The NUU Splash Bluetooth Speaker is a small system that is said to deliver BIG sound and impressive protection against the elements. Recently, we were tapped by NUU to fully test and review the Splash’s capabilities, durability and features. Always up for a challenge, we accepted the job. And as you probably know, we’re no strangers to the world of rugged bluetooth speakers. In fact over past few months we’ve reviewed several. What we wanted to know this time around is what makes the Splash unique?

Here’s what knew going into our review… the NUU Splash Bluetooth Speaker is portable, waterproof (IP55 rated) and compatible with all Bluetooth devices, including iPhones, tablets, laptops and more. We also found out though a little research that the Splash is manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum for lightweight ruggedness. Its battery is rechargeable and can deliver up to 10hrs of playback on a single charge (via USB). Not only is it bluetooth friendly, but it will also pump audio though it’s AUX-IN line for devices which aren’t bluetooth compatible.

NUU Splash Review

NUU Splash gives users the ability to enjoy everyday life without the worries associated with water and dust, we designed the Splash to be tough enough for everyday use while still delivering the audio quality to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur. -Danny Sit, CEO of NUU.

Key Features:

  • NUU Splash ReviewIP55 rating
  • Built-in Mic for Speaker Phone
  • Rechargeable Battery (10hr life)
  • Buletooth Connectivity (up to 33′)
  • Aux-in
  • Available in 3 colors (sliver, red, black)


  • Bluetooth: Version 2.0
  • Audio Output Power: 2 x 3W
  • Speaker Driver: 2 x 40mm 4 ohm
  • AC Adaptor: 5V/2.6A with Micro USB plug
  • Supports Bluetooth A2DP audio profile, Bluetooth Handsfree profile (HFP) and Headset Profile (HSP)
  • Size (W x H x D): 155 x 62 x 52mm
So, now that you’ve got a good idea of what exactly the NUU Splash is capable of, we’d like to share our hands-on experiences with the system. Enjoy!

– NUU Splash Review – 



Splash waterproof speaker(9 out of 10) The Splash speaker has a wonderfully minimalistic design that fits in nicely in almost any environment or decor without drawing attention. The entire unit is quite small and perfectly portable! The perforated (front and back) aluminum grills allows for excellent sound distribution even in larger rooms. The painted finish is flat/matte, while the top surface has a sleek black gloss finish that looks exceptional… until it gets touched. Unfortunately, much like your smartphone screen, every smudge and fingerprint sticks out on the glossy top. And there’s no avoiding the smudges, because the top surface holds all of the integrated controls (volume, play/pause and skip track). Basically prepare for constant cleaning of this surface.
At the back of the speaker system there is a handy access port that has a dedicated on/off switch, charging port and an AUX-IN line. When not in use the port can be sealed, protecting the unit from water, dust etc… Overall a truly exceptional self contained design!

Audio Quality: 

(9.5 out of 10) We were very impressed with the Splash’s rich sound. For such a small unit we didn’t expect the wide range it actually produced. The two 40mm neodymium speakers at the front delivered crisp audio with exceptional vocal clarity. While the passive bass radiator at the back produced deep bass notes that we haven’t heard from a speaker system this small before. 
Cranking the system to full blast did distort the audio quality somewhat, but thankfully the sound engineers at NUU didn’t try to over extend the Splash’s output. Even at full volume the unit still sounds great. For the best listening experience we suggest 50% – 80% volume. At these levels distortion is not a factor and the bass is still effective.


Spalsh colors(10 out of 10) Syncing this unit via bluetooth is a breeze. Simply turn it on, hold the play button for a few seconds until the blue light at the top starts flashing. Then all there’s left to do is grab your smartphone/bluetooth device and connect to Splash’s signal. There’s really nothing to it. Setup takes about 30 seconds all said and done!
Beyond connecting with ease, the Splash also has a few features that we down right love! First and foremost would be the integrated controls at the top of the unit. It’s quite common for bluetooth speakers to have volume controls and a “syncing” button, but what’s unique and truly great about the Splash, is its play/pause and skip track (forward & back) buttons! The ability to stop a song or skip a song is something we’ve desperately been looking for in a bluetooth speaker system. We’ve reviewed several speakers and this is the first we’ve come across with this level of control directly from the unit itself.
Additionally, we were also impressed with the Splash’s ability to answer phone calls hands-free. At the top of the speaker there’s a small microphone that allows you to talk to anyone who may happen to call while you’re jammin’ out. To answer the call, simply press the play/pause button, which also happens to have a small phone icon next to it. The audio quality coming from the speakers is quite clear, but on the opposite end of the phone call the quality is echo-y and hallow. It has a very speakerphone-esq quality to it.


(6.5 out of 10) With an (Ingress Protection) IP55 rating the NUU Splash suddenly seems aptly named. This speaker system is capable of protecting against dust and even low pressure encounters with water (splashes, light rain, etc…). During our time spent testing this unit we found it very hard to know the limit of the Splash’s waterproofing. To make sure the unit could handle water we took it pool side. 5 hours and several light splashes later the system was still pumping audio much to our excitement!
Would we have liked to see a higher IP rating of 57 or 58? Yes, there’s no doubt! With an IP57 rating immersion in water is possible without damage. The IP55 rating of the Splash is great for casual water, but in our opinion opens the door for possible accidents where immersion might be unavoidable. To keep the Splash speaker system blasting your favorite jams for years to come, we suggest you keep it high and dry. Its IP55 rating might make you feel comfortable now, but if it comes into contact with excessive water it doesn’t stand a chance.


(7 out of 10) We found the aluminum casing which surrounds 80% of the speaker system to be very strong and resistant to dents. The painted finish will scratch, but however doesn’t show it. NUU also includes with the speaker at purchase a travel bag that great for packing and avoiding damage. Use it!!
On the downside, the Splash’s glossy black top is highly susceptible scratching. I don’t know that there’s anything you can do to avoid it.


(8.5 out of 10) At $100 the NUU Splash is priced in the butter zone if you ask us. We only wish its waterproofing was a little more reliable. That being said, it makes up for the fact that it’s not truly waterproof with some killer integrated controls. All in all we found the Splash to be a good purchase at $100. If you happen to find it on-sale you’re golden!

The Bottom Line:

If you’re a music lover who’s constantly on-the-go and tired of being tethered to your speakers with messy cords we highly recommend you get your hands on the NUU Splash Bluetooth Speaker yourself. It can easily handle dirt and dust. It’ll also take on casual water from splashes and rain. It may not be 100% waterproof, but it does offer some nice insurance for when things get messy! After testing the Splash for more than a week we found it to be an exceptional speaker system for its size. The audio quality is impressive. The design is subtle and stylish. Best of all setup is simple and the integrated controls make manipulating your music tracks quick and easy.

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