There’s a moment in time when something touches you deep inside, igniting a passion that cannot be quenched. This fortuitous moment sparked the drive of Dr. Garo Bouldoukian back in 1995 and pushed him into the world-wide cigar boom. With a background in medicine as a chiropractor, combined with a bit of a river boat gambler personality, Dr. Garo made his dream a reality, and launched Garo Cigars.

Garo Maduro Especial ReviewFocusing the foundation of his well-balanced cigars encased in rich Ecuadorian wrappers, he drove forward into the gauntlet of the boutique cigar world with a gourmet flavor profile, and layered subtleties. As the company continues to forge into new frontiers, and expand into the market, Dr. Garo’s cigars are well worth the search, and the adventure they take you on.

What’s Inside?

  • Wrapper: Ecuador Maduro
  • Binder: Indonesian
  • Filler: Special Blend
Garo Maduro Especial Breakdown


Wrapped in a rich Ecuadorean Maduro leaf, the Garo Maduro Especial wears the promise of rich flavor on its sleeve. The Indonesian binder adds a depth of flavor that contributes to the overall balance of the smoking experience. Garo Cigars uses a special “top secret” filler that showcases Dr. Garo’s attention to detail and his uncompromising commitment to producing top quality sticks.

“Every aspect of production is carefully managed and overseen by senior production specialists, from tobacco selection to rollers used and final packaging for shipment. Garo Cigars embodies an obsessive care for detail to truly fulfill the promise of delivering the finest, most consistently excellent cigars in the marketplace. Remember to always savor every moment.”

Garo Maduro Especial Review


Cool air flows through the easy roll, aerating the special blend of tobaccos and gives the palate the chance to develop throughout the smoking experience. With a touch of pull to the draw, the binder limits the airflow so as to not let the burn get out of control. The Maduro Especial’s draw is yet another element of balance that Dr. Garo is able to harness in creating a symmetry to every puff.

Garo Maduro Especial Review


One of the nicest things about enjoying a cigar is lighting it, forgetting it, and simply enjoying it without correcting it. The first light of the Maduro Especial, was also my last. The uniform burn that circled around the cigar, followed all the way down to the last third. While there was a touch of “coning“, it was hardly a distraction from the overall, even burn.

Garo Maduro Especial ReviewAroma:

Prelit :

  • Dry Earth
  • Dulche de Leche
  • New Leather


  • Bitter Cocoa
  • Dark Coffee
  • Black Pepper


Coming out of the gate like a wild bull through Pamplona, the Especial takes no prisoners during the first five minutes of the burn. As the flavors of robust peppercorns begin to mingle with nuances of dark cocoa and coffee, the Especial finds a happy middle ground between a brash proclamation and a smooth talking conversation.

Garo Maduro Especial ReviewThe balancing act that continues through the rest of the cigar shows a sort of cat and mouse play, showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into every stick. From the bold tones fresh, dark coffee to the softer palate shades of new leather, and earth, Dr. Garo creates a woven tapestry of flavors and styles.


As the Garo brand continues to grow, and claim a larger share of the market, they are still hard to come by. This aspect of “rarity” lends a sort of mystique to the company and fuels cigar lovers on their quest to find them. Swing by your go-to smoke shop, or head over to to learn how you can get your hands on this opulent smoke.

Right now you can buy the Garo sample pack for $35, which comes with three sticks, some matches and a cigar Scissor.

Garo Maduro Especial - Cigar Review
Rich, and full-bodied. The Especial require all of your attention.
Construction 9.2
Aroma 8.8
Flavor 9.1
Value 8.8
The Good:
  • Flavor
  • Balance
  • Construction
The Not so Good:
  • Hard to find
9.1Overall Score
Reader Rating: (2 Votes)

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