Born out of love for the game of Golf, LINKSOUL has grown its modern golf collection to a range of technical and casual garments. We were afforded the opportunity to test out a few winter items that are targeted at the everyday user, not just the avid golfer. 

Two of the pieces we tested were made from Polartec fabric, so we knew LINKSOUL was off to a great start before we even had them in-house at Busted Wallet HQ. Polartec is a trusted fabric partner to many of the largest technical brands on the market including Patagonia, Arc’Teryx, and North Face. 

Read on to see what we thought of LINKSOUL’s everyday pieces. 

Polartec Crewneck Pullover

Starting off the collection, we opted for a classic design. Though a crewneck pullover is a timeless, no-frills design, this crewneck has one trick up its sleeve – Polartec fabric! The fabric is very true to color and softer than expected, which is always a plus. I’ve given the crewneck a few washes so far, and I have not noticed any major pilling or degradation of softness on the inside fleece lining. 

With a polyester, lyocell, and spandex blend, this crewneck is also superbly stretchy making it a lot more versatile than the average cotton crewneck. It is lightweight but warm and does breathe better than cotton. It can easily be used for active winter activities such as a layer for skiing or snowboarding or as a standalone top for cool weather hiking or rock climbing in milder winter climates. 

That said, just because it is a performance fleece fabric doesn’t mean that it cannot be dressed up for the office or date night. Toss a stretchy button down below it for a comfortable business casual look, or toss a drop-hem tee under it for a casual bar outing. It looks great for any occasion on the more casual side (and that stretch makes it much more comfortable than a cotton crewneck). 

Buy Now, $145

Polartec Half-Zip Pullover

Believe it not, I ended up picking the same color for the half-zip variant. What can I say? I love an off-green color and had nothing like it in my closet. 

Anyway, the half-zip picks up where the crewneck drops off. The fabric color and blend are exactly the same, the difference is all in the design. 

LINKSOUL gave the half-zip a silver zipper, which I am not always a huge fan of. I prefer zippers to blend into the fabric a bit, but overall, it works on this piece as it gives it a dressier look and feel.

Like the crewneck, this piece is just as versatile, but due to the dressier look, I’ve mostly used it as a business casual piece. I’ve layered this piece over a button-down and under a wool long coat. It looks great dressed down with a tee underneath, too. 

A subtle difference is in the logo patch, the half-zip has a dark gray patch whereas the crewneck has a tan patch. The grey flies under the radar a bit more than the tan patch, which I like for the dressier purpose of this hoody. 

All in all, it is another great piece from the brand. 

Buy Now, $150

Kirkwall Down Hoody

The final piece in this collection is a down hoody. Unfortunately, this jacket did not impress as much as the Polartec pieces. The warmth is great for the weight, but the versatility just isn’t there. The sleeves are too tight leaving little room for layering, and the pockets have a single snap, which is much less secure than my preferred zippered pockets. 

My same comment on the silver zipper holds true here, like the half-zip, and the zipper is not from YKK, which is tried and tested by all the big brands.  

That said, it is not all bad! It is designed to be a casual, lightweight insulated jacket, not a technical down hoody for skiing or climbing. For its purpose, it does well. On a cool to a mildly cold day, it is great with a long sleeve tee or henley underneath, and perfect for a trip to the store, the office, or the bar. The color is nice, more of a rich burgundy than a brown mulch. 

The quality is great – there are no miss-stitchings to be found and the face fabric is soft to the touch. Apart from the sleeve diameter – I also might just have fat forearms from rock climbing – the fit is great. 

Medium is true to size and features a drop-hem to cover the behind. I liked that the cuffs weren’t adjustable or elastic. For a casual out-and-about jacket that is taken off frequently, it’s nice to not deal with the elastic or velcro. 

All in all, I am used to reviewing highly technical pieces from the big brands, so my review might be a bit more biased towards the higher-end, feature-packed options I usually have on deck. 

This is a great jacket for the average user, especially those who live in the southern half of the states with less worry about snow! 

Buy Now, $195 (note, color no longer available)

Or if you’re looking for more casual wear from Linksoul, check out their Spring Lineup!

Linksoul | Winter Collection Review
A fantastic range of comfortable, yet functional everyday clothing from Linksoul - the brand with golf at the soul.
Down Hoody8
  • Polartec fabric is tried and tested
  • All garments have great attention to detail
  • Down hoody lacks features & feels fragile
  • Silver zippers stand out
9Overall Score
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