I’ve been a Snowboarder for years. Though I’ve been tempted to try skiing, I just love the simplicity of one board and the freedom that comes with carving through fresh powder without ski poles and the ridiculous stiff boots. That said, I’m often envious of how easy it is for my friends to get in and out of their skis. Until now! The Burton Step On® Boots and Bindings make it easier than ever to jump on and go with excellent flexibility and support. It really is as easy as, “heel, toe, go”.

Binding Key Features:

  • 3 Connection points (2 at the toe and 1 at the heel)
  • Quick release lever
  • Universal mounting system
  • FullBED (underfoot) cushioning system
  • Single-component baseplate
  • Lifetime Warranty on the baseplates

Photon Boots Key Features:

  • Step On® backstay connection point
  • 1:1 firm flex PowerUp tongue
  • Focus cuff ankle support
  • Total comfort construction (less break-in period)
  • Sequence BOA® Fit System (twist of a dial)
  • Two unique lace paths for top and bottom
  • Sleeping bag reflective foil underfoot for added warmth
  • Imprint 3 heat-moldable liner with hook-and-loop closure system
  • Step On® outsole with toe cleats in the forefoot
  • Vibram® Traction Lug outsole with EcoStep™ rubber
Burton Step On Review Breakdown


The Burton Step On® design has 3 points of secure contact (1 on the heel and 2 on the toe) creating much better control with a much faster way of getting in and out of the binding. No need to squat down or sit and strap in with crank after crank. Simply step on heel first then lean forward to snap the toes in place. “Heel, Toe, GO!”

The Bindings come with a FullBED cushioning system providing full underfoot cushioning that maximizes comfort while minimizing fatigue. Pair that with the Boot liner construction and focus cuff ankle support and you get additional comfort and support with minimal break-in period.

The Sequence BOA® Fit System offers two dials that make getting in and out of your boot quick and easy while maintaining excellent fit and adjustability. These are tied to two unique lace paths that secure the top and bottom.


The FullBED cushioning system includes a trap-door that flips open for easy access to mounting hardware. Just unsnap the back panel and lift to insert the proper hardware and get the right positioning before screwing to the board. Once finished, just snap the panel back in place. That’s it! All that is left is to Step On and carve!

Functionality & Comfort

I have to be honest. I’ve tried Step On boots and bindings before and although they were great for speeding up the process of getting in and out of the bindings, they ultimately fell short when it came to support and maneuverability. They even snapped out at higher speeds and that’s when I reverted back to the straps. However, seeing the latest design with these new Burton Step On® bindings, I was curious enough to give them another try. I’m happy to report that the added secure points in the heel and toes were exactly what I was hoping for.

The Burton Photon Step On® Boots offer a great deal of support and adjustability, but they are most likely less flexible than your current non-step on boots. That’s the trade-off you get for better ease of use and accessibility. The support needs to be somewhere. Since it can’t come from the strap on the binding, it goes to the construction of the boot. While they aren’t the most flexible boots on the market, they are much more comfortable than any ski boot while offering a solid support system for better control of the board.

The boots have a sleeping bag reflective foil underfoot for added warmth. No need to wear thick wool socks. Plus you can heat the moldable liner for a better fit, then tighten everything together with the hook-and-loop closure system.


This category is tricky and I usually end up updating it after a few seasons. Since I’ve only had a few trips with these boots and bindings it’s hard to tell how they will hold up. However, with minimal components in the binding and the simplicity of the connection with the boots, I’m hopeful that these will last a long time. The Sequence BOA® Fit System in the boots seem to last much longer than traditional laces (at least that’s the case with my previous BOA system). The overall quality of the construction and materials seems durable and able to withstand some punishment among the elements. I will revisit this section in a couple seasons. Stay tuned.


The value is seen and felt when you’re on the mountain. The ability to Step On as you glide off the chair lift makes for a much more convenient and enjoyable time on the slopes. The bindings themselves are pretty affordable, but they only work with the boots. The boots range from $339 to $589. So if you want to save a little money, you could go with the cheaper versions. However, the Photon Step On® Boots offer a great deal of support and adjustability that make spending the extra cash worth it after hours of shredding.

Buy Bindings Now: $299.95

Buy Boots Now: $459.95

Or to learn more, check out: www.burton.com

Burton Step On Binding and Boots
The value is seen and felt when you're on the mountain. The ability to Step On as you glide off the chair lift make for a much more convenient and enjoyable time on the slopes.
The Good
  • Easy Installation
  • Quick Step On and Release
  • Support
The Not So Good
  • A little pricey - but worth it
9.8Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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