Eagles Nest Outfitters, better known as ENO for short, secured a dominant position in the camping/travel hammock market through quality materials, fun colorways, and great customer support. With worldwide distribution via a network of resellers and satellite operations, it is no surprise that the company continues to grow and innovate.

Out of that innovation is one of the sleekest portable hammock stands I’ve seen. ENO’s Nomad stand isn’t your dad’s hammock stand that you drag around just to mow the lawn. At 15 lbs (without a hammock), this stand is truly portable and a breeze to set up. 

We were lucky enough to pair ENO’s oversized DoubleDeluxe Hammock with the Nomad stand to get the most out of the setup.

Did ENO create the ultimate camp from home – or cottage, or woods, you name it – setup? Keep reading my ENO Nomad Hammock Stand review to find out.    ENO Nomad Hammock Stand_Stock

ENO Nomad Portable Hammock Stand Key Features:

  • Shock-cord, tent-pole-like assembly
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy build materials
  • 15lb total packed/carry weight
  • 300lb weight capacity 
  • 13ft 9in total assembled length 
  • Custom carrying case 
ENO Nomad Stand Review Breakdown


Taking a page from traditional tent design, the Nomad stand has a familiar look and feel. Featuring folding support poles lined with shock cord and a pocket full of stakes in the carrying case, anyone who has raised a tent won’t even bat an eye. 

ENO Nomad Hammock Stand_Pole Side by Side

The key component in Nomad’s design is the thick ridgeline pole. Without it, the two bases would tip inward towards one another under user weight. Not only does the ridgeline pole perfectly space the bases (and prevent collapse), it adds rigidity to the setup when laying diagonally across the hammock. 

At just under 14 feet, it is certainly a bigger setup than expected, but could easily fit in a basement or large spare bedroom. My Nomad stand found a home in my garage, which I use as a summertime hangout. Unfortunately, I’d be embarrassed to post photos of the garage for this review!

Lastly, the Nomad works great with any of ENO’s hammock models. It would also work well with other hammock brands that use a carabiner + loop suspension system, but you didn’t hear it from me 🙂


You can probably guess where this is headed based on the design section, but the Nomad setup is just about as easy as any standard 2-4 person tent. After unzipping the carrying case and pulling out the base units, you’ll find that the base poles try to work towards their destination on their own thanks to the strong internally routed shock-cords. 

The poles are all broken into three pieces; the bottom-most piece connects to the middle piece during storage via a rounded cutout in the pole base. A firm tug will separate them, and you’re good to go! After all the legs are connected and securely in place, you can rotate the legs to ensure that the tension cables that extend from all 4 corners are straight and routed through the notch in the pole foot. From there, connect the buckle to stabilize the base tension. 

ENO Nomad Hammock Stand_Connections

The ridgeline pole is also three pieces and easily slides onto the webbing (pictured above) extending from the top of the bases’ pyramid design after it is extended fully. Once the ridgeline pole is in place and the legs are all touching the ground, you can choose to stake the legs if you’re on grass or sand.  

After all that, connect your hammock of choice with the carabiners just like any standard webbing loop suspension system. 

ENO Nomad Hammock Stand_Connectzions2

ENO does note, do not try to use the ridgeline pole as a handle for entering or exiting the suspended hammock.


Once you determine the best loops for your hammock model, the Nomad creates a consistently comfortable hang. The stand eliminates the need to determine the optimal hang angle, strap length, and strap height for each tree destination. It’s a perfect hang, every time; there are zero environmental variables in the setup (unless you’re switching hammocks, of course). 

Mentioned above, the ridgeline pole adds a ton of stability for both swinging in your hammock or laying diagonally in your hammock. When swinging, the ridgeline helps the hammock sway in one fluid motion, instead of the off-center swing you often get hanging from tree trunks. 

When laying diagonally to create a flat plane, the ridgeline pole stabilizes the hammock anchor points helping to maximize hammock material spread. 

DoubleDeluxe Hammock: 

Though the Nomad stand is the star of the show, we cannot forget to mention ENO’s lovely DoubleDeluxe hammock! Quality reigns supreme in ENO products, and the DoubleDeluxe is no exception. Every seam and stitch is precise, and the material isn’t scratchy like cheaper brands. 

ENO Nomad Hammock Stand_DoubleDeluxe

Weighing in at 26oz, this hammock is the perfect oversized companion for the stand. While the stand is portable, you’re not going ultralight camping with it strapped to your back – so pairing a bigger hammock isn’t an issue. 

Besides, with the DoubleDeluxe stuffed in the carrying case, you’re still looking at less than 20lbs total carry weight for a comfy go anywhere setup.

The hammock itself is made of a soft, fast-drying high tenacity 70D nylon. It is reinforced with triple-stitched seams, features aluminum carabiners, and an attached compression storage sack. Rated at 400lbs weight capacity, the DoubleDeluxe can outhold the stand, so remember to be careful when piling the fam in!

It is an all-around fantastic hammock that has more space than I even know what to do with! I can fit comfortably with my girlfriend for hours of lounging. 

Buy ENO’s DoubleDeluxe Hammock Now, $84.95


ENO Nomad Hammock Stand Hero_Carrying CaseWhile there is a special rush of satisfaction finding the perfect pair of trees, the Nomad is satisfying in a different way: versatility. 

The Nomad will get your bum up off the hot sand at the beach, or set you up for the comfiest marshmallow roasting session ever, or give you hang time in a tree-barren backyard. The Nomad stand could even find a place inside your home for year-round hammock sleeping comfort. 

And ultimately, let’s face it, we’ve all been there. The dreaded realization that your campsite has no trees. At that moment, the ENO Nomad stand is priceless. 

If you can’t see where I am going with this, the Nomad stand is worth the $250 price tag. To me, it is a small price to pay to guarantee yourself hang time no matter the destination. Especially if you’re already a proud camping/travel hammock owner, the stand might even inspire you to put it to more frequent use!

Buy ENO’s Nomad Stand Now, $250

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The Nomad portable hammock stand is a lightweight, portable, easy to setup solution to no-tree hanging. It will get your bum up off the hot sand at the beach, set you up for the comfiest marshmallow roasting session ever, or give you hang time in a tree-barren backyard. Maximize the use of your favorite hammock with the Nomad stand!
Nomad Design9.5
Nomad Setup9
Nomad Comfort10
DoubleDeluxe Hammock10
Nomad Value9.5
  • Familiar tent pole leg design
  • Consistent comfort every hang session
  • Stable bases
  • Cannot swing as wide as I would like to
9.6Overall Score
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