“Go Fast Don’t Die” is not only an epic mantra to live by, but it’s part of a brand that represents a “lifestyle of risk, hustle, and the pursuit of destroyed limits”. It began as a one liner between friends and family and quickly caught on by the masses. The GFDD brand encompasses the pursuit of thrill and great times with friends (old and new). It’s the brand for “those who see the danger, see the risk and see nothing in comparison to the potential of the reward.” If you ride, you understand just how hard this line hits. As a collective, this is a great story to stand behind. What better way to show how passionate you are as a rider, than to sport this apparel? We teamed up with our friends at Go Fast Don’t Die to bring you this epic GFDD collection.


Varsity Bomber Jacket

Classic Varsity Bomber Jacket look, but with GFDD style and comfort. This bomber jacket is lightweight, comfortable, and has room to maneuver on and off the bike. It’s simple, it’s clean, and sports the GFDD lightning bolt on the front left chest with the “Go Fast Don’t Die” logo on the back. The fit is true with just enough room to wear another layer or two underneath.

Buy Now $125.00 or to learn more, check out: gofastdontdie.com


The GFDD Sleeve Moto Jersey

The GFDD Sleeve Moto Jersey has become one of my favorite riding shirts. It has the style, comfort, and breathability you want when riding. It’ll help shed the heat, wick the sweat, shield the dirt, and attract the eyes. It’s breathable, stretchable, and screams performance with a hooligan style and story. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day on and off the bike.

Buy Now $60.00 or to learn more, check out: gofastdontdie.com

Original Varsity Vintage Moto Jersey

If you’re looking for a classic jersey that sports the GFDD moto in a comfy cotton fabric, check out the Original Varsity Vintage Moto Jersey. It has the vintage hot rod racing cut with an updated fit. The jersey itself feels like a cross between a long sleeve t-shirt and a sweatshirt since it’s made from heavyweight knit organic cotton material. It has stretchability and comfort, but the felt-sewn lettering would be much better with an added barrier between the stitching and chest area. I recommend wearing an undershirt as the stitching from the lettering can be felt.

Buy Now: $120.00 or to learn more, check out: gofastdontdie.com


More Miles More Smiles Tee

Part of GFDD new line that is inspired by the question: “What is truly important to us?” The “More Miles More Smiles” is an invitation to today and better days ahead. Where “Miles” = Time, and “Smiles” is representative of how you choose to spend it. I love how deep the meaning goes with this phrase. It’s simple on the surface but complex and meaningful under the hood (like us all). In a life that changes quickly without warning, we can toss on this shirt knowing that we have one life to live, and that re-arranging priorities to honor that time with the time that remains is also believing in our story’s potential. This shirt has meaning, style, and comfort.

Buy Now: $32.00 or to learn more, check out: gofastdontdie.com


The Wool GFDD Trucker

GFDD has a serious line-up of great looking hats. But the Wool GFDD Trucker hat is probably one of my favorites. From the fit, material, and style, this hat is savage. The front sports the GFDD with the lightning bolt in the middle. This hat has a snapback to get the perfect fit. The wool material is great to look at but also gives the hat a solid structured fit.

Buy Now $35.00 or to learn more, check out: gofastdontdie.com


The Go Fast Snack Pack

“Snack Pack”, “Fanny Pack”, call it what you will, but the Go Fast Snack Pack is brining the 80’s look back to 2021. I was actually impressed with how well this pack is built. From the DWR coating, 1.5″ solid, flat, adjustable webbing, and inner mesh pocket, this pack brings another tasty dish of GFDD to the table. It has a front velcro panel that you can slap a variety of patches on to create your own look as well. Coming in at 9″L x 6″W x 3.5″D, this pack is plenty big enough to toss your phone, wallet, keys, and snacks inside with room to spare. Whether you are looking for more storage, up your style, or simply add another cool item to your GFDD collection, this pack is a great accessory to have.

Buy Now $58.00 or to learn more, check out: gofastdontdie.com



Go Fast Don't Die - Moto Apparel Collection
The GFDD brand grabbed our attention with their epic Mantra. They kept our attention with their epic apparel. We are in love with their message as well as their collection of gear, culture, and community.
Varsity Bomber Jacket8.3
GFDD Sleeve Moto Jersey10
Original Varsity Vintage Moto Jersey7.8
More Miles More Smiles Tee9.7
The Wool GFDD Trucker Hat9.7
Go Fast Snack Pack9.4
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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