All the new music glory this week went to Ed Sheeran, as Spotify helped cap off the release of his new album Divide with four tracks appearing on the New Music Friday playlist. But there were other titans of music at play, Coldplay sneaking in with a melodic slow jam Hypnotised, Iggy Azalea and Lil Uzi Vert get aggressive on Can’t Lose, and Lea Michelle keeps the faith on Love Is Alive.

With every new week comes a new chance to find your new favorite new song; head over to Spotify for the full rundown. We’ve got your back on New Music Friday All Stars playlist too; all genres represented in new music over the last six months.


Earl-St.-Clair-My-Name-is-Earl10. Ain’t Got It Like That by Earl St. Clair, PJ

Here we have a smoother and savorier take on the classic themes of You Can’t Always Get What You Want, over steady drum beats and crooning in the key of R&B soul. It’s all about knowing you GOT what you need even though you don’t GOT what you want, to paraphrase the annunciation Sir Earl delivers here. For reinforcements there’s the equally sweet stylings of PJ on the second half of the track.



laura marling9. Nothing, Not Nearly by Laura Marling

A decidedly more uptempo feel from what we usually get from Laura Marling is present here, starting with a steady stream of thought that doesn’t stop until Marling is all but winded. It’s a spectacular forecast for the forthcoming album Semper Femina, which according to Laura (as told by a press release) first started out as if she writing as a man writing about women. It later changed gears as she realized “I don’t need to pretend I’m a man to justify the intimacy of the way I’m looking and feeling about women.” Can’t wait to hear the finished product.


wizkid8. Sweet Love by WizKid

We’re quickly transported to the West Indies on WizKid’s latest, a low key but rhythmic track that could double as a down tempo Zumba cool down jam. Much has been made of the artist’s collaborations with Drake, and you get the impression of a similarly carefree ‘One Dance’ vibe here, with Wizkid’s own mark clearly in play. If you don’t have a tropical vacation planned and are in need of some sunny vibes, this one is the one to keep you warm.


slyvan esso7. Die Young by Sylvan Esso

Ever showing that just because another artist made a monster hit with the same track name it doesn’t mean that the same title can apply, Sylvan Esso submits your approval Die Young. And while Kesha’s 2012 banger was all about seizing the night like there’s no tomorrow, Sylvan Esso reads more like a tragic teenager’s Tumblr thoughts: “I was gonna die young….but now I gotta wait for you hun.” It’s yin and yang – morose but hopeful, bright but full of shadows – and sounds great played at peak volumes.


louis the child6. Phone Died by Louis The Child

It’s a modern day crisis tale that now feels as old as time: “I woulda called my friends but my phone died.” Louis The Child knows just how badly that sucks, and those who blow through their data and battery juice can put one in the air as he cries “Tell me who got a plug for that!” Naturally at Busted Wallet we’re inclined to recommend a battery pack, but in the meantime we’ll be grooving to this ultra catchy and smooth track.


harloe dreezy5. All In My Feelings by Harlœ, Dreezy

So many feels can best describe our feelings towards the song ‘All In My Feelings’ since its initial release last October. The song has been given a glamified makeover with the addition of one of Chicago’s finest, Dreezy, whose flow and panache is a welcome addition on any track. A great getting ready to go out track.


khalid4. 8TEEN by Khalid

Many associate the discovery of Khalid with none other than Kylie Jenner, after the social media starlet posted a snapchat of her driving with Khalid’s track “Location” playing, in a phenomenon known as “The Kylie Bump.” Celeb endorsements or not, Khalid stands on his own merits, now celebrating the release of his first album, American Teen. On 8TEEN he explores themes more akin to the common teenager; strict parents, lack of freedom, and ‘doing all the stupid sh!t that young kids do.’


jennifer hudson3. Remember Me by Jennifer Hudson

As of this release date finding lyrics to ‘Remember Me’ have been a nightmare, as many fans will recall J-Hud released a track ‘I Remember Me’ in 2011. One would be led to assume that Jennifer is grappling with being forgettable, but after one listen of Remember Me one is bound to say “How could we forget!” Gripping, powerful, and a gospel choir to boot, her latest has a high probability of sending chills up and down your spine.


ed sheeran2. New Man by Ed Sheeran

We’ve come to know Ed Sheeran as a sensitive guy, whose been hurt but ultimately just wants you to be happy when he’s thinking out loud. But here we see a more sinister side of Ed, whose not afraid of throwing shade, and after a mention of a certain body hygiene practice you’re can’t but think “wow, he really went there.” He comes off as flippant, jealous, and annoyed, and somehow he still manages to pull it off in a relatable way, while keeping it ice cold.


lorde1. Green Light by Lorde

Hard to believe it’s been almost four years since Lorde exploded out to the scene with her ‘never heard something quite like this’ release Royals, when she was just sixteen. How things have changed since then for her, but her sound remains just as powerful, this time taking us on a jubilant journey of new beginnings, bounding over heartache in a single bound. Best to be played when you’re ready to move on, OR stuck at a red light. You’ll be waiting for it, that green light.

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