Have you ever consumed food that you loved but never felt the same love in return? Perhaps the food you ate didn’t agree with your stomach because it was slightly past its expiration date. Or maybe it’s because that specific food and its ingredients don’t pair well with your DNA, therefore, your body reacts negatively and you end up feeling bloated, gassy, inflammation in your joints, and just plain yucky. The older I get, the more curious and cautious I become of my diet. After all, it’s not as easy to burn off that sleeve of Oreos or half dozen donuts for breakfast. So eating healthy foods should make you feel better right? Milk and Cheese are good sources of Vitamin D to fuel your body and make your bones strong right? Well, what if you have a high lactose sensitivity? Is consuming Milk and Cheese worth the bloating pain or dealing with holding in that massive flatulence building up in your gut while you hold on tightly so you don’t let one slip while doing the downward dog in a full class of Yoga? There has to be a better way to supplement these foods with something just as good that our body accepts instead of rejects. Luckily GenoPalate has figured out the science behind what foods we should be eating to feel great and properly fuel our unique body composition based on our DNA.

genopalatereportpdfKey Features:

  • Suggested Optimal Intake for 24 Nutrients
  • Substance Metabolism and Sensitivity Breakdown
  • Suggested 85+ Healthiest Foods for You Across 16 Food Categories
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Kit includes everything you need plus a pre-paid return envelope
  • Free downloadable App


Geno Palate – Review Breakdown

The Science:

sciencegenebreakdowngenopalateIn order to understand how GenoPalate figures out what foods are best for you, let’s take a look at the science behind their process. Our DNA is what makes us all unique. It’s the genetic material that holds all of our precious information about how our body functions. Within our DNA are specific areas that provide our body with instructions on how it should process the food we eat. We call this area of our DNA our Genes. Our Genes provide the information our body needs in order to properly affect the function of our tissues and organs. There are specific areas within our genes that have differences. These areas are called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that are distinguished by a difference in a single nucleotide (A,C,T,G), which are the building blocks of our DNA.

In order to understand how our body processes food, GenoPalate analyzes over a 100 SNPs and their variants. These variants within our genes provide insight on how our body processes food and influence how we metabolize and absorb certain vitamins and nutrients. With this knowledge, GenoPalate can properly recommend specific foods that compliment our variants within our genes.

The Process:

genopalateNow that you sort of understand the complicated science behind our DNA, how the heck do you provide GenoPalate with the information they need to dissect your genes and recommend the right food? Simple, saliva. When you order a DNA kit from GenoPalate, it arrives with a swab, vial, instructions, and return envelope. The process for us consumers is quite simple. Don’t eat or drink anything for 30 minutes before providing a DNA sample. Then rub the swab against the inside of your cheek 15-20 times (like brushing your teeth – but using the inside of your cheek). Once complete, extract the saliva from the swab by pulsing it up and down inside the vial without moving it outside of the protective liquid (10-15 times should do the trick). After that’s all done you just toss the lid on the vial and send it back in the biohazard bag they provide. Before you seal the bag, be sure to go online and complete the sign up process for your account by providing the barcode number located on the side of the vial. Then we leave the complicated stuff to the scientists.

The Results:


They said it would take about 3 weeks to get the results back, which it did. They send you an email letting you know you can check your results through their app or download and print a complete PDF report. I was eagerly waiting to see if I could rest assured knowing I could eat all the gluten and dairy I wanted, but sadly they confirmed my fears after 3 weeks. By the time I received my results I was coming off the whole 30 diet, which was the perfect opportunity to really test the foods they suggested since my system was really cleansed. I had suspected that since I am mostly Italian decent, they would suggest more of a Mediterranean diet. It was pretty close. Since I love cheese, but have a high sensitivity to lactose, they recommended certain types of cheese that were low in lactose. The report also showed that I get more energy from consuming carbs instead of fat (so much for the Keto diet), but since I also have a gluten sensitivity, they recommended specific starches and grains as well as some pastas that were gluten free. They also provided information on different types of food that I could eat that would be higher in carbs, low in sugar, and free of gluten. Besides all of the recommended foods, they also provide information on how your body best consumes 24 different nutrients. Some of us don’t need as much zinc or magnesium than others, but for those that do, they provide information on what types of food you can eat that has higher levels of these vital nutrients to properly fuel your body and keep you satisfied.


Although I wasn’t pleased with my lactose and gluten sensitivity, I was happy to know the alternatives so I can still eat what I love. I was surprised to see that I can consume a great deal of caffeine and my body can easily break it down, but part of me wonders if that is due to my genetics or just a built up tolerance from all the cups of coffee I drink. Oh well, more coffee for me please!


Overall, GenoPalate provided me with all the information I needed to easily understand what foods and nutrients work best for me. This process has provided me with more confidence in what I am eating and assurance on what to stay away from. The only thing that would have made this even better, would be an additional genealogy report so I could better understand my DNA and get more of a narrative on why certain foods work best based on my family and ethnicity. They do have an option that takes an existing DNA report from 23andMe or AncestryDNA if that part of the process is important to you as well, or you’ve already completed one of these tests before.

Buy Now: $189 or to learn more, check out: Genopalate.com

Geno Palate - Health & Fitness Review
GenoPalate provided me with a fun and easy way to understand what foods and nutrients work best for me. This process has provided me with more confidence in what I am eating and assurance on what to stay away from.
The Good
  • Easy instructions and process
  • Free App for quick reference
  • Full downloadable PDF report
The Not So Good
  • No specifics provided on actual genealogy
9.1Overall Score
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