Fall is here, one of our favorite seasons here in the Midwest. Colors are beautiful, football is in full swing, and the weather is delightfully cooling down which means it’s hoodie wearin’ weather. Dickies has a new fall lineup to help us all prepare our homesteads for winter. Most of us know the Dickies brand. A budget friendly brand of quality work clothing. In my years of construction it seems like every painter I’ve ever seen wore the classic white Dickies painter paints. We’ve been wearing this Dickies stuff all over town on the job and off the last couple weeks so let’s dive in and see what Dickies is offering up this for us this fall!

What we’re looking at:

  • Pro Glacier Extreme Puffer Jacket
  • Full Zip Fleece Hoodie
  • Pro Banff Extreme Cargo Pant
  • Industrial Cotton Pant
  • Jasper Extreme Jacket
  • 5 Pocket Jean
  • Long Sleeve Work Shirt


Pro Glacier Extreme Puffer

Key Features:img_1041

  • Durable Water Repellent
  • Thinsulate Insulation
  • Interior Fleece Collar
  • Interior Pockets with Media Port

The all new Dickies Pro Glacier Extreme Puffer lives up to its name and would be a great addition to your Fall and even Winter work wear. The Durable Water Repellent (DWR) and 100% Nylon shell keep both the wind and rain out nicely. The puffer feels well constructed and the fleece interior collar is super comfy. A great feature of this jacket is that it has components to make it an inner layer of the Pro Jasper Extreme Coat for those really extreme days or nights. The zippers on this jacket are also high quality and easy to zip.

The Pro Glacier Extreme Puffer is a jacker well suited for a day out just running around in the cold or hard at work. I would personally wear this jacket anywhere above 20 degrees but no warmer than 40 degrees outside. Overall a basic but well-built jacket at a great price. I would recommend it!

Buy Now $66.99-72.99

Full Zip Fleece Hoodie

Key Features:img_1049

  • Rib knit cuffs and bottom hem
  • 60% cotton 40% polyester
  • Draw cord and stitching dyed to match cloth
  • Comfy fleece lining

Tradesman and hoodie sweatwhirts go together like Chicago Cubs baseball and Old Style Beer. You don’t see one without the other is what I’m getting at here. This hoodie from Dickies fits the bill to a tee. The fleece is soft and comfortable. The zipper is fairly easy to zip and the hood is roomy. The 6.5 oz. cotton polyester blend will keep you nice and warm when it cools down. A solid choice that we recommend!

Buy Now $36.99-40.99

Pro Cargo Pant with Crotch Gusset

Key Features:img_1047

  • Reinforced center back loop
  • Slanted back pockets for easy access
  • Reinforced front and back pocket openings
  • Crotch gusset for reinforcement

The Dickies Pro Cargo Pants are some serious pants made for some serious work. Reinforcements on top of reinforcements is what I have to say about these tough pants. The compartmentalized cargo pockets are really handy for stashing hand tools for when you don’t want to wear a tool belt. I like hanging my tape measure from the front pocket and I think this would hold up very well due to the pocket opening reinforcements.  The 10 oz. cotton polyester blend is as tough as any work pant I’ve seen. On top of all that these are comfortable to wear!

Buy Now $59.99

Industrial Cotton Work Pant

Key Features:img_1016

  • Twill, Cotton, Polyester blend
  • Color Matching to all industrial pants and shorts

The Dickies Industrial Work Pants are a classic basic work pant. The craftsmanship of these pants is average as well as the comfort level. These pants are not the most durable by any measure and would not be recommended for extreme work conditions. Although, If you need a pair of work pants and you have a busted wallet these are a good option for you.

Buy Now: $27.99

Jasper Extreme Jacket

Key Features:img_1045

  • Reflective piping for safety
  • Waterproof and breathable with 10k/10k lamination
  • Interior fleece neck collar
  • Removable hood

Upon initial inspection Dickies new Jasper Extreme Jacket it feels VERY extreme indeed. If you are working in an environment where worried about getting your clothing cut, snagged, or scrapped then you’re gonna wanna give this jacket a look for sure. This thing is tough without question and the fact that you can pair it with the other Pro Extreme jackets makes it versatile for all conditions. I wouldn’t say the jacket is extremely (haha) stylish but some people care more about durability than looks. If you need a tough jacket be sure to check this one out!

Buy Now: $110.99-121.99

Waterproof Breathable Jacket

Key Features:img_1043

  • 8k/8k Waterproof and Breathable

  • Completely seem sealed

  • Waterproof zippers

  • Adjustable cuffs

Part of Dickies all new performance line of workwear the Jasper Extreme jacket was our favorite piece in this collection. Available in three colors this is a  perfect option for cooler but not cold fall / spring days where it may rain. It’s a rain jacket that doesn’t feel like a sauna! The Jasper Extreme Jacket is also the most stylish piece and we’ve been wearing it around town getting compliments all over! The breathable and waterproof 8k/8k shell paired with the waterproof zippers make this jacket feel well-built.

If you’re in the market for a rain jacket for cooler weather we would highly recommend the Jasper Extreme Jacket.

Buy Now: $96.99-106.99

Flex Denim Jeans

Key Features:img_1050

  • Flex fabric for ease of movement

  • Rivets at all stress points

  • 13.9 oz. cotton / spandex denim blend

Offered in three different washes the new Flex Denim Jeans are a nice addition to the Dickies line up. One ding on the jeans is that we found them to be long in trying them on, therefore we would recommend trying them on before buying. Overall, the material doesn’t feel very durable compared to some competitors but they are more affordable, which is nice. A triple stitched inseam is always nice but these jeans are only double stitched. The jeans are comfortable but do not seem as stretchy as advertised.

Buy Now: $24.99 – $30.99

Long Sleeve Work Shirt

Key Features:img_1017

  • Twill, Cotton, Polyester blend

  • Pencil Divider in Chest Pocket

  • Moisture Wicking

Another no frills classic work shirt from Dickies. Nothing fancy and nothing to write home about on this shirt. A very basic that you won’t care about getting down and dirty in puts it best. If you need a shirt to get work done in for cheap this might be a good option for you. If you’re looking for something heavier duty you will want to look into the Performance line of Dickies.

Buy Now: $24.99-27.99


Dickies Fall '16 Collection - Style Review
Dickies new Performance and PRO lines of work clothing are a perfect choice for the value conscious tradesman.
  • Affordable
  • Mostly Comfortable
  • Jasper Jacket is sweet
  • Not very stylish overall
  • Some items feel cheap
8.5Good Value
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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