Designed to help you get clipped-in and shredding the slopes faster and easier than traditional bindings, the Flow NX2-GT Snowboard Bindings utilize three core technologies that make them one of the most advanced bindings you’ll see on the mountain this season. Those technologies include: reclining highbacks, power straps and the power triangle. Beyond these three core technologies you’ll also find that the NX2-GT is equipped with an aluminum Alloy rockered baseplate and an Aluminum Alloy ModBack as well as an EVO-C9 Carbon SupportPanel and 2.5 Degree BankBeds + OC Kush for a comfy ride.

What truly sets Flow bindings apart from every other binding on the market is their rear-entry reclining highbacks. This patented technology is Flow’s bread and butter. The reclining highbacks allow you to lower the higback completely flat to the ground and slip your boot into the binding. Then when you’re ready to take off you simply lift up on the highback and lock it into place. This technology makes clipping in and out of the bindings super simple and fast.

nx2 gt bindings review

Recently our good friends at Flow hooked us up with a pair of NX2-GT’s to test and review on the groomers and back-country of Northern Michigan’s Wintery slopes. To say we were excited is an understatement. As avid snowboarders for over 15 years we understand the woes of clipping in and out of bindings at the top and bottom of every run. This process is time consuming and one of the biggest drawbacks snowboarding has against it. With the NX2-GT’s we were hoping to find a new way to enjoy snowboarding that involved less bending over, sitting and stumbling around at the top of the slope while our friends on skis stand there waiting.

nx2 gt binding reviewKey Features:

  • Aluminum Alloy Rockered Baseplate
  • OC-Kush Basepad
  • Aluminum Alloy ModBack
  • EVO-C9 w/ Carbon SupportPanel
  • Active Strap Technology (N.A.S.T.Y)
  • Fusion Asym PowerStrap
  • LSR Ratchets
  • 2.5 Degree Canted BankBed with OC-Kush
  • Multi-disk (5mm offset) for 4×4, 3HP and Channel-M6
Flow NX2-GT Binding Review Breakdown


As we explained earlier, Flow bindings are designed for easy access and boy do they deliver! The NX2-GT’s are exceptionally light weight and responsive. The craftsmanship and technology that these bindings are built with is second to none. Even before installing them on the deck of a snowboard we could tell these bindings were something special.

What we liked the most were the easy to adjust slap ratchets and fusion power strap. Together these work to firmly secure you foot to the board. The aluminum alloy modback is also down right sexy! But of all the features the reclining highback is definitely the highlight. This feature is so ingenious and works flawlessly to get you in and out of the binding in no time.



Straight out of the box, installation takes no time, especially if you’ve mounted your own bindings before. If you’ve never installed your own bindings we highly recommend taking them to your local ski shop where someone can show you the proper way to position the bindings for your stance. If you’re more of a do it yourselfer Flow has some helpful videos on Youtube that will get you going.

After you have the bindings mounted properly you’ll want to take some time and dial in your LSR ratchets. These ratchets are located on the side of the bindings that face the center of the board. It is important to position these ratchets to the size of your boots. Once you have them set you likely won’t ever have to touch them again, unless you get new boots. You’ll also want to set the powerstrap ratchets too. Flow says to keep the powerstrap looser than you would on traditional bindings and that’s because when you lift the reclining highback everything cinches together really tight. If the power strap is too tight you’ll have issues closing the highback and getting circulation to your feet. We suggest you experiment with the fit until you find the perfect level of tightness.


nx2 powerstrapAfter riding the NX2-GT’s for the better part of 3 months now we are believers in reclining highback technology. You might be asking yourself “why don’t other brands utilize this technology?” Well, that’s because Flow has patented it! If you want reclining highbacks you have to get them from Flow. They invented the technology and from our experience on the slopes, they have also perfected it.

On top of being easy to install and strap into, the NX2-GT bindings are also very responsive. The aluminum base plate has very little, if any give, and responds very well to even the smallest movements. If you’re used to composite base plates you’ll definitely notice a difference when switching to an aluminum base plate. We really enjoyed the stiff feel and agility the NX2-GT’s provided.

The only drawback we could find throughout our testing sessions was the fact that the highback would occasionally get caught on the heel of the boot because the boot wasn’t all the way into the binding. This was frustrating at first, but after some adjusting of the LSR ratchets we dialed the bindings in perfectly, which allowed for unobstructed access in and out for the rest of our testing sessions. If you come across this same problem adjusting the LSR ratchets is an easy fix.

Adjustability / Comfort:

With the ability to adjust the power straps with ratchets on both sides of the binding finding the perfect fit was easy. You can also adjust the reclining highback for the perfect level of support with the use of a tensioner dial located in the locking cantilever at the back of the highback.

As for comfort… we were truly impressed with the OC-Kush basepad and fusion powerstrap. Together these two deliver awesome stability and comfort.



These binding are extremely well made. The craftsmanship is truly second to none. While we’ve only been riding them for 3 months, they proved to be exceptionally durable throughout our testing sessions. As of today there is no signs of wear besides general scuffs and scraps from loading and unloading on the chairlift. In fact they still look brand new.

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nx2 get foot bed nx2 gt review nx2 gt bindings review flow logo flow bindings review


Perched on high with some of the most expensive bindings you’ll find on the market, the Flow NX2-GT bindings are indeed a pricey investment. That being said, they do deliver reclining highbacks and other technologies that no other brand currently has. With the ability to clip in and out in no time, solid construction and durability to boot, we found the NX2-GT’s $379 retail asking price to be completely acceptable for the product you’re getting.

Buy Now: $379.99 or to learn more, go to:

Flow NX2-GT Snowboard Bindings - Gear Review
Though you might find these bindings to be a bit pricey, we tested them on the slopes and they're worth every penny. The NX2-GT bindings are great for riders of almost any level. They can adjust to perfection and look great on almost any board.
Functionality 9.7
Adjustability / Comfort9
The Good
  • Reclining highbacks make clipping-in easier than ever
  • Comfortable basepad with low vibration
  • Stiff baseplate delivers incredible agility
The Not so Good
  • Price Tag
  • Tinkering with adjustability takes some time
9.2Overall Score
Reader Rating: (197 Votes)

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  1. Adam

    I have been riding for 25 years. Had an old pair of flows for 15 years that held on and were great but were heavy. After a couple years of going back to traditional 2 strap bindings, a friend of mine convinced me to try the nx2’s and I was blown away. Super comfortable (I much prefer the traditional one-piece strap) durable, and really responsive. One thing people haven’t mentioned is you can make super-deep heel carves without the heel cup dragging and kicking you out of the turn. The heel cup on Flows is at a much higher angle. I took some Burton Cartels out today with the same board and same angles and I was Booting out on heel carves due to the lower heel cup. The customer service department has been amazing, including replacing some worn out well-used parts that were past warranty. Would recommend to anyone and would say, Take the time to get them dialed in before you decide you don’t like them. They are a special breed. Also, STRAP IN FACING UPHILL! it’s mega easy. I don’t know how people are having such a hard time getting into them unless they are facing downhill like you would a traditional binding. Also, you can use them just like a traditional binding with side entry if you prefer.


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