The instant we get a taste of warm spring weather we quickly put away our winter gear and break out our entire summer wardrobe. Ready to partake in all that the snowless days have to offer. The sun shines bright and gives us more time for fun filled adventures. One accessory we never leave the house without is a great pair of sunglasses. While there are so many sunglasses out there to choose from, for those who enjoy spending the day on the water, you’re in luck! Rheos developed a line of fashionably acceptable sunglasses that will float on water! No more unwilling donations of sunglasses to the bottom of the lake. We recently tested out Rheos Sapelos Lifestyle frame around Lake Michigan, and we’re happy to report they survived.

Rheos Sapelos ReviewKey Features:

  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • Premium polarized lenses
  • Dual anti-scratch lens layers
  • Shatterproof lens technology
  • Ultralight and durable TPX® frame material for floating capability
  • Microfiber cloth and hard case included with every purchase
  • Super durable screw-lock hinge
Rheos Lifestyle Sunglasses Review Breakdown


Keeping with the trends of today, the Rheos Sapelos Lifestyle frame is the perfect mix of 80’s funk and a sleek sporty modern style. The frame shape is slightly squared off but still has that curve to fit the face better. Now lets get to the good stuff. Aside from their eye catching looks, the best design feature of these sunglasses is that they float in water. How many times have you lost sunglasses in the lake, ocean, river or any other deep body of water? You’re out having fun in the sun when you suddenly hear that “kerplunk” of your sunglasses falling into the deep abyss. That single moment instantly causes one of three reactions. One, you quickly dive in to try and retrieve them (usually with no good outcome). Two, you get so upset it ruins your whole day of fun. Or three, you don’t care because you happen to be wearing cheap worthless sunglasses to begin with. Well the times have changed. The Rheos Lifestyle sunglasses will never see the bottom of any lake. Sure they might fly off your head while out speed boating, but they won’t sink! 

Rheos Sapelos Review


We feel an embarrassing summer coming on with the classic “where’s my sunglasses?” while they sit lightly on our head and even our face. Made to be super light so they float in water, they feel weightless while wearing them to the point of almost forgetting they are there. Heavy sunglasses resting on the nose can be irritating.  These, however, are light as a feather (almost). Even though the main purpose of these frames are to float, the featherlight comfortable feel will be great to use in all seasons for many activities, not just water adventures.  The shape of the Lifestyle frame curves slightly to form to the face and provides a greater area of coverage for the eyes keeping that bright sun under control.  

Rheos Sapelos Review


Premium polarized lenses and 100% UV400 protection assists in keeping those eyes protected from the harmful effects of the sun.  While they have a variety of lens color options, we tested their “marine lens” option and expected the vision to be colored with blue tints. We were wrong. What you see through the sunglasses is pretty darn close to what you see without them, just with a dimmer sun.  

Durability:Rheos Sapelos Review

The dual anti scratch lens layers are great to have since these glasses will most likely be worn by those who love outdoor activities, so it’s likely the glasses will be roughed up a bit. We don’t suggest purposely grinding them on rocks, but if they happen to fall there is a better chance they won’t get scratched compared to other sunglasses.   


When shopping for a nice pair of sunglasses that you plan to use for activities other than just lounging or strolling around town, prices can often deter you. Rheos not only designed sunglasses that are comfortable and you don’t have to worry about losing in the water, but they won’t cost you a small fortune either.    At just under $50.00 a pair we recommend getting two pairs so you can share (or just get two styles to keep for yourself).

Buy Now: $49.99 or to learn more go to:

Rheos Sapelos Floating Sunglasses - Style Review
Designed to float these shades are much more than a novelty. The Rheos Lifestyle Sunglasses are stylish, durable and deliver impressive optics too. All that for the totally affordable price of $50. If you're looking for a new pair of shades this season and you spend plenty of time on the water these might be the perfect pair for you.
The Good:
  • Super lightweight.
  • Float in water.
  • Polarized lenses with dual anti scratch layers.
The Not So Good:
  • You might forget you are wearing them.
  • Frames hit the top of the cheeks.
9.6Overall Score
Reader Rating: (10 Votes)

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    Floating sunglasses are becoming very popular man I would really like to see busted wallet do a competition with all floating sunglass lines to actually see with company floatation properties are the most reliable, I know that Bomber Eyewear is the first floating eyewear brand started in 1997 and with there patent design seam to rise to the surface quickly. Busted wallet should do a test with floating eyewear brands see who’s comes on top!
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