Our friends at Bag Boy are back with a new push cart. The TriSwivel II is here and Bag Boy wants to know what Busted Wallet thinks. Well, we’ve walked it out and put this thing through it’s paces. Here’s how we think the TriSwivel II stacks up for all you walkers out there…

Bag Boy TriSwivel II

Key Features:

  • 360 degree front swivel wheel
  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame
  • Handle mounted parking brake and front wheel swivel lock
  • Integrated beverage cup holder
  • One step handle level adjustment
  • Oversize wheels roll easily through grass
  • Durable and comfortable handle grip

Tri Swivel II Breakdown

Set Up:

Upon opening the box of the Tri Swivel II I was like, “What?!  Some assembly required?!” I guess I assumed something like this fine piece of golfing equipment would come fully assembled. Slight knock Bag Boy. But as soon as my anxiety rose thinking about inserting Tab A into Slot B (or was it the other way around, dang it I can never remember) it was squashed as I come to find out I only had to attach the three wheels and they required no tools to put on. Good save Bag Boy. Time from opening the box to being ready for golf was less then five minutes. Set up not a problem!

TriSwivel II    Bag Boy    Bag Boy

Bag Boy


The Tri Swivel II is an attractive looking push cart. As much as a push cart can be anyway. Bag Boy offers the Tri Swivel II in two color options, Black and Red or Black and Lime Green. I like the Lime Green a little better but the Red looks sharp also. The Tri Swivel folds down to a size of 23.5″ x 13″ x 24″. Not the smallest push cart Busted Wallet has tested but not gigantic either

Bag Boy TriSwivel II    Bag Boy    Bag Boy TriSwivel II

I do wish the cart folded into a more storage friendly shape, if that makes sense. That being said there are only three steps to pack it down opposed to several more for other push carts we’ve tested. Being a father and always using a stroller that completely compacts with one motion release I would say Bag Boy could work on a getting this cart to fold down in one motion. Maybe in the next generation, that would be sweet. The Tri Swivel weighs in at 17 pounds, not too hefty. The wheels are made of somewhat dense foam. They are oversized to easily cover varying golf course terrain. I would avoid pushing thisBag Boy TriSwivel II on paved cart paths to increase the life of the cart wheels. The push handle is soft, comfortable, and easily adjustable to anyone’s preferred height. The bag straps held our bags well and easily with the Top Lock technology. I would say if you have a slim or small bag it might slip around a little. Bigger bags might be a little better. Beverage cup holder, very important piece of golf equipment. We tested multiple sized cups. The smallest was a 12 ounce can and the largest was noticeably bigger in diameter than a Nalgene water bottle. The big one we had to push in there firmly but it did fit! They could have made that spot a little bigger. One thing noticeably missing is a mounting place for all the tech! Where is the mount for my Arcoss app, smartphone tracking app, or my Golf Buddy?! Upon further research Bag Boy does offer a smartphone mounting bracket as an accessory as well as many others. Seems like this should be a standard item. I would trade the standard umbrella holder for this item in a heartbeat. I did use the under mount open bag storage to keep my laser range finder handy… and golf snacks. Which was nice.


The Tri Swivel II’s aluminum frame and high quality build makes it feel like it will last. We have not used this push cart long term yet so we can’t comment from experience but it seems like you should get fore (haha) or more golf seasons out of the Tri Swivel II. Like I said earlier, I think keeping the wheels on grass and off pavement will help the wheels last longer. The wheels are spread a good distance apart which gives the cart the feeling of stability. We were able to park the cart on some surprisingly steep hills without it tipping over. Both the parking brake and front wheel lock are easy to use and in convenient locations.

Bag boy TriSwivelII    Bag Boy    Bag Boy TriSwivel II

With the front wheel lock we really liked how you do not need to line up the wheel straight to lock it. You can pull the lock handle with the wheel in any position and once it lines up straight, it locks. On the negative side we accidentally locked the front wheel frequently while grabbing the push handle because the lock is so close to the handle. That was kind of annoying when you didn’t realize you did it and tried turning. We liked the storage pouch for all that “junk” we always seem to accumulate during your round.  The scorecard holder works well but does not hold large scorecards well. The enclosed storage is also nice if you are out in a light rain like we did get caught in during one round with it. It has ball holders and a general storage area. There are three storage areas on this push cart which is nice. We really like the 360 degree front swivel wheel! Super nice.

Bag Boy


At a retail value of $249.99 the Bag Boy Tri Swivel II comes in at the top end of the market. You can find cheaper carts but they are certainly not as nice. This push cart is for sure at the high end of the market. If you walk a lot you want something nice with a good amount of features, which this push cart has. If you purchase this push cart we do not believe you will regret it!

Buy Now $219.99

Bag Boy Tri Swivel II Push Cart Review
A very capable, full-featured push cart for golfers who like to walk it out!
Design 9
Set Up8
Functionality 9.6
The Good:
  • High Quality all-around
  • Lots of storage
  • 360 degree swivel front wheel
The Not So Good:
  • Front wheel lock too easy to engage
  • Could set up and break down easier
  • Scorecard holder could be bigger
8.9Very Nice!
Reader Rating: (6 Votes)

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