Every time I go to the grocery store I see a new type of carbonated water. Since I don’t typically drink soda or other sugary carbonated drinks, I usually go for the LaCroix or Bubbly. Even though they are labeled with zero calories, zero sugar, and “Naturally Essenced”, I still wonder how you can extract a flavor without any type of calorie, sugar, or artificial ingredient. And with lawsuits behind some of these companies regarding their natural ingredients that are actually synthetic, I find it harder each day to trust the labels I see on the back of any product. So, if I can make something for myself with the exact ingredients I know and trust, I will. Thankfully Drinkmate has made it possible for me to easily recreate my favorite carbonated drinks with actual NATURAL flavors and ZERO fillers. Drinkmate makes it easy, fast, and fun to “sparkle” any drink at home, in seconds. How fast and easy? Let’s break it down.

drinkmate-key-features-2Key Features:

  • Drinkmate Machine
  • Drinkmate 1 Liter Bottle
  • 60L CO2 Carbonator
  • Fizz Infuser




Drinkmate – Carbonated Drink Maker Review Breakdown



The Drinkmate machine is actually pretty simple, yet very functional. There is no need to plug anything in for electricity or battery power. The Drinkmate uses a CO2 Cylinder to carbonate the beverages. However, the magic really happens when you attach the Fizz Infuser to the bottle and connect it to the Fizz Infuser Adaptor on the machine. This patented design allows for a multi-stage pressure release valve that can carbonate not just water, but a variety of other liquids safely.

The Fizz Infuser has both CO2 gas inlet and release functions integrated into one unit so you can control the pressure safely. There are no elaborate hoses or gizmos that need to be connected. If you can screw a bottle cap on and off, you can handle setting this thing up. The machine has one button that is located on the very top. This button is what releases the CO2 from the cylinder to help produce the carbonation needed to make a “sparkling” drink.

The bottle and the Fizz Infuser can both be washed under warm water (not dishwasher safe). There is no other cleaning needed for the rest of the machine. The entire unit takes up very little counter space and can be easily stowed away when you don’t need it. But if you’re like me, it’s on my counter top so I can easily make multiple carbonated drinks throughout the day. Because why not?


As mentioned above, the real “magic” happens with Drinkmate’s Fizz Infuser, which provides a two-stage pressure release control that safely and easily allows you to carbonate virtually any drink. It’s recommended to use cold liquids for the best results and I would have to agree. Depending on the type of liquid you are trying to carbonate, there’s a helpful chart that provides a technique to follow for the best results. If you are just carbonating water, then you really just need to press the button 2-3 times with an average press length of 1 second.

For syrups it’s about .75 seconds (4-5 pushes) and with juice and wine = .25-1 seconds (4-20 pushes). It’s best to remove any pulp before carbonating drinks to avoid trapping any debris in the Carbonation Nozzle. When I used any type of juice that I blended myself, I just ran it through some cheese cloth in a strainer to get rid of any access pulp.

Drink Quality:


I was very impressed with every drink I carbonated using the Drinkmate. I even tried carbonating some cold brew coffee and it was just the mid-afternoon “pick-me-up” I needed. I tried a variety of drinks infused with different fruits as well as pulp-free juices. It’s even great for making Cocktails and Mocktails. Drinkmate has some great recipes you can follow on their website. One drink I’ve been trying to perfect for some time now is a sugar free ginger beer. I’m happy to report that I’ve figured out a solid recipe that satisfies my pallet and removes the Sucralose junk you would typically get when purchasing in the stores.

Drinkmate Value:

After you factor in the cost of what it would typically be to purchase a pack of 12 of any carbonated drink in the stores, it usually comes out to be more than the cost to refill a CO2 cylinder. Plus, being able to control the ingredients you want in a carbonated drink adds even more value. And it’s actually really fun. So if you love carbonated drinks, value your health, and like the added control you get when making your own drinks, I highly recommend the Drinkmate to “sparkle” up your life.

Buy Now: $99.95 – $168.99 or to learn more, check out: idrinkproducts.com

Drinkmate - Carbonated Drink Maker Review
I've come to realize that I have a carbonation addiction... and the only cure is Drinkmate!
Drink Quality9.8
The Good
  • Easy setup and quick carbonating process
  • At home convenience
  • Takes up little counter space
The Not So Good
  • You'll become addicted to carbonating everything!
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