Perfectly cooked food every time! Sous Vide is a modern technique for cooking food in a vacuum bag while submerged in a controlled, low temperature water bath. While this method has been used by chefs in professional kitchens for decades, it is becoming increasingly popular with home chefs.  Nomiku is a leading company with sous vides for the at home and professional chef.  They have their Classic Nomiku available now, and the WiFi Nomiku available for preorder. We put their latest WiFi Nomiku to the test to see how it works.

Key Features/Specs:WiFi Nomiku Review

  • 1100W semiconductor heating element will never burn out
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.2°C
    Temperature stability: 0.01°C
  • Water max 5.5″
    Water min 1.5″
  • 2.4″ LCD Screen
  • Improved knob responsiveness and feel
  • Front-facing clip
  • 7 L/min circulation rate
  • Removable bottom for easier cleaning
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi compatible
  • Developer-friendly API
  • Control with new Tender app
WiFi Nomiku Sous Vide Breakdown


The initial design seems durable. It is a little big, but in perspective to a professional sous vide, its a nice size.  The Wifi Nomiku has some updated highlights compared to the classic Nomiku. The first adjustment they made was fixing the water minimum and maximum levels. They have given more distance between the two to prevent a constant water level monitoring. Another update is the LCD screen and more responsive knob. They also changed the clip to a front facing clip so the display reads away from the cooking vessel. Lastly, the bottom of the sous vide is removable for easier cleaning.  You have the choice of black or white. The knob is green but they are potentially going to try to change that to more options but we found nothing that states it will happen for sure.

WiFi Nomiku Review

 Functionality:WiFi Nomiku Review

The technique of sous vide it self is very versatile. There are so many options for food preparations and styles for cooking with the WiFi Nomiku. One cool feature that they have developed is that the WiFi feature is operated through the Tender App available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome. It was awesome to be at work and to have the food in the sous vide and with the touch of a button, start the cooking. We timed it so when we got home from work, dinner was basically ready.

The app seems relatively new because there is some good content, but not a ton yet. They are working on bringing the chef and the community into your kitchen so with time, it’ll grow quickly.  At least for now there is still the rest of the internet to look for recipes. The bonus of the recipes on the app though, is that the water temperature and time settings for the WiFi Nomiku are already programmed.  So you just have to touch the start button and the cooking process begins.  If you do decide to go off a recipe from the internet though, you can always manually control the settings and it works just fine as well.

Traditionally, sous vide would require vacuum sealed food. Air is the enemy to the sous vide technique. The Nomiku gives more flexibility as it allows you use the air displacement method with a zip sealed bag in case you do not have access to vacuum sealing machine. It is the technique where you leave a corner unzipped and submerge the contents under water, leaving the unzipped portion out of the water to allow the removal of all the air. Then it is on to cooking! We tested both methods and had great results. We have to say, it was super convenient being able to use the zip sealed bags.

Ease of Use/Connecting:WiFi Nomiku Review

Setting up the WiFi Nomiku initially was challenging. we couldn’t get it to connect to our regular network, only the guest network. The controls took a little getting used to and were a little cumbersome with the configuration. Once we got it figured out though and the wifi feature connected, we were smooth sailing. Every time we plug in the WiFi Nomiku now, it automatically connects to the wifi and we can operate it with the Tender app.


Considering that a good commercial sous vide machine will cost you $700+, with most well over $1000.  The pre-order price of $199 and regular price of $249.  The wifi function, the only front facing clip, and the 7L per minute water circulation gives the WiFi Nomiku some awesome features that make this very much worth the price.

Pre-Order Now: $199 or go to

WiFi Nomiku Sous Vide Device - Tech Review
Perfectly cooked food every time! The wifi function, only front facing clip, and an updated LCD screen gives the WiFi Nomiku Sous Vide some great features. Not to mention that with the use of the Tender app, there is a community of chefs and homemakers that are formulating some tasty recipes. The initial set up of the Nomiku and the WiFi setting was not pleasant, but once we got it connected, it connects everything we plug it in. With the push of a button, we can start cooking from home, work, or the store.
Ease of Use/Connectivity8.9
The Good:
  • Perfectly cooked food!
  • WiFi function to allow for monitoring and cooking from anywhere
  • The Tender app connects you with other chefs and individuals brining a community of foodies into your kitchen
The Not so Good:
  • The difficulty of set-up and connecting the the wifi initially was a bit cumbersome
9.2Overall Score
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  1. Jay Tang

    I love cooking my steaks sous vide. Perfect every time. Such a great investment to fool proof cooking.

    And now the devices are so affordable, I found this coupon “yummy”, save $20 when checking out at, discounted price $179 from $249, What a deal!


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