Whether you’re a believer in global warming or not, we can all agree that the past two winters have been ones for the record books. Buffalo, New York received over 7 feet of snow in less than a week. The Great Lakes had over 80% ice coverage. The Polar Vortex made one too many visits. All enough to incite a major case of cabin fever. Luckily, the folks over at Burton know how to make quality outerwear that is ready to go play outside even on the most wicked of snow days. Because fresh powder days are the best days to grab your board and head for the hills.

Recently Burton hooked us up with some of their newest outerwear from their women’s collection to try out this winter. We wore them through the snow, wind, sub-zero temps and even the occasional sunshine. Once again Burton proves why they are the leader in winter boarding apparel.

[ak] 2L Flare Down Snowboard Jacket

burton snowboard jacket reviewKey Features:

  • 3M™ Thinsulate Insulation
  • Flood-proof GORE-TEX® & DRYRIDE fabrics
  • Fully GORE-SEAM taped seams
  • Neck gasket collar
  • Powder gasket cuffs
  • Water-repellent removable stretch waist gaiter
  • Jack-to-pant interface
  • Lifetime warranty

In your day-to-day life in the wintertime, if the temps are below freezing and the windchill feels like needles flying at your face – you grab your warm, trusty down coat. Definitely not the same coat you’d consider wearing on the slopes. Unless you like it being a big sweaty, stinky, sticky mess at the end of the day. Not cute. Let us introduce you to Burton’s [ak] 2L Flare Down Snowboard Jacket. This is your secret weapon to combat the chilliest of days on the mountain. This jacket carries the highest warmth factor Burton offers along with ultimate waterproofing thanks to its 3M™ Thinsulate Insulation and flood-proof GORE-TEX & DRYRIDE fabrics. The[ak] 2L Flare Down is puffy like a classic down jacket but highly breathable. You’ll stay toasty without it turning into a sweaty suffocating sauna. It looks heavy yet it’s actually super light and has room to add an under layer to the mix if you’d like. Best of all, you will stay dry through whatever the day on the slopes throws at you including heavy snowfall and your own falls.

We found the Burton [ak] 2L Flare Down Snowboard Jacket to be the ultimate boarding jacket to combat the frigid cold slopes. It’s puffy and warm but flexible. Warmth stayed in and the chilly wind and freezing snow stayed out throughout our testing sessions. The [ak] 2L Flare Down is not the jacket you would wear on regular, mild winter temp days. We found it to be too warm on days like that. This is the jacket that has your back on the coldest of days and allows you to be able to go out and play in the snow.

Buy Now: $449.96 or go to Burton.com to learn more.

Alchemy GORE-TEX® Snowboard Pant

burton snowpants reviewKey Features:

  • Eco-conscious GORE-TEX® Fabric
  • bluesign® approval
  • 3M™ Thinsulate insulation
  • Fully GORE-SEAM® taped seams
  • Zipper cargo pockets
  • Anti-scuff cuffs
  • Lifetime warranty

When out boarding it’s important to stay warm and dry all while having the flexibility needed to maneuver down the slopes and through the terrain park. If you feel like a giant marshmallow in your gear, it’s going to hurt your confidence and skills on the runs all day. Burton’s Alchemy GORE-TEX® Snowboard Pant is designed with a performance fit so they fit like a relaxed pair of jeans. The warmth factor on these pants is light but there is enough room for an under layer if you’re in need of an extra level of protection from the cold temps. The GORE-TEX & DRYRIDE fabrics work together to give the Alchemy Snowboard Pant Burton’s ultimate level of waterproofing while remaining flexible and delivering ultra-breathability.

We found the Burton Alchemy GORE-TEX Snowboard Pant comfortable to board during both mild winter days and in sub-zero wind chills. On the colder days, an extra under layer is highly recommended but the GORE-TEX helps block frosty winds and keeps you dry. One really interesting feature is the fact that these pants are made from fabric created by using recycled Mountain Dew plastic bottles. No joke. We’ll drink to that!

Buy Now: $187.46 or go to Burton.com to learn more.

Women’s Expedition 1/4 Zip

burton fleece reviewKey Features:

  • Stink-proof finish
  • Chafe-free softlock seams
  • Chafe-free chin guard
  • Thumbhole cuffs
  • Extra long body

A quality base layer is a necessity to pack on your next ski trip. Just like their outerwear, Burton knows how to create a the perfect base layer to give you added warmth and combat sweat. Burton’s Expedition 1/4 Zip is a light, fleece base layer but offers blizzard-grade performance. Don’t under-estimate its ability based on its weight. This reviewer made that mistake and ended up overheating when paired with Burton’s [ak] 2L Flare Down Snowboard Jacket. After a few runs, a stop back at the lodge was in order to change. The Expedition 1/4 Zip is light but mighty! And even though you are sure to sweat while shredding, the DRYRIDE Ultrawick™ Expedition 300 fabric keeps you feeling dry. Feel free to sweat it up too. The new enhanced stink-proof finish means this base layer won’t smell like a locker room after a few uses. Most importantly, the Expedition 1/4 Zip is soft and super comfortable. The thumbhole cuffs keep the snow out of your sleeves and gloves. We really love that it has an extra long body that keeps it from untucking throughout the day. Naturally the 1/4 pairs great with the Burton Expedition Pant too.

Buy Now: $69.95 or go to Burton.com to learn more.

I can’t say we were surprised to come to the conclusion that Burton still knows what’s up when it comes to boarding outerwear and base layers. They keep rolling out inventive and stylish gear year after year that proves again and again why they are King (and Queen) of the mountain.

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