A cheap pair of shoes is easy to come by. They also are very easy to wear out and love to jack up your feet. Hence why they are so cheap. If you’re a shoe junkie like this reviewer, your closet is probably full of them. Well stop it. We are adults now so it’s time to invest in some decent shoes that are going to last more than one season and actually protect your feet. With this in mind, I would highly recommend checking out Teva’s Women’s line of outdoor and casual shoes. They are pretty fantastic.

Teva is best known for their iconic sport sandal, aka The Original Sport Sandal, which was created by a Grand Canyon river guide in the early 1980s out of an old pair of flip flops and two Velcro watchbands. I’m not joking. This little burst of ingenuity helped launch the entire sport sandal category. While Teva is best known for their sport sandals, three decades later they also make high quality shoes and boots. Our friends at Teva sent us a few of their popular styles to try out and to convince us to walk away from the ‘dark-side’ of shoes.

Teva Women’s Original Metallic Sandal

tevaKey Features:

  • Metallic Leather Upper
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap
  • Leather Footbed
  • Durabrasion Rubber Outsole
  • Available in 2 Colors

The Teva Original Metallic Sandal is a modern spin on Teva’s iconic Original. It has a sporty fit with a bit of glam thanks to the stylish metallic print. The adjustable ankle strap and thong sandal helps keep your foot comfortably in place while you on the move. It’s a very lightweight, cushy sandal that I fell in love with immediately. The first time I wore them was walking for blocks and blocks around downtown Detroit before and after a Tigers game. I was nervous that being a new sandal they would cause irritation and blisters which is common for new shoes in general. Not so. While my feet and legs grew tired from all of the walking in the D, my feet stayed comfortable and blister-free.

Buy Now: $75 or head over to: Teva.com

Teva Women’s Capri Sandal

sandalsKey Features:

  • Leather Upper
  • Elastic Gore For Easy On & Off
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap
  • Canvas Wrapped Molded EVA Midsole
  • Durabrasion Rubber Outsole
  • Available in 3 Colors

I don’t know what it is about a t-strap sandal, but this style is my current go-to for the Summer so I was excited to try out Teva’s version. The difference with the Teva Capri Sandal compared to the other t-strap sandals in my closet is that these actually have some ‘meat’ to them. By ‘meat’ I mean they don’t just have a super thin piece of plastic (dare I say ‘leather’?) between you and the concrete. The molded midsole offers up some excellent arch support and much needed comfort. Also unlike some cheaper t-strap sandals, the Capri Sandal’s rubber outsole has some teeth to it to keep you from slipping on the first drop of water in your path.

Buy Now: $85 or head over to: Teva.com

Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal

4686676f-4781-412d-a012-34fd288bb1de._V309101605__SR300,300_Key Features:

  • Synthetic Webbing Upper
  • Hook and Loop Velcro Closure
  • Nylon Shank
  • Contoured EVA Foam Midsole
  • Microban® Zinc-Based Anti-Microbial Treatment
  • Shoc Pad™ in the Heel
  • Spider Original Rubber Outsole
  • Available in 14 Colors

While I am a shoe lover, I am a sock hater. I don’t know what it is, but I just feel so ‘constricted’ when I wear them – especially in the summer. So when the day calls for something more than an everyday sandal in the warmer months, I loath having to put on socks in shoes. With the Teva Tirra, I’ve found my sporty sandal spirit animal. With these sandals you can take to the trail, to the water, and everywhere in between with unbelievable comfort. While they are loaded up with hooks, loops, Velcro closures, contoured midsole, Shoc Pad and more – they are sleek, stylish, and lightweight. These are great for hiking, kayaking, camping and even everyday errand running. And I guess you could wear socks with them if that’s you’re thing. Is that still a thing?

Buy Now: $80 or to learn more, head over to: Teva.com

Teva Women’s Sky Lake Waterproof Hiking Shoe

998626_10201988368206197_77549398_nKey Features: 

  • Leather and Textile
  • Spider365 Rubber Sole
  • Nylon Stability Shank
  • T.I.D.E Seal Waterproof Membrane
  • Soft Shoc Heel Pad
  • Available in 2 Colors

While I’m a sock hater, there are times when your outdoor adventure takes you to places where even the sportiest, most rugged sandal is not the smart choice. For these kind of adventures, you need the Teva Sky Lake Waterproof Hiking Shoe. This waterproof shoe is ready to take you up and down any trail while keeping your feet dry, supported, and comfortable. The Spider365 sole is ready to climb anywhere you want to take it including dirt, mud, sand, weeds, and stone. It’s a comfortable shoe but does run a little narrow and will take a little bit to break in so don’t plan on plucking these out of the box and hiking 10 miles. However, the Sky Lake is built tough to last and will most likely stay in your shoe lineup for years and years.

Buy Now: $102.47 or to learn more, head over to: Teva.com

Teva Women's Summer Collection '15
So there you have it, four reasons to check out Teva’s expansive product line ranging from everyday casual to the ultimate trail trekker. While their shoes may be more of an investment, think of all of the cheaper shoes over the years you have thrown away after they wore out. Teva’s shoes will become a staple in your closet for years and years. Trust me.
Teva Women's Original Metallic Sandal9.5
Teva Women's Capri Sandal9
Teva Women's Tirra Athletic Sandal10
Teva Women's Sky Lake Waterproof Hiking Shoe8.5
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Price Investment
  • Limited Colors For Some Styles
  • Hiking Shoe Runs A Little Narrow
9.3Overall Score
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