The mere mention of the name Cohiba evokes images of sun-soaked days filled with elegant linen suits, white hats, and an indulgent beach lifestyle. Adhering to their motto: “A symbol of the good life: Say it all without saying a word.” Cohiba has become synonymous with cigar smoking all over the world. Here we find that same elegance and luxury that has proven its worth time and time again finding its way into a branch of the brand that is closer to an everyday smoke, rather than a closely guarded treat for a special occasion. The Cohiba Red Dot brings the quality that has built the name, and puts it in your hands with easy access.

What’s Inside?

  • Cohiba Red Dot ReviewWrapper: Cameroon
  • Binder: Jember
  • Filler: Dominican
Cohiba Red Dot Robusto Breakdown


Bright and spicy, the Cameroon wrapper does a wonderful job of encapsulating the entire smoking experience without need for a relight. The attention to detail from the wrapper to the filler brings to life that beautiful moment all cigar smokers look forwards to when you simply light it and forget it. As all of the elements joined together to create an experience, one of their many claims that they live by began to show its truth.

“Every Cohiba is handcrafted by master cigar makers selected for their expertise. According to a time-honored tradition, our artisans call upon the knowledge passed down to them to ensure that each and every Cohiba cigar is flawless, both in appearance and construction.”


The slightly tighter draw at the beginning lead to a even burn as the flavors began to rush through. As the cigar began to evolve, the draw loosened up and found a perfect middle ground between lightly elegant and robustly thick. Rather than burning down quickly, the Red Dot Robusto maintained a continuous stream of cool, bold smoke from tip to nub.

Cohiba Red Dot Review


Even and nearly perfect, the Cameroon wrapper and Jember binder combined to create a consistent burn all the way from start to finish. The rich silver ash that hung on like Sylvester Stallone created a nice cool burn and easy smoke throughout. The Jember binder and Dominican filler held together beautifully and showcased the craft and artistry in the mastered wrapping. All of the elements brought different layers of nuance together and most importantly played well the whole way through.

Cohiba Red Dot ReviewAroma:

Prelit :

  • White Pepper
  • Leather
  • Esspresso


  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Roasted Nuts
  • Dark Cocoa


“Cohiba begins with tobacco seeds that have been rigorously selected and bred by our team of agronomists. The tiny seeds are raised in climate controlled greenhouses. There, skilled farmers hand-select the very best leaves even before the seedlings are transplanted into the rich soil. This ensures that only the finest tobaccos comprise Cohiba cigars.”

While some might say that this hugs the line between easy smoking and full bodied, I would tend to push this one more towards the bolder side of the cigar world. The cracked black pepper that rings through the first part of the cigar gives way to a rich coffee with undertones of roasted nuts. These fiery flavors collide to create a well-balanced blend of  straight uppercuts and friendly, but bruising well-placed punches. Finding a soft side in hints of cocoa, the flavor profile will still tend to please the bold and intimidate the faint of heart.

Cohiba Red Dot ReviewValue:

Hovering around $10.50 a stick, this cigar offers a name to pair with your experience. Cohiba has long been at the forefront of the cigar world and their reputation commands respect and price. If rich, unapologetic flavors please your discerning palate, then the Cohiba Red Dot is right fit for you. For the price you are getting an even, well-balanced smoke, that caters to the bold and robust.

Buy Now: $53 (5pk)

Cohiba Red Dot Robusto - Cigar Review
Out of the gate with spice, then notes of coffee and leather take over.
Construction 9.4
Aroma 9.2
Flavor 9
Value 8.9
The Good:
  • Burn
  • Construction
  • Consistency
The Not So Good:
  • A touch pricey
9.1Overall Score
Reader Rating: (34 Votes)

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  1. Jack Reily

    Great article! New to the cigar world myself, but if this cigar is as smooth as the writing, then I’ll be a happy camper.


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