or materials. If you’re like us, your holiday wishlist just got a little longer!

Buy Now: $65 or go to:

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