So you’ve hung up your parka, and the snow shovel is back in storage. Now that the grass is growing greener, birds are chirping more loudly, and temperatures begin to rise, it’s very enticing to throw the leash on the dog and take a good old fashioned day hike! The splendor of nature has a lot to offer, but if you don’t equip yourself with the right pair of boots, you may get more than you bargain for in the form of blisters and general discomfort. Today, we hit the trails with the BIOM Terrain GTX Hiking Boot, the latest from ECCO.

ECCO Terrain GTX Hiking Boot Review

Key Features:

  • Uppers made of yak nubuck leather
  • GORE-TEX® waterproof construction ensures dry and comfortable feet in wet weather conditions
  • Low-to-the-ground sole construction provides excellent ground adaptation
  • Direct-injected PU foam and a BIOM anatomical last provide long lasting cushioning and outstanding walking comfort
  • Rugged rubber outsole for outstanding grip and traction on rough terrain
  • Additional set of laces included
ECCO Terrain GTX Review Breakdown


The ECCO BIOM Terrain GTX has the classic high-cut hiking boot structure in its appearance. This general design concept makes great sense, providing protection against the elements as high on the ankle as possible, and without hindering the ankle movement that is sometimes required while compensating for the unusual terrain one may cross while hiking. The rubber outsole construction is not only durable, but wraps around the heal to provide extra stability for the foot, as well as adding to the overall life of the boot.

The lacing apparatus of the Terrain GTX is solid and secure for the long haul. The lace locks into the first clip, so the wearer needn’t be concerned about loosing a snug lacing in the midfoot while tightening into the final clips. While the first clip is strategically placed further back on the foot for a more secure fit, we did notice that this design choice can create an element of confusion during the act of lacing. We would sometimes lace into the second clip by mistake, and there is a lot of excess lace that has a tendency to get in the way in the beginning of the process. This does take some getting used to.


ECCO Terrain GTX Hiking Boot ReviewConstructed with GOR-TEX the ECCO BIOM Terrain GTX remains flexible and breathable in any conditions. This boot also incorporates a wide toe box, which seems like an odd choice when you first slip your foot in, as it is easy to get used to having a formed fit throughout our boots. However, this serves the valuable purpose of leaving room for the natural splay of the toes. When our toes are not granted the mobility they naturally require over long distances, friction is created between them that may result in blistering and discomfort. Thanks to a stable heal provided by the molded rubber outer and a secure fit in the mid-foot provided by the the GOR-TEX construction, the foot remains comfortably positioned inside the boot at the same time as benefiting fromECCO Terrain GTX Hiking Boot Review the room in the open toe box over long distances. While the BIOM Terrain GTX may not be optimal for standard day to day activities, we remind ourselves it is a hiking boot, and at the end of a long outing on the trails it performs in keeping our feet comfortably protected throughout the day.

Out of the box, we did notice that the BIOM Terrain GTX sizes a bit large, and it is only available in full sizes. We tested this boot on a foot that typically wears a 10-10.5 shoe size, and we ended up having to size down to a 9-9.5 Terrain GTX. Buyer be warned, sizing may not be right at first, and we highly recommend understanding the exchange policy depending on where you make your purchase.

Water Resistance:

We’ve worn the BIOM Terrain GTX in rain, sleet, and snow, and we are happy to report no failures in keeping our feet dry. The GOR-TEX construction extends halfway up the tongue of the boot, and while laced comfortably tight, we were protected even in a few inches of water. Of course there are those occasions when we don’t have the opportunity to get out of our boots right away. Even after spending a long period of time in the muck, We didn’t notice any residual moisture or seepage on the Terrain GTX the few hours after getting indoors.


The combination of the molded rubber outer, GOR-TEX construction, and uppers made of yak nubuck leather (produced in-house since 1986), The ECCO BIOM Terrain GTX is very well rounded in its appearance. Although each component serves a purpose for comfort, durability, and mobility, this boot does a fine job of showcasing it’s own integrity through visual design. We really appreciate the muted grays as a primary color signature, and combined with a slightly more noticeable orange accent in the sole, laces, and tongue of the boot, the Terrain GTX catches the eye just enough. If you feel the orange laces are more than you want, the Terrain GTX comes equipped with black laces as an extra added bonus.

ECCO Terrain GTX Hiking Boot Review


An important ingredient in any hiking boot, the traction of the Terrain GTX is supplemented through a variety of design and construction choices. The direct-injected PU foam cushioning provides lasting support that only gets better with wear. The rubber outer in the heal not only provides support, but keeps the foot secured where it needs to be so that the low sole stays connected to the foot, making adaptation to any terrain you may encounter optimal. We were also extremely impressed at the lack of wear in the tread over time. We’ve been hiking in the ECCO Terain GTX for a few months, and there’s very little sign of deterioration.


Priced at $230, The ECCO Terrain GTX relies on durability over time to justify it’s price point. Thanks to a solid construction with the best materials available, we are confident that this boot will handle all the terrain a regular hiker will challenge themselves with for a good long time. If mobility and durability isn’t the only thing you’re interested in, the obvious style in this boot’s construction pushes it past the threshold of what we believe to be well worth the while.

Buy Now: $230 or to learn more, go to:

ECCO BIOM Terrain GTX Hiking Boot - Gear Review
ECCO has been in the game since the 1970's, and there's no denying they will continue to endure by providing the masses a first-class product. The ECCO Terrain GTX meets the highest of quality standards while maintaining a personality of its own with style and comfort. Miles down the trail, our feet remain dry, comfortable, and blister free. When purpose is key, this is a boot that will take you the distance.
Water Resistance10
The Good:
  • Top-Notch Water Resistance
  • Superb Comfort Over Distance
  • Functional and Stylish
The Not-So-Good
  • Lacing System Can Be Confusing
  • Only Comes in One Color
  • Only Available in Full Sizes and Runs Large
9.3Overall Score
Reader Rating: (68 Votes)

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3 Responses

  1. Joel

    Gave it a low rating because the durability is not there. I bought two pairs of this boot and both had a crack on each side of the toe cover after only a year and a half of use (6 weeks of hunting)

    • Brad DesNoyers

      We’re really sorry to hear your experience wasn’t the best here. We posted this article almost 2 years ago and ours are still holding up pretty strong though…no visible cracks or broken seams, and we’ve gotten a good amount of mileage out of them year round. We did notice in some customer reviews since posting this article that there have been some similar experiences out there, so we’re fine getting the word out that this could be a potential issue. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Joel

        Thanks for the reply, I guess hunting conditions are a bit unique. The morning dew gets your boot soaked then they dry and get wet again at night. The fact that the cracks (and the resulting lost of water proofing) are in the same spot on both pairs of boots is what makes me believe this is a design flaw. The boots show barely any signs of wear and tear other than does cracks. I contacted ECCO and got a “sorry for your experience but there is nothing we can do” wish to me is not acceptable, at least inquire a bit more about the issue, unless they are aware this is a design flaw.

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