Alright grill fans, Traeger’s got a new one for you… and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t an exciting shakeup. You guessed it from the hero picture – it’s a flat top grill


From a rich history of innovation in the wood pellet side of the grill industry, Traeger’s new Flatrock flat top can be loved by vegetarians and vegans as much as omnivores and carnivores. Not to say that a smoked BBQ tofu sandwich doesn’t sound delicious, but the Flatrock gives all dieters more versatility. From weekend brunch to dinner party night, the new Flatrock can cook up just about anything that involves griddling, pan frying, or sautéing. 

594 sq in cook surface

While the form factor and fuel type differ, one key element is unchanged – Traeger quality. You can expect the same attention to detail, high-quality materials, and modern, innovative features. Speaking of features… here’s the shortlist.

Traeger Flatrock Grill Key Features

  • TruZone™ temperature control features 3 distinct, insulated cooking zones
  • FlameLock™ construction improves fuel efficiency for more bang for your buck
  • U-shaped burners ensure even heat distribution across entire cooktop
  • P.A.L. Pop-And-Lock™ accessory rail lets you customize cook space
  • Built-in folding side shelves offers extra space for prepping, plating, and more
  • EZ-Clean™ Keg collects grease and drippings in one convenient place
  • Cold-rolled steel surface develops durable non-stick properties with proper care
  • Lid with folding hinge stays securely upright and provides added wind protection
  • Temperature range: 350 – 600°F
  • Dimensions: 18 x 33in
  • Total cooking area: 594 sq in
  • Starting price will be $899.

Not bad, right? I know I am excited that you can isolate how much of the surface area gets heat. I am cooking for 1 just about as often as I am cooking for more. 

We are hoping to check out a Flatrock sometime this spring. I can’t wait to elevate my veggie burrito meal prep with this new king of flat top grills. Look out B-Stone and C-Chef, Traeger is coming for you. 

Check back later this year for an in-depth review of the new Flatrock, but for now, pictures… don’t get caught drooling!

Don’t forget to check out the Instagram announcement, too!

Traeger Flatrock Grill First Look Pictures


Eggs Benny!


Traeger quality

Folding side shelves

U-shaped burners

See more at! And don’t forget to check back for our in-depth review. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these!

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