It always feels great to bring your golf game to the next level. With the competitive market and ever changing technology, there is so much to choose from.  The IGNITE Spikeless Golf Shoe by Puma will help you get there. Now, we are no stranger to golf shoes here at Busted Wallet. We jumped at the chance when we were asked to give these Pumas a shot and put them to the test on the course. The sleek, modern design combined with the IGNITE foam technology give this shoe an energy return with responsive comfort.  These shoes are designed to have you looking great both on and off the course. These shoes offer flexibility without lacking support.  Puma definitely has their golf shoes and gear nailed down in 2016. Here’s our take on the shoes…

Puma IGNITE Spikeless ReviewFeatures:

  • PWRCOOL powered by Outlast®
  • Premium D2 Insole for long lasting durability
  • External TPU Heel Support
  • PWRFRAME Technology
  • Full-Grain Leather Upper
  • New Epic Performance Last provides better fit and unrivaled comfort
  • Duoflex improves natural movement and provides necessary support
  • IGNITE Foam provides energy return and responsive comfort
IGNITE Spikeless Golf Shoe Review Breakdown


Puma IGNITE Spikeless ReviewThis day and age, a golf shoe has to both look great and be comfortable.  The IGNITE Spikeless is a leading edge golf shoe designed with a modern silhouette while showcasing classical golf foot wear inspirations. Featuring a combination of premium materials with a sporty design, this brings your game to the next level. The shoe comes in 5 different colorways to best suit your style.

Comfort is the forefront of this shoe. The full length IGNITE foam and direct inject construction provides guaranteed support and comfort both on and off the course. Often, many of the classical golf shoe designs feature a hard shoe collar that can be a little rough on the ankles and heels. The IGNITE Spikeless sports a soft, breathable mesh collar. The supportive binding gives the shoe flexibility while still providing support.  The shoe definitely provided the added support and comfort needed on the golf course. The top of the line material also gave the shoe the flexibility necessary. Let’s just say that at the end of our rounds of golf, these shoes had us ready for more.


For any golf fanatic out there, everyone’s hope is to spend as much time on the course as possible. That is going to require a shoe that can hold up to the task. This is where the INGITE Spikeless shines. The shoe is built with a full-grain leather exterior along with a textile edging to provide the shoe with a durable, long-lasting quality design. An added bonus, it also makes the exterior of the shoe waterproof.  Puma even provides a 2 year waterproof warranty. Another added bonus of the leather exterior is that it cleans very well.  We were able to easily clean off the mud and grass that were caked on from a wet, but fantastic rounds of golf.

Puma IGNITE Spikeless Review


Puma IGNITE Spikeless ReviewWhen it comes to golf, a successful games starts with proper traction. While many may prefer a golf shoe with spikes and the IGNITE family does offer golf shoes with spikes, the puma IGNITE spikeless it specifically designed to offer superior traction with the comfort of not having spikes. The sole is finished off with a grip zone traction bottom. specifically designed for multi directional traction, the grip zone has 39 strategically placed hexagons. Then there are 24 chevron shaped lugs to provide even better traction where its needed the most. Spikeless shoes are great because they can be worn on and off the course. The design of the IGNITE Spikeless shoe, specifically the sole, is intended for that exact purpose. The slick silhouette is an added bonus that brings a new element of style to golf shoes off the course.


You get what you pay for in a golf shoe. At $120, this shoe is on point with its price.  The sleek, sporty design combined with the IGNITE foam and direct injection provides both style and comfort making this a great shoe for the course. The grip zone traction finish help make this the shoe you will want to up your golf game.

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Puma IGNITE Spikeless - Range Review
The sleek, sporty design combined with the IGNITE foam and direct injection provides both style and comfort making this a great shoe for the course.
The Good:
  • The INGITE Foam providing energy return and comfort
  • The grip zone traction sole ensuring the extra traction where it is needed the most
  • The premium material and seamless design giving the shoe the flexibility and waterproofing necessary
The Not so Good:
  • The flexible leather exterior does show wear quickly
9.3Overall Score
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