Kickstarter is the magical land for amazing new products that need a little help getting production off the ground. Lately we’ve noticed a lot of the best products aren’t really life changing innovations, but rather folks taking a great idea to the next level. Last year we saw it with the COOLEST Cooler and again earlier this year with the CoolBox Toolbox and now (with Summer about to kick the bucket) the Tubular Tube has joined the fray of awesome products that we really, really want, but probably don’t really, really need.

What is Tubular? Well, it’s a classic pool tube that has some killer features, like an integrated dry-bag, bluetooth (waterproof) speaker, 6-can cooler and two cup holders (for double fisting like a champ!)

For a closer look at the Tubular, check out the embedded video below. After watching you will want to have one for you own pool / lake parties. You’ve been warned!

As you can see, Tubular is a floating party, designed to help you relax or party your butt off. This tube is anything but traditional. So what made the Salt Lake City, Utah team come up with the idea? Well, why don’t we let them tell you..

“Tubular became an obsession of ours once we used some of the tubes that are on the market today to float down the Weber River. It was not the best experience to say the least. We wanted something awesome to float in but also wanted it to be something to be proud of.

Want to be one of the very first people to receive a Tubular? Well, hope over to Kickstarter today and donate. $85 gets you on the list as an early bird. With an estimated delivery date of March 2016, your Tubular should arrive just in time for next Summer!

Check out Tubular on Kickstarter or to learn more, head over to:

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