If you’ve read our last review of Chrome Industries then you might be aware of their simple, yet functional gear that make them a “go to” for those looking for a durable and fashionable solution.  Their newest arrivals stack up rather nicely and prove that they are committed to continuously improving their line of clothes and gear.  After spending the past month testing each item, which included 2 shirts, pants, shoes, backpack, and a growler, I’m happy to share my thoughts with some highlights and key features.  With Fall quickly approaching, these items work perfectly for the change in temperature and keep you moving comfortably among the elements.  

IKE Windshirt

chromejacketKey Features:

  • Brushed wool-like polyester
  • Reflective details
  • Two-way main zipper
  • Hidden windstopper front panels
  • Heat-regulating
  • Cargo pockets
  • Zippered cuffs

Known as the “Woolyester” because of it’s wool-like poly blend, the IKE Windshirt is a versatile shirt that can be worn all day, but I found it to be the perfect outer layer for riding my bike downtown. It has a longer sleeve length and hidden-nylon front-panels to stop the wind for added riding comfort.  Although the sleeves are a little snug in the arms, the zippered cuffs help improve the fit. When I went to reach for the front pockets they were set back a bit compared to your typical jacket.  After unzipping the pockets and placing my hands inside, I realized they were a full-width pass-through back cargo pocket.  I have to say that this is my first jacket with this feature and I like it for the simple fact that when you have items in your pocket (like keys, phone, or wallet), it prevents your pockets from sagging forward and brushing up against your legs as you peddle your bike.  The two-way zipper is nice and great for more wiggle room when riding or sitting down.  Overall, this is an excellent outer layer shirt that is great for riding.

Buy Now: $125 or to learn more, go to: ChromeIndustries.com

Woven Work Shirt

woven-work-shirtKey Features:

  • Modern tailored slim fit
  • Soft and durable fabrics (with minimal shrinkage after wash)
  • Triple-needle stitching
  • Virtually unbreakable melamine buttons
  • Made in the USA!

The Woven Work Shirt has all the comfort of your lazy day shirt, but with the crazy durability you would expect in a work shirt.  The work shirt has a great fit and enough room to move freely. Although it has the look of a work shirt, it wears like it’s never going out of style.  The tailored fit is slim through the waist with high armholes, which is perfect for everyday wear.  You would expect this shirt to be stiff, heavy, and uncomfortable because of detail spent in making it extremely durable, but I can say with confidence that this shirt is lighter than expected and can easily be worn for all day comfort.  Rather you are sporting this shirt for a night out or rolling the sleeves up to get some work done, it’s sure to be a great buy for those looking for style, comfort, and durability.

Buy Now: $125 or to learn more, go to: ChromeIndustries.com

Battery Work Pants

battery-work-pants_chrome_busted-walletKey Features:

  • Bar tacks at all high impact and wear areas for reinforcement
  • Chrome signature contrast double bartacks
  • Heavy weight 8 oz. Brushed Twill is soft to the touch with minimal shrinkage
  • Double layered extra deep pockets

The Battery Work Pants are a “Slim Fit”, but I would say “Super Slim” for those of you that typically wear a more regular/relaxed fit (like me).  However, with a size larger than what I normally wear, these pants ended up fitting pretty comfortably.  The 8 oz. “Heavy weight” material is a little constricting but seems more durable than most other pants.  After several wears and washes, these pants had minimal shrinkage and kept its “soft to the touch” feel.  These pants were not my favorite item out of this collection, however I feel this might be due to my stature.  I’m sure these pants would have a much better fit for those who are tall and skinny.    

Buy Now: $120 or to learn more, go to: ChromeIndustries.com

Forged Rubber Peshka 50/50

Forged-Rubber-Peshka-50_50_busted-walletKey Features:

  • Forged Rubber
  • Handmade & 100% Unique
  • Locally Harvested Material
  • Reflective Heel
  • Antimicrobial Sock Liner
  • Built to last

Forged Rubber Peshka 50/50 are the same “legendary” Forged Rubber Sneakers Chrome is known for, but with a new angle.  Quite literally, there is a visible angle along the footbed from which they applied two contrasting layers of rubber.  Chrome’s 100% handmade shoes are all unique, no two are alike.  These shoes come equipped with the Chrome signature reflective heel (for added night visibility) and a quick dry antimicrobial sock liner so you can wear them without socks and without worry of developing odor.  I tried to wear these shoes without socks but there simply wasn’t enough comfort for me to rock out with my socks off.  However, with socks on, I felt there was enough comfort to wear these shoes all day.  Because I could feel the added support along the heel and toe box, I had some worries that it was going to be too uncomfortable, but after a few hours of walking around I nearly forgot about it.  These shoes are very durable, so they tend to take a little longer to break in than some other shoes.  However, once broken in, they became my “go to” shoes for nearly everyday use.  

Buy Now: $110 or to learn more, go to: ChromeIndustries.com

Kharkiv Bag

Kharkiv Bag wide busted walletKey Features:

  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Expandable exterior storage
  • Ergonomic shoulder-strap
  • Sternum strap with metal web hook
  • Zippered internal organizer pocket
  • Padded loft pocket

If you’re looking for a throw and go bag with a sleek design for all season commuting, then the Kharkiv Bag might just be right for you.  This bag is definitely bigger than I had anticipated, after all,  bigger is always better… right? I was able to stuff this bag full with a huge payload 😉  It comes equipped with a padded laptop sleeve for 15″ computers and tablets as well as a few other internal pockets (one with a zipper) for your organizational needs.  Although it may lack a side bottle holder, I found the expandable exterior storage to come in handy quite often.  Wether it’s holding my water bottle, or my gym shoes, it’s a great feature to have.  The sternum strap with metal web hook came in handy when I had added weight in the bag.  It definitly helped to keep the bag in place especially while riding my bike.  With tons of space and quick expandable exterior storage, this is an all around solid bag. 

Buy Now: $150 or to learn more, go to: ChromeIndustries.com

Chrome X MiiR Growler

chrome-growler_busted-walletKey Features:

  • Double­wall vacuum insulation
  • Flip­top opening includes a clamp system that prevents leaks
  • Each purchase provides one person in need with clean water for 1 year
  • Comes with a unique impact code that corresponds to your water project
  • Register your code and MiiR will send GPS coordinates and photos of the water project your purchased helped build.

What better way to complete this collection than to pair it with a Chrome X MiiR Growler?  This growler is built with a doublewall vacuum insulation that keeps cold beverages (BEER) cold for over 24 hours.  It also keeps hot beverages hot for over 12 hours and leaves the outside cool to the touch.  The fliptop opening is pretty easy to clamp on and has an excellent seal.  The best part about this Growler is that each purchase provides one person in need with clean water for an entire year!  This bottle comes with a unique impact code that you can register on the MiiR website.  MiiR will then send GPS coordinates and photos of the water project that lives on from your purchase.  So CHEERS to a great Growler and a great cause.  Bottoms up!

Buy Now: $60 or to learn more, go to: ChromeIndustries.com

Chrome Industries - Fall '15 Collection
Overall, we are pleased with Chrome Industries latest line up and appreciate their efforts on creating fashionable and durable products that keep on improving their line and helping those in need. 
Woven Work Shirt9.5
IKE Windshirt9.7
Battery Work Pants8
Forged Rubber Peshka 50/509.5
Kharkiv Bag9.2
Chrome X MiiR Growler9.8
9.3Overall Score
Reader Rating: (0 Votes)

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